Swollen belly: tips to defeat it

Swollen belly: 3 tips to defeat it

Swollen Belly , flabby, too relaxed, with too much cellulite : talking about one’s belly is a dilemma for most of the people , who do not like this part of the body subject to many transformations.

A lack of attention that certainly does not contribute to improving its appearance.Instead, the belly is a delicate part of the body that needs special cuddles: a little for age, a little for pregnancies , partly due to the fact that you do not do any physical activity or do little, the relaxed belly gets worse year after year. If you can still hide it in winter, with summer approaching it becomes impossible not to show it! For this, the time has come to act.

So, first step : try to understand the causes to intervene with a really effective remedy.

Swollen belly: blame for stress?

Is your belly an area of ​​the body that you are no longer aware of?

When you breathe don’t you feel it? It is urgent to do something, not only for aesthetic problems but also and above all for your health , because the belly is considered the center of our emotions.

So if you have a swollen belly, the cause could be a simple accumulation of stress or an emotion kept hidden and blocking you in your life. The solution ? Breathe!

An exercise that can do to breathe correctly and get back in touch with your emotions: sit on a chair, straight back and eyes closed. Place your hands on your belly and concentrate on your breathing. Try to feel your belly swell when you breathe in and go in when you breathe out. Gradually you will have the feeling that your belly is a wave .

You can perform this simple exercise whenever you have a swollen belly or if you feel stressed . You will be more relaxed and you will find that your belly is less swollen.

If you unlock an emotion, let yourself go to a liberating cry , afterwards you will feel reborn!

Swollen belly: what if it was feeding?

Have you been eating well and balanced since you follow the diet and yet, even if your weight is falling, your belly is there and you continue to feel swollen and suffer from constipation ?

Know that nutrition plays an important role in the proper functioning of our intestines: try to avoid certain foods that promote fermentation such as:

  • potatoes
  • legumes
  • cabbage.

Swollen belly: what if it’s an allergy?

There is increasing talk more often from allergies or intolerances to lactose and gluten . So if you suffer from a swollen belly try to understand if you suffer from an intolerance.

For example, lactose intolerance , explains the nutritionist , occurs when the body is deficient in an enzyme necessary for the digestion of lactose. So it cannot be digested or absorbed: this phenomenon can cause swelling.

Therefore, if you have any doubts, try to eliminate one of these foods for about ten days to see if there is an improvement and if necessary make the tests.

Relaxed belly: what if it’s the perineum?

Do you have a relaxed belly ? Under the navel resides fat that refuses to go away? Maybe you have a relaxed perineum .

You don’t even know what the perineum is? Of course, very little is said about it in Italy and perhaps not even the state knows it, while in Northern Europe they reimburse post-natal gymnastics for women to strengthen the perineum .

It is that set of muscles and ligaments located at the base of the abdomen, between the pubis and the coccyx , which forms a support plan for the internal organs:

  • bladder
  • urethra
  • uterus
  • intestine.

During pregnancy these muscles are put to the test and it is important to strengthen them after childbirth to prevent problems of prolapse in the vagina and bladder: otherwise, you may be subject to problems of descent of the organs during your life as well as a belly more and more relaxed.

Pregnancy relaxes the space located between the abdominal muscles and if you have not practiced any post-pregnancy gymnastics, the fat gradually creeps into this free space.

Not sure how to pinpoint the perineum muscles ? Do the following exercises !

Abdominals: learn how to do them right!

Experts developed a revolutionary method which consists in toning the belly without using force.

According to them, we often wear ourselves out in long series of abdominals that make us have a sculpted belly, but still prominent, because the effort we make to perform them tends to bring our abdomen out .

In addition, they develop an important pressure that pushes the perineum downwards.

Instead, the right method for having a flat stomach is the method that does not make you push down but traces the viscera and the diaphragm upward when you exhale at the moment of muscle pressure.

How to exhale ? To breathe is to grow! Push the diaphragm, the viscera and the head upwards. Never stop exhalation!

To begin to feel the results, perform them for at least a month, every day for at least 5 minutes .

Keep in mind that these exercises should become a daily habit , not only to have a flatter belly but to feel better!

Fight your swollen belly with hypopressive abdominal gymnastics

1 – Exercise for a more toned abdominal belt

Exercise for a more toned abdominal belt

Lying on your stomach, your toes on the ground, rest your elbows or hands (depending on how comfortable you feel) and lift your pelvis aligning it with the rest of your body (you must be straight as a board).

In this position, contract the perineum as you push your hands to the floor and heels back as far as possible, trying to bring your navel under your ribs. Count to 20 and return to the starting position. To be performed 5 times.

Why chose it : it helps to become aware of the perineum and to bring the belly in respecting the strengths of the experts method: working in stretch, starting each exercise with the contraction of the perineum and while exhaling bring the belly in.

2 – Exercise to have a flat stomach

- Exercise to have a flat stomach

Lying on the ground on the right side. Right arm bent under the head, the left arm at a right angle and the left hand resting on the ground in front of you.

Legs flexed parallel to the floor as you exhale bring your thighs towards your belly at 90 degrees. Raise your knees as if you want to take them to the other side of the body. You don’t have to move them, just hold the position to work the muscles.

Contract the perineum and bring your belly in when you exhale. Count to 20 and return to the starting position. To be repeated 5 times on both sides.

Why chose it : there is no risk for the back but the effort is important and the results are visible.

3 – Exercise for awareness (to be performed also in the office!)

 Exercise for awareness (to be performed also in the office!)

Sitting on the ground, your back straight, you contract the perineum by bringing your navel under your ribs when you exhale.

It is the transverse muscle that works. Perform 3 x 20 breath movements. The plus : this exercise can also be done during the day in the office and on the bus.

Why chose it : fantastic to become aware of its belly! You have the feeling of having a self-massage to all the viscera.

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