how to lose belly weight

How to lose belly weight

How to lose belly weight if you have it swollen , large or slightly toned? Even if you follow the diet you follow literally and a walking program, it can happen that a little bacon remains.

Don’t despair, you have to act intelligently! Center of your body and your emotions, the belly is considered the second brain, so you have to be smart and treat it well to see it deflated and toned again.

Read our targeted tips on how to lose belly weight to feel comfortable in jeans again.

How to get rid of a big belly

The rest of the body is quite fit, but how well you know how to dispose of the “donut” around the belly is a very difficult operation! But all the fat mass is concentrated around the belly .

In fact, the distribution of lean and fat mass is dictated by genetic factors. Sometimes, while losing weight satisfactorily, some parts of the body can remain slightly disproportionate.

So, the advice is to keep yourself in the normal weight range and to adopt an active lifestyle that keeps the entire cardio-circulatory system in training. In addition, you have to tone the most “abundant” parts, any disproportions can be minimized.

Password: motivation! First of all, you need to eat healthy and drink at least 2 liters per day of water, tea and herbal teas (obviously without sugar).

Why lose belly weight

A big belly is not just an aesthetic problem . It is also a risk to your health because excess belly fat is associated with

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • metabolic disorders
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol.

Then follow a balanced diet to keep handles and rolls away and you will find out how to lose belly weight is not that difficult.

Fundamental help on how to lose belly weight also comes from sports , so walk, jump, dance, burn fat in some way.

How to lose belly weight with creams

Here is how to lose belly weight using specific creams can also help you dissolve fats. But be careful: creams give you a hand only if associated with a healthy lifestyle.

However, to be effective, they must be applied consistently and correctly , with a nice massage that deeply penetrates their active ingredients.

How to get rid of a flabby belly

Do you have a flaccid belly following a pregnancy or too drastic a diet?

The diets do-it-yourself or the ones that promise to make you lose belly weight and many pounds in a short time, for example, are not only dangerous for your health but also for your skin.

If you lose weight too quickly , or lose weight and gain weight again ( yo-yo effect) , the skin is very likely to lose elasticity! Find out how to get rid of your flabby belly permanently.

Plan of attack against the flabby belly

The firmness of the skin can be recovered but recovery becomes more and more difficult going on with age. In fact, over the years, our body can count on a smaller number of collagen molecules , which are the ones most responsible for maintaining tonicity.

First of all then, yes to the Mediterranean diet, to fruit and vegetables: you could also adopt the vegetarian diet for 3 months.

Then, hydrate yourself a lot to avoid stretch marks .

In addition, to combat abdominal relaxation, you need to strengthen the pelvic floor and the transverse muscle , i.e. the muscle that starts from the navel and goes down to the pubis and which acts as a powerful elastic to hold the belly.

Creams to tone the flabby belly

Walking, swimming, yoga or Pilates. Also, get into the habit of keeping straight and several times a day work on your posture: straighten your shoulders, breathe in and inspire deeply bring your belly in by contracting the perineum, as if you want to attach your belly to your spine.

Finally massage your belly and take Scottish showers in which alternate jets of cold and hot water.

If the belly is always swollen

Regardless of diet and weight, the belly tends to swell. Hormones can play a role in this disorder. Or the swelling may depend on intestinal irregularity or on the intake of certain foods that tend to ferment such as:

  • dairy product
  • potatoes
  • legumes.
How to get rid of a swollen belly
  • Spend at least 20 minutes on your meals. Chew slowly and avoid eating a sandwich in front of the computer.
  • If you do sedentary work, get up as soon as you can, call on your feet and don’t cross your legs when you’re sitting.
  • Stay away from carbonated soft drinks and chewing gum, which can cause bloating.
  • Add fiber-rich foods such as kiwi, apple, raw carrots, savoy cabbage, pears, artichokes to your diet.

If the swelling is linked to constipation, taking probiotics or lactic ferments (both through nutrition and using supplements) can help rebalance the bacterial flora and restore normal intestinal transit .

Relax your tummy

The belly houses numerous organs but also all your emotions, so if you experience situations of conflict, fear, suffering, these can affect the health of your belly. If you think about how to get rid of your belly, you must also learn to relax.

Do yogic breathing exercises and massage your belly with a vegetable oil every evening.

How to lose belly weight:diet

How to lose belly weight

Let’s talk about food: in general, it is better to avoid all fatty , refined, pre-cooked foods , fried foods , high-calorie and sugar- rich foods , cold cuts and non-low- fat dairy products.

If we want to know what it is necessary to eat to lose belly weight , then it is better to focus on lean meats , fruit, the salad seasoned with a little oil, almonds and walnuts, not too many and only once a day, raw vegetables, foods whole, rich in fiber, which help the intestine to deflate and low-fat yogurt. Egg whites and low-fat fish are also excellent because they only contain protein.

Losing your belly is one of the most difficult tasks because diets, gym and sacrifices are needed. But there are also other effective foods that, if included in your diet, can help you fight fat and abdominal bloating:

hot pepper : thanks to its high content of vitamin C and capsaicin it reduces the body’s lipids and stimulates the elimination of immature fat cells

apples : effective for reducing belly and hips especially if consumed before meals because they help to absorb less calories. They are rich in fiber and have an important satiating power. They are among the main ingredients of the slimming centrifugates for the belly and hips

vegetables : useful for quickly losing weight on the stomach and hips because it is rich in fiber, water and vitamins. Initially the impression may be that of having a swollen belly, with time you will see the results. The most effective is cauliflower, rich in vitamin C, fiber and with very few calories

spices : first of all, cinnamon, because it helps keep blood sugar levels in balance by reducing insulin production, which increases after meals and assimilates fats.

How to lose belly weight through massages,posture and sports

The swollen belly is often caused not only by the accumulation of fat, but also by stress, anxiety and other emotional and psychological difficulties, which make digestion tiring. There are natural remedies for how to lose belly weight quickly, such as taking charcoal supplements or draining herbal teas to combat swelling and water retention , preferably with fennel, artichoke or mallow.

How to lose belly weight by posture

It is also very important to carve out the daily moments of calm and relaxation, to assume an upright posture , especially when sitting, so that the abdomen does not relax too much and remains tonic. Also useful are breathing exercises and massages, to maintain firmness in the upper and lower abdomen.

How to lose belly weight by movement

As for movement, the most suitable activities to lose belly weight are definitely aerobic sports , which involve endurance efforts that help burn more calories. Then practice swimming, running, cycling or exercise bikes, aerobics. Ideally, lessons of at least 40 minutes in a row, 3 times a week, would be ideal. Do not forget to do abdominals , which keep the belly muscles toned and will give you the sculpted abdomen you have always desired.

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