Hair loss:causes treatments

Hair loss : causes treatments & diet

Hair loss: it is a physiological process , in fact, every day it falls between 60 and 100, in healthy subjects. However, the fall is accompanied by the change and is not worrying, especially during the changes of season, when up to 200 hairs can fall per day .

Did you notice that when you brush yourself, a lot of hair falls out and stays on the brush? Then the time has come to find out the causes, all the remedies against hair loss and anti- hair loss treatments proposed by Melarossa.

The alarm bells of an excessive fall are evident evidence, such as too much hair on the brush, sink and pillow. Then thinning in the center of the head or thinning of the stem, whereby the hair weakens and loses consistency.

But, when hair goes through the 3 phases of their life cycle in a normal way , hair loss resolves within 3 months (seasonal hair loss) and does not cause visible damage. Also because often the problem can be easily solved with natural remedies , with particular attention during washing and with a balanced diet and by integrating specific foods. For example, soy isoflavones can be a valuable aid when hair loss depends on hormonal variations, such as menopause.

Instead, if the fall does not stop and is excessive, it is essential to consult the doctor.

Hair loss: what it is

‘ The period of the chestnuts’ , so our grandmothers called it, because in autumn in particular the life cycle of the hair ends after the summer ‘strains’ of sun rays and salt.

But, if after 3 months, the hair continues to fall out, it can depend on a number of problems:

  • stress
  • iron deficiency
  • disordered feeding
  • drastic diets
  • hormonal changes.

In these cases, you can easily remedy this with a balanced diet and natural remedies . Instead, in the most ‘serious’ cases, it is necessary to face the problem with specific lotions and consult the specialist for a targeted solution.

Hair life cycle

Like hair , hair also grows continuously , so it is normal for it to fall out at some point to make way for new ones.

They grow an average of one centimeter per month and fall out when the hair that grows and those that have finished growing touch each other. Three years is the average life span .

The life of the hair is marked by 3 stages :

  • anagen (growth phase)
  • telogen (transition phase)
  • catagen (phase of fall or loss of vitality).

Under normal conditions, during the catagen phase of one hair , there is always another hair in the anagen phase.

With the exception of January and July , when the percentage of the telogen phase increases. Even in case of transient or permanent problems that compromise the health and life of the hair.

Hair loss: causes

Seasonal hair loss

As seasons change , almost everyone happens to lose more hair, but the phenomenon is accentuated in spring and autumn .

But, even in summer, a lot of hair can fall out because the sun promotes its growth, but also excessive exposure to solar radiation . As also, the salt and chlorine, aggressive shampoos and stress. If the problem occurs for a short time and you notice an improvement immediately, then it is only a seasonal fall and you don’t have to be alarmed. Instead, if the hair that remains on the brush is more and more numerous, it is better to consult a dermatologist , who will reassure you by giving you targeted treatment.

What is the limit beyond which you must be suspicious? If you have lost more hair for 4-6 weeks , then it is a seasonal phenomenon. But, if the problem lasts longer, you need to investigate and understand what the cause is to find remedies for hair loss.

Intense hair loss (telogen effluvium)

The biggest problem for women is stress , due to which a large part of the hair is in the telogen phase.

Normally the telogen effluvium (intense fall) due to a traumatic event , falls within 6 months . But it is better to consult the specialist to verify that it is an occasional episode. Otherwise, you risk generating more stress in a vicious circle that feeds the phenomenon.

If you are interested in the topic, find out all about male pattern baldness .

Other risk factors
  • age : the hair also ages, so growth slows down
  • nature of the hair : the thinner it is, the easier it is to lose it
  • hormonal revolution: after pregnancy or during menopause , the phenomenon may worsen
  • iron or vitamin deficiency
  • medicines
  • too fatty diet
  • too aggressive treatments such as draws or tints .

In these cases, among the first remedies against hair loss, there is the elimination of the problem that caused it, or the change in the wrong habit that triggered it.

Another solution is to resort to anti-fall treatments. But if you don’t notice any improvements, it is best to go to a specialist .

Seasonal hair loss: cure

Scalp massage

One of the remedies for seasonal hair loss is scalp massage. But, don’t wait to go to the hairdresser to give yourself one. So, get into the habit of doing it yourself during shampooing, but also in the morning before brushing.

In addition, there are commercially available devices that massage the head , but there is also a massage brush that improves the circulation of the scalp. It is excellent for micro-circulation and helps to strengthen young hair .


Undergo a punctual anti-fall treatment: there are aminexil-based ampoules , a molecule that acts on premature aging of the roots to strengthen the hair.

The right hairstyle and brushes to prefer

Do not always tie your hair and, when you do, be careful not to over tighten the elastic around the hair.

Plus, your hair care starts with how you brush them. So, always brush your hair carefully and choose a brush suitable for this time of year, such as those with natural bristles or with wild boar bristles .

Hair loss: vitamins

Among the most effective remedies for hair loss are the cures made of the B vitamins that encourage regrowth .

They are very important:

  • vitamin B2 (found in eggs, nuts, wheat germ, dairy products, broccoli, green beans, peas and brewer’s yeast)
  • B4 (contained in meat, cereals, egg yolk, potatoes, cabbage and tomatoes)
  • B5 (which you can find in the liver, broccoli and peanuts).

Taking the right nutrients through nutrition is essential , but you can also consider vitamin treatments . Although they cannot stop the fall, they help you strengthen hair growth.

Natural remedies

Among the natural remedies to stop hair loss, the essential oil of rosemary stands out which promotes the oxygenation of the hair bulbs, as well as the capsaicin of the chili pepper .

Then there are plant extracts that combined with vitamins can help strengthen the hair, such as natural anti-fall treatments.

In addition, flaxseed , argan and wheat germ oil are ideal for deeply nourishing the hair and bringing it back to health if it is weakened.

Hair loss: diet to combat it

Nutrition can be the cause and solution for hair loss. And among the anti-fall treatments it is the most natural .

So, the foods to be privileged for their richness in iron, proteins and vitamins are:

  • meat
  • eggs
  • green leafy vegetables (especially broccoli), walnuts and almonds.

Also, during the ‘highlight’ moments of fall, be sure to include these foods in your daily diet to replenish your hair’s beneficial nutrients.

So, to have a healthy balanced diet , rich in protein and iron helps you a lot to fight hair loss.

Hair loss: foods to be included in your diet

1 – Broccoli


The iron contained in broccoli contributes to the oxygenation of the tissues, the lack of which is among the causes of hair loss, especially in women.

The ideal would be to consume them raw , in order not to disperse the nutrients, but they are also fine lightly boiled or steamed.

So, remember to season them with a good dose of lemon, because vitamin C maximizes the assimilation of iron.

2- eggs


The eggs are a very healthy food and an interesting source of omega 3 and 6. In addition, thanks to the magnesium, selenium and vitamin A, they will provide important substances for the growth and maintenance of healthy hair as well as scalp.

However, eggs have a high cholesterol content , so don’t abuse them.

3 – Carrots


Carrots , like all yellow-orange fruit and vegetables , are rich in vitamin A, essential for the well-being of the scalp.

In fact, they contain the vitamin that counteracts the action of free radicals , responsible for cell deterioration and hair loss.

4 – Walnuts


Walnuts are a food particularly rich in omega 3 fatty acids and zinc, which perform an efficient anti-fall and tonic action.

In fact, Omega 3 blocks the hormone responsible for hair loss (DHT).

5 – Dark green leafy vegetables

Dark green leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables, especially if dark green in color such as spinach , are also ideal as a remedy for hair loss.

The reason is that they are rich in antioxidants , as well as a valuable source of vitamins A and C, substances that help regulate sebum levels .

6 – Hair loss: chicken

Hair loss: chicken

The proteins are essential to prevent hair fall and you will chicken supplies in quantity.

Chicken, in addition to being a versatile food that lends itself to an unlimited series of recipes, is lean, rich in iron and also vitaminic.

7 – Tomatoes


Tomatoes are a source of many nutrients and benefits for your body: they contain minerals, precious vitamins and antioxidants.

In particular, they are rich in lycopene , a carotenoid that in addition to giving the red color to the tomato, has an important protective action for your hair.

8 – Soybeans


The soybean is particularly useful in menopause due to the presence of isoflavones and phytoestrogens ranging to compensate for the natural decline in estrogen typical of this phase of a woman’s life. So they help to alleviate ailments, such as hot flashes , associated with hormonal changes but also to counteract hair loss .

Furthermore, soy phytoestrogens are also important allies in the prevention of certain types of cancer : breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men.

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