Muscle toning by the sea 7 exercises

Muscle toning by the sea 7 exercises

Muscle toning by the sea? Yes, it is possible. It is true it is summer, time for sea, sun and, above all, relaxation. After a year of spinning like a top, on vacation all you want to do is lie lazily and get a tan . The only exception: the ten steps that separate your umbrella from the fresh water. But this is not a real muscle toning workout.

For an even more toned silhouette, adopt the “fitness attitude ” and take advantage of the summer to shape yourself with our exercises . You can practice them in water, taking advantage of the natural remodeling action to obtain results with half the effort.

Benefits of walking by the sea

Walking on the sand is a pleasant and relaxing activity that tones the legs and massages the soles of the feet.

An even more effective variant is walking immersed in water up to mid-calf , performing large strides: the resistance of the water associated with the instability of the sand will shape your legs without making a great effort.

To work your calves, thighs and abdominal belt , walk for at least twenty minutes.

Muscle toning by the sea, to combine sport and relaxation

Unlike what you think, summer is the perfect time for muscle toning .

In fact, thanks to the sea breeze and the natural remodeling action of sea water, it is easy to get results in the sea with half the effort!

Would you like a mermaid body, just like that of someone who practices synchronized swimming? So leave the deck chair , go into the water and imagine that you are one of them: think of music to accompany the movements and start training. At the end of August you will find yourself with a toned and sculpted body .

Here’s how to train at the beach with simple exercises to tone, arms, legs, breasts and buttocks.

And if you like practicing sports at the sea, discover all the benefits you can get

Muscle Toning by the sea: the exercises to do

1- Exercise for toned legs

Exercise for toned legs

You can start your workout on the beach even after your afternoon nap . Wake up calmly, stretch and walk by the sea with the water reaching mid-calf.

Walk with ease and, every now and then, accelerate.

Do the exercise for 20 minutes.

2 – Exercise for firm breasts

Exercise for firm breasts

Go straight into the water up to your chest. Arms outstretched, take the ball in one hand, pass it behind your back and retrieve it with the other hand.

Running time: 5 minutes.

Here are also some other tips for having firm breasts

3 – Muscle toning by the sea: arms and pectorals

Muscle toning by the sea: arms and pectorals

Immersed in the water with your legs still, it simulates the movement of a breaststroke swim with your arms by pushing water outwards and then inwards with paddle hands.

Keep your stomach in and your buttocks active. The faster you perform the movement, the more effective the exercise will be as you use the resistance of the water as a load.

Do 5 sets of 20.

4 – Exercise to firm the buttocks

Exercise to firm the buttocks

You can get firm glutes just by doing this exercise .

Enter the water up to your chest and run backwards in small steps increasing your speed . The arms must follow the movement of the legs. Repeat the exercise for 5 minutes.

5 – Muscle toning in water: the obliques

Muscle toning in water: the obliques

Rest your arms on the mat and let your legs float in the water. Bend your legs to your chest and straighten them by sending them to the right corner of the mat, then bring them back to your chest and send them to the left.

Repeat the movement 20 times and then recover for a few minutes.

Do 5 sets of 20.

6 – Exercise to shape legs and buttocks with the tube

Exercise to shape legs and buttocks with the tube

Put the tube between your legs and adopt the sitting position with your hands holding the tube in front of you. Pedal for 5 to 10 minutes as if you were on a bicycle keeping your abdomen active and pushing your heels back firmly in the final phase of the pedaling.

At the end of the exercise, your legs will feel light but toned at the same time.

7 – Breathing exercise

Breathing exercise

While doing toning workouts, inhale and exhale deeply to fill up on iodine.

Repeat these simple exercises every day and, in September, you will find yourself with a dry and toned body without having made any effort, because water, as we know, accompanies the movements and helps you feel less effort.

In this way, muscle toning will be possible even on vacation.

One last tip: if the sea is rough, run into the water until it reaches your knee and let the waves crash gently on your legs. There is no better remedy for cellulite !

If you have just returned from pregnancy, here is a special workout that will help you get back into shape at sea .

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