Cold coffee : tips & best recipe

Cold coffee : tips & recipe to make it

The Cold coffee is the perfect drink for the summer, when temperatures make it difficult to enjoy a good espresso, but do not want to give up the energizing and stimulating coffee.

Very easy to prepare, it is a refreshing drink with important beneficial properties for the body .

Cold coffee on a diet

Cold coffee on a diet

If you are on a diet you can enjoy cold coffee without any particular restrictions, just keep an eye on the amount of sugar that is the real architect of the surge in calories in this drink.

The coffee is a pleasure , but when you decide to follow a diet , how to behave? The tea and / or coffee are included in the diet because generally liked by those who follow this drink and sugar has no relevance significant caloric. But how many can we drink per day ? We talked about it with nutritionists

On a diet, how many cups a day?

sugar-free coffee (and tea) has no significant caloric significance so it can also be taken on a diet. However, it should be remembered that nerve drinks should be limited because they can affect the nervous system and blood pressure. The quantity is not very important in order not to eat calories . It is important to know if you add sugar or not. In any case, an adult should not take more than three cups a day , even if it makes a lot of difference to talk about regular or occasional consumers, to decrease if, at the same time, you take other exciting drinks .

Coffee = fat burning?

No, it doesn’t burn fat . High quantities can speed up the metabolism due to the effect of xanthines. But they can in turn be responsible for tremors, nervousness and tachycardia . However, it is not correct to look for this effect with coffee.

The caloric intake of a cup : you don’t exceed 2 calories if you don’t add sugar. With a teaspoon of sugar instead r add the 20 calories .

As a sweetener

If you take one or two cups a day, you can safely use sugar, unless you are diabetic . If you really want to use a sweetener, you can use fructose (but be careful that it is as caloric as sugar, except that being sweeter, you use less of it). Aspartame is also fine , without ever exceeding two doses a day. A viable alternative may be to stain it with milk rather than use sugar or sweeteners.

Cold coffee, the variant with milk

If you don’t like the intense flavor of coffee, you can opt for the cold macchiato coffee variant . Add the cold milk, decreasing the amount of water and put in the fridge, if you want to consume it immediately add the ice and quench your thirst. In this case, you may also not add sugar as milk is naturally sweet.

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Nutritional properties of cold coffee

  • The coffee has interesting properties beneficial to our body, provided that it is consumed without exaggeration and not exceeding 3 or 4 cups a day, just because it is an energy drink.
  • It is precisely caffeine that provides the greatest benefits for the body . Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, caffeine is a natural digestive because it stimulates gastric secretion, it is no coincidence that it is customary to drink a coffee at the end of a hearty meal. Coffee also contains some B vitamins : B1, B2 and B3.
  • According to a recent study by the University of Nottingham , coffee would be able to stimulate “brown ” fat . One of the two types of fat present in the body, which has the task of generating body heat by burning fat and sugar . A pioneering study that must be confirmed, but which highlights a valuable property especially for the treatment of obesity.

How to prepare cold coffee

The preparation is very simple, just prepare an espresso mocha, add water proportionally, sugar to taste (without exaggerating!)

Cold coffee

Portions : 2 people
Calories per Person : 35
Total calories : 70

  • 1/2 lt water
  • 1/2 lt coffee
  • 2 tsp sugar optional


Prepare half a liter of coffee and once ready, pour it into a liter bottle, where you will also have to pour half a liter of water.

Then add the sugar and shake well.

Leave your cold coffee in the fridge for at least two hours before drinking it.

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