Pectoral exercises :4 variations of push-ups

Pectoral exercises :4 variations of push-ups

Great attention, both when speaking of men and women , Pectoral exercises are directed towards the bibs. One of those muscles that, after doing the push-ups , gives greater satisfaction. In the gym there are many tools that can be used to strengthen this muscle, but even at home there are some chest exercises that you can follow. Let’s see how you can train this muscle, following a simple training program for him and her.

The exercise to follow is a real cult . Let’s talk about push ups , commonly called push ups . Push-ups are exercises that allow you to train not only your pectorals , but also your triceps and anterior deltoid. Furthermore, since there are different variations in intensity and difficulty, they can be performed by both men and women.

Attention: it is preferable to perform the folds on a mat or a soft surface such as a lawn or carpet.

1 – Pectoral exercises at home: classic push-ups

Pectoral exercises at home: classic push-ups

You have to place your toes on the ground, keeping them close or slightly open to help balance.

Place your hands on the ground at chest level and slowly descend with your body towards the ground, almost touching the mat with your chin.

The descent phase must always be slower than the ascent phase , thus making the most of the exercise’s potential. Remember to keep your abdomen turned and avoid arching your back.

Warning: in case of joint discomfort or other acute pain, stop immediately and be guided by a personal trainer in the execution.

2 – Pectoral exercises at home: knee flexion on the ground

Pectoral exercises at home: knee flexion on the ground

A simplified variant of the classic folds. The position and exercise are in fact the same as the previous exercise, with the difference that in this case the knees are resting on the ground.

this method of exercise will take less effort, for this reason it is a variant particularly suitable for those who approach the world of bending for the first time .

3 – Pectoral exercises at home: push-ups with tight hands

 Pectoral exercises at home: push-ups with tight hands

These are identical in movement to the previous ones, but differ in the position of the hands.

In classic push-ups you have to keep your hands wide at chest height, while in this case you have to bring them closer, keeping them, as the name of the exercise says, more narrow.

in this case your attention will be on keeping the body straight and to control the descent phase.

4 – Pectoral exercises at home: raised push-ups

Pectoral exercises at home: raised push-ups

This is a more difficult exercise , suitable for people who are already trained. You need to get a chair, a stool or use a step.

Place your feet on the rise you have decided to use, keeping your hands on the ground.

In this case, the inclination will lead you to strain the pectoral muscles and the anterior deltoids more, making the bends harder.

The execution of the exercise is identical to the previous ones and also here you will have to pay attention to the movement and posture of the body.

Pectoral exercises at home: training program

As in all types of physical activities, one should not exaggerate. During the week more than 2/3 strengthening sessions for the bibs are more than enough . Obviously there are numerous combinations of exercises that you can follow, but here we are going to explain a simple program for everyone.

After a warm-up phase , necessary to avoid joint problems, you can start with the actual pectoral exercises .

Take a start with 4 sets of classic push ups of 8 reps each , interspersing each set with a 90 second rest.

Then move on to tight hands, doing 4 sets of 6-8 repetitions each, always interspersed with 90 seconds of recovery.

Now, if your level of preparation allows you, you can also add a session of raised bends, performing the usual 4 sets of 6-8 repetitions, interspersed with 90 seconds of recovery.

Once your physical condition has improved and your bibs start to be stronger, all you have to do is increase the number of repetitions to do for each series.

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