Lose weight in harmony 5 practical tips

Lose weight in harmony 5 practical tips

You can tackle the diet in the right way to lose weight in harmony and in a healthy way! The word diet, in the collective imagination, is synonymous with sacrifice, deprivation, hunger .

Perhaps for this reason, when you realize that you have extra pounds , you immediately look for a shortcut, an intensive and short diet to quickly achieve weight loss.

It is normal to want to lose weight quickly , within a few weeks. Easy, therefore, to remain fascinated by the diets that offer a sort of fast in exchange for immediate results. Who among us has never been intrigued by diets based on drinks, only vegetables or only proteins?

Lose weight in harmony against yo-yo effect

And who, after experiencing such an ordeal and actually losing weight, immediately recovered the lost pounds ? This is because such experiences can only be addressed for a limited period of time and it is unthinkable to do it forever.

To lose weight in harmony, don’t think you are on a diet

The truth is that knowing that you have to stick to a strict restriction diet puts you in a less-than-positive psychological condition : just knowing that you are on a diet makes you want to eat forbidden and high-calorie foods! But the solution is there and, armed with patience and willpower, you can manage to lose weight in harmony.

to lose weight in harmony don't think you are on diet

First of all, one must learn to think of the diet not as a period of sacrifice , but as a correct and balanced lifestyle to always follow. On the one hand it provides your body with all the nutrients to face everyday life, on the other it must be varied and tasty to satisfy your pleasure.

You can choose the most suitable diet for your life , more or less sedentary, according to age, health conditions.

No food is forbidden

So it is useless to follow diets that are the same for everyone: the diet must be personalized and must respect, in addition to your tastes, your physical and psychological needs. And the psychological aspect is the one to which you must pay more attention : it is wrong to deny you what you like. The more you try to restrict what you can eat, the less you can do it.

In your mind, there should be no forbidden food! Dieting does not mean that you will never eat chocolate , sweets or pizza again ! It simply means consuming them in moderate quantities and eating them whenever you feel like it, every now and then! .

You must understand that you can eat a piece of chocolate whenever you want to eat it because eating in small quantities is good for your health ! There is no need to deprive yourself of it and then swallow a whole tablet when you lose control .

If then once, you fall into temptation because you are greedy or stressed, you must not get caught up in feelings of guilt, which only bring more stress and more appetite. Live the diet with a positive attitude and not as a continuous deprivation.

Even in the diet , there are difficult times! A child who learns to walk or ride a bicycle can fall, but then gets up and tries again!

Physical activity, the right ally

Sport can become an ally to release tension and to learn how to take care of your body.

Playing sports with a friend can also become a healthy habit of spending time together.

To lose weight in harmony, take care of yourself!

To lose weight in harmony, take care of yourself!

Learn to love yourself immediately , even when the extra pounds cause you insecurity and little esteem for you.

In addition to playing sports, get into the habit of pampering yourself, having an anti-stress massage , using body creams that help you relax. Buy a dress that enhances your body. Change your haircut to enhance your strengths before and during the diet.

In this way it will be easy to lose weight in harmony and follow a controlled diet, it will become only one of the various aspects of your new life, healthy, full and focused on you and not only on food!

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