Dried tomatoes:properties,benefits & recipe

Dried tomatoes: 6 best health benefits,recipe

The dried tomatoes enrich your dishes with their intense and appetizing taste, thanks to the nutritional properties, they take care of your health and your beauty.

As in the fresh version, they are rich in antioxidants , vitamins and mineral salts. In addition, the dehydration process eliminates the water, but allows the tomatoes to be preserved for a long time without losing their flavor, making it even more decisive.

Let’s discover the benefits and properties of this food, characteristic of Mediterranean cuisine .

How to make dried tomatoes

The preparation of dried tomatoes is very simple: it can take place in the oven or by making them “dry” under the sun. Once washed with care, they must be cut and exposed to the sun with the pulp upwards and a proper distance from each other.

To speed up the drying process, they can be sprinkled with coarse salt: in this way they will be ready in about 7 days. It is important to cover them overnight to protect them from humidity and turn them occasionally to dry them evenly.

Once dried, they can be stored as they are – preferably in a refrigerator closed in airtight containers – or in oil . If you want to choose the second option, dried tomatoes must first be blanched in water (93%) and vinegar (7%) , both to soften them and to protect them from bacterial attacks.

You can then flavor them with the flavors you prefer: basil , chilli pepper , oregano , garlic or even capers .

The nutritional values ​​of dried tomatoes

Dried tomatoes are quite caloric ( 258 kcal per 100 g ), so if you are on a diet, be careful not to exceed the doses. On the other hand, the tomatoes prepared in this way are so tasty that it is not necessary to use a lot of them to give flavor to your dishes.

In 100gr we also find 14.11gr of protein , 12.3gr of fiber , a low fat content of 2.97 grams and a high carbohydrate content of 55.76 grams. The quantity of sugars is also high, around 37g per hectogram.

They are very rich in mineral salts , in particular zinc (1.99mg per hecto), copper (1423mg), calcium (110mg), phosphorus (356mg), selenium (5.5mcg) and potassium (about 3 mg), particularly important for stimulating diuresis.

Among the vitamins most present in dried tomatoes, provitamin A and those of group B. Vitamin C instead vanishes, since being “thermolabile”, it is destroyed by heat and light, such as direct sunlight.

The benefits of dried tomatoes for your beauty

Dried tomatoes, in addition to being a health food, are also allies of your beauty .

In fact, thanks to provitamin A, they help you tone the tissues and preserve skin elasticity, preventing the formation of stretch marks . This dowry is particularly useful for those who are following a weight loss diet, as it avoids this imperfection due to the loss of excess pounds. In addition, provitamin A accelerates the skin healing process and counteracts the flaccidity of the skin .

Dried tomatoes, in winter as in summer, then help you mobilize the liquids inside the body. This happens thanks to potassium , whose ability to counteract water retention is remarkable. With all due respect to cellulite , which is effectively combated thanks to the diuretic effect.

The benefits of dried tomatoes for your health

Eating dried tomatoes, when placed in a balanced diet, offers great benefits to your health.

Look at the gallery and find out which ones!

1 – Rich in lycopene
Rich in lycopene

In tomatoes, even dried ones, there is a very powerful antioxidant, lycopene . This nutrient is essential to combat premature aging, since it fights free radicals present in our body.

Its bio-availability is activated and increased with cooking , so to fully enjoy its benefits, remember to cook or blanch the tomatoes before consuming them.

2 – They activate the metabolism
 They activate the metabolism

Dried tomatoes manage to accelerate the metabolism. This action is due in particular to the supply of proteins and phosphorus, which improves digestion and balances the assimilation of sugars and fats.

3 – Useful in menopause

Dried tomatoes are rich in phosphorus which, together with calcium, makes up hydroxyapatite , the primary mineral for structuring bones. This is why both fresh and dried tomatoes are an important food in female nutrition , especially in the menopause period .

4 – Trio of anticancer antioxidants
 Trio of anticancer antioxidants

Lycopene, combined with lutein and zeaxanthin – two other antioxidant substances – acts as a contrast agent for tumor diseases and in particular prostate cancer. Lutein and zeaxanthin also protect your eyes from age-related degenerative diseases, such as cataracts.

5 – Counter anemia

Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia. When our body does not have adequate iron levels, the transport of oxygen in the blood is compromised , causing, among other things, exhaustion and shortness of breath. Dried tomatoes are rich in iron: about 9 mg per 100g of edible product.

6 – Friends of the heart

Thanks to the magnesium contained in dried tomatoes, we ensure good health for our heart. In fact, this mineral regulates heart beats , naturally reducing blood pressure. On the contrary, the lack of magnesium in the body can cause hypertension, heart failure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle spasms.

Dried tomatoes in the kitchen

They are very tasty, so their use in your recipes avoids the use of salt. You can try them in many ways: preparing an original pesto, adding them to your salads or using them as an ingredient to make your dishes tastier, as in the recipe we offer you.

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