Cold tomato soup with peppers

Cold tomato soup with peppers

A cold tomato soup is the perfect dish against the summer heat. Reinterpretation of Spanish gazpacho, it is a light and tasty recipe, but also very nutritious.

The basic vegetables of the recipe, tomatoes and peppers, in fact , ensure you a good content of antioxidants – lycopene in the head – and many valuable vitamins for your skin. In short, a real anti-aging recipe.

Cold tomato soup: What it is

Cold tomato soup is a very easy dish to make. Serve it with toasted croutons, preferably wholemeal or with cereals . You can use it as a single dish or as an original appetizer , decorated with fresh herb leaves such as basil and mint . You can eat it both for lunch and dinner, because this summer tomato soup, in addition to being refreshing, is also very digestible.

This recipe contains the wishes and emotions of this summer: it is a cold tomato and pepper soup, a soup that is prepared by roasting vegetables with garlic, onion and aromatic herbs.

After cooking the vegetables, simply blend them adding – if necessary – very little water until you get a tasty cold tomato and pepper soup , perfect to serve as an appetizer, for an aperitif with friends or for a light first course.

Prepare it in advance and keep it in the fridge, when serving add burrata (or mozzarella, feta cheese etc.), aromatic herbs and croutons.

Cold tomato and pepper soup, the nutritional properties

Cold tomato and pepper soup, the nutritional properties

  • The tomato is a wonderful anti-aging , thanks to lycopene and anthocyanins, two antioxidant action phytochemicals that counteract the action of free radicals and cellular aging .
  • It is also rich in water and potassium . For this reason it is a rehydrating and a remineralizing perfect for moments of summer heat
  • it has a high fiber content . These regulate intestinal functions and make tomatoes an ideal food for when you are on a diet, because it helps you feel a greater sense of satiety
  • It contains many vitamins , including, in particular, vitamin A and vitamin C . The first is fundamental for growth but also for the health of eyes and eyes . The second is very important for having a reactive immune system and is also a natural antioxidant .
  • Even the peppers offer many beneficial properties. They are among the richest vegetables in vitamin C : the red ones contain 166 mg per 100 g, three times more than an orange. Like tomatoes, they are rich in water , which helps you to purify the body and fight water retention and heavy legs , typical annoyances of the summer season.

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Find out how to prepare cold tomato and pepper soup

Cold tomato soup with peppers

Dish appetizers
Portions 2 people
Calories per Person 234
Total calories 468


  • 500 g Cherry tomatoes
  • 40 g lean cottage cheese
  • 1 Red pepper
  • 1 fresh spring onion
  • 3 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • salt qb
  • pepper qb
  • fresh basil


Heat a non-stick pan, wash the pepper and cook in the pan for about 15 minutes, turning it occasionally: the skin will have to burn. Let it cool slightly and then close it in a glass container or in a sachet for food for at least 15 minutes so that the pepper sweats.

At the end of this operation, the pepper can be peeled without difficulty. Then remove the stalk with a knife, sow the seeds and internal filaments, peel the pepper and cut it into uniform strips.

Wash the cherry tomatoes, cut them in half and place them in the blender together with the peppers, a fresh onion cut into slices, the oil, the salt, the pepper, the basil and finally the lean ricotta. Blend everything until you obtain a homogeneous and smooth consistency.

Serve the soup cold, with some basil leaves and some roasted peppers.


if you can use different varieties of tomatoes you can choose the quantity of tomatoes and peppers, using one kg in total.

This soup is excellent both cold and slightly warm.

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