Iced Coffee easy to make recipe

Iced Coffee tips to make at home

Iced coffee is a typical Salento drink that reminds a little of granita. The recipe of the Lecce gastronomic tradition involves the use of almond milk to sweeten the coffee on ice: Here you get a light version with only coffee and sugar.

You can easily prepare iced coffee only with coffee, ice and a little sugar , which is not indispensable anyway. The iced coffee is the ideal drink to not give up in the summer coffee and simultaneously enjoy a refreshing beverage and energy.

Nutritional properties of coffee

Nutritional properties of coffee

Often demonized for its exciting effects, coffee actually has many properties : consuming it in moderation and without exaggerating , this drink offers many unexpected benefits.

  • The coffee is rich in antioxidants. These are very useful for fighting free radicals , responsible for degenerative diseases and premature aging . In fact, caffeine seems to have a role in preventing atherosclerosis,
  • facilitates digestion. Coffee stimulates gastric and biliary secretion and therefore makes the digestive process easier.
  • Coffee seems to have stimulating effects on the metabolism thanks to the effect of xanthines, but it is an irrelevant action for weight loss. A cup contains a percentage of caffeine of 60-80 milligrams, which accelerates the metabolism activities, but of just 5-10%, at most for a couple of hours.
  • It can be consumed without problems even on a diet , however it would be advisable not to exceed 3 or 4 coffees a day and taking care not to overdo it with sugar. A cup of coffee, in fact, has only 2 calories , but if we add a teaspoon of sugar we arrive immediately at 20.

In any case, it should be remembered that iced coffee is an energizing and stimulating drink that can be responsible for tremors, nervousness and tachycardia . and that, in the presence of some pathologies, it would be good to seek the advice of the doctor before consuming it daily.

coffee Variations from the world

Variations from the world

Iced coffee is not only an Italian prerogative is a well-known story. Among the major coffee producers, Vietnam and Latin America are certainly the most advanced countries. You will certainly not find espresso, but equally interesting variants that deserve to be tried. The cà phê đá , that is the version of the Vietnamese ice coffee is distinguished by the fact of being prepared with a dark roasted and coarsely ground coffee and of using the French press instead of the moka. Another peculiarity is the addition of condensed milk instead of almond or sugar.

Still different is the tradition of iced coffee in South American cuisine: in some, cafes,for example, is very close to the idea of ​​a real dessert. It is a version prepared with coffee powder, chantilly cream, cinnamon, vanilla seeds and dulce de leche. A worthy completion can not miss chopped almonds and hazelnuts.

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Find out how to make iced coffee

The coffee . Let’s start with choosing the most suitable coffee. The addition of ice will help to dilute the classic toasted and persistent taste typical of the freshly brewed mocha. To obtain an ice coffee with an intense aroma, however, use varieties such as Arabica or Robusta. For the same reason, always buy ground coffee and never soluble powder. Prepare your mocha and let it sit for a few minutes – turning occasionally with a teaspoon – until the coffee has reached room temperature.

The ice . At this point, pour your coffee into a rather large glass cup, add the ice cubes. To avoid watering down the coffee, you will have to use the so-called dry ice cubes , that is, just removed from the freezer and with a medium-large size. In this way, the coffee will remain cold longer without mixing with the water of the ice cubes that will begin to melt.

Coffee on ice

Portions 2 people
Calories per Person 20
Total calories 40


  • 2 coffee cups
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • ice qb


Pour the boiling coffee into a glass filled with pieces of ice.

Add the sugar and stir until it dissolves.


You can serve your cold coffee on ice inside a glass coffee cup or in a taller glass.

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