Burpees: benefits & training programs

Burpees: benefits & training programs

The burpees are a complete exercise that strengthens the entire body, develops cardiovascular endurance, it allows you to burn a lot of calories and have a dry body.

They are fashionable and popular on the web because they are cheap and ideal for practicing everywhere. But, although very simple to do, they must be performed with the right technique to avoid wrong and dangerous movements for muscles and joints.

In addition, it is the best fat burning exercise that can exist : burpees make you work all the muscles of the body including your heart! So, for this reason, they are offered in all bodyweight training cards .

burpees are performed with legs spread. So, do not do them with your legs together because you risk causing your spine to flex.

However, be wary of the many videos that shoot and offer this exercise with your legs closed. Let’s find out with Giovanna what burpees are, what benefits they guarantee you and how to perform them correctly.

What are Burpees?

Burpees were invented by the American physiologist Royal H. Burpee , who managed to create a simple test to quickly evaluate the following physical qualities of soldiers in the 1930s:

  • agility
  • coordination
  • resistance
  • power .

They are a complete exercise and are included in many cross fit workouts , as well as in the training of American football teams.

So, it’s an exercise that you can hate and love at the same time because doing it is tiring.

If if you are convinced and motivated and do not have heart problems, you know that, using only the weight of your body, you can obtain surprising results and have a dry and toned physique.

Burpees: muscles involved

It is an extraordinarily effective exercise that combines several exercises in a single exercise. In fact, they help you work in synergy with almost all large muscle groups in your body.

  • arms : deltoids, biceps and even triceps .
  • legs: thanks to the squat, you can develop the muscles of the hamstring muscles (back of the thigh), quadriceps, calves and buttocks.
  • torso: push the abdominal belt to keep your body straight during the exercise and your pectoral muscles.

The benefits of burpees

Burpees make the whole body work and strengthen . At each repetition, urge the pectorals , arms , shoulders, thighs and abs .

In addition, you stimulate your muscle mass very intensely: numerous studies have shown that with burpees, you can burn more fat than with any exercise to be done in the gym. So, they help you speed up your metabolism

Finally, performing burpees triggers the afterburn effect , which means that it continues to burn calories even after physical activity.

Burpees: how to perform them correctly

Burpees are very simple movements, technically speaking, but you still have to be careful not to make mistakes.

First of all, don’t try to do it too fast: you risk doing it wrong.

So, for a correct execution, look at Giovanna’s card and follow our instructions:

  • Descending phase : bend your legs as if you were going to squat bringing your palm on the ground with your back straight and your buttocks back. Try to keep your heels on the ground. The weight of the body must fall on the heels and the feet must remain on the ground.
  • Throw your legs backwards activating the core, i.e. the muscles of the abdominal belt, and reaching the plank position . It is very important to contract both the abs and the glutes to perform the correct position of the plank.
  • Gather your legs again by placing your feet outside your hands and keeping your back straight.
  • High jump : if you are not very trained or do not find coordination, you can achieve burpees avoiding the final jump. If you are trained, it is fine to add it, but be careful when descending: keep your legs bent so as not to hurt your back.

Burpees: examples of training

How many repetitions? Burpees are an incredibly simple exercise that will wear you out after a few repetitions. But, you have to decide the number of sets and repetitions according to your physical condition and your goal.

Workout to burn fat

If you want to burn fat , you have to give preference to long series:

5 sets of 10 reps with a recovery from 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets, to be performed 3 times a week.

Example of training to develop power

If you want to develop your power , you need to make more effort:

5 sets of 10 repetitions at maximum speed with 2 minutes of recovery, to be performed 3 times a week.

Tabata burpees only for the super trained

The Tabata is a very effective working protocol. In fact, it has been scientifically proven how it can improve an athlete’s aerobic power and anaerobic abilities. Therefore, the advice is to alternate 20 seconds of work at the maximum speed physically achievable with 10 seconds of pause for a total of 4 minutes of activity.

But, in just 4 minutes of work, you produce a very high oxygen debt that continues at the end of the workout. However, bringing your heart rate to the maximum sustainable levels is still risky for those who are not trained.

Workout with burpees

Burpees can also be integrated into a hiit or tabata workout like the famous 7 minute workout.

Find out more about the workout 12 exercises in 7 minutes .

Here is a proposal for bodyweight training with burpees: it is a short but very intense workout to be performed 3 times a week . Between exercises, do not take a break.

But obviously this training is not recommended for those with physical, joint and pregnant women problems.

Exercises of the workout

  • burpees 10 seconds
  • mountain climbers 10 seconds
  • jump 10 seconds
  • burpees 25 seconds
  • mountain climbers 25 seconds
  • jump 25 seconds
  • burpees 10 seconds
  • mountain climbers 10 seconds
  • jump 10 seconds.

4 variants of burpees

Are you afraid of getting bored doing burpees? Don’t worry, you can include the variants proposed below in your program.

1 – Burpee squat jump
Burpee squat jump

In the final phase of the burpee squat jump, perform a vertical jump bringing your knees to your chest.

2 – Burpee box jump
 Burpee box jump

Very difficult exercise! You have to do the exercise in front of a box or a chest and in the final phase, push on the legs and jump on the box. Start from a low height to be able to do a series of at least 10 box jump burpee.

3 – Burpee pull up
Burpee pull up

A very complete exercise! The variation lies in making a pull on the bar.

4 – Burpee frog
 Burpee frog

In the final stage, turn your vertical jump into a horizontal frog jump, trying to go as far as possible. When you land, start over with squats, pushups, etc.

If you are looking for other variants of burpees, watch this video!

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