Zuu fitness 20 minute workout

Zuu Fitness 20 min workout

The Zuu Fitness is a new discipline born in Australia that is characterized by its short duration and the high calorie consumption . A physical activity that reproduces the movements of different animal species in order to improve muscle tone , coordination and agility.

Zuu Fitness is performed with free body and allows you, through simple movements, to work on all areas of the body and also on joints and tendons . A type of training that works on all energy systems, both aerobic and anaerobic . In fact, the movements that characterize it are very intense from the physical point of view and allow you toconsume calories and tone your muscles.

Zuu fitness: what it is

Zuu Fitness what it is

Zuu Fitness was born from the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNathan Helberg, an Australian gymnast who was looking for a way to train without weighing on the joint system.

Thus came the idea of studying the movements of some animals , obtaining a very effective but at the same time non- traumatic training for the joints.

This is because it does not involve the use of tools, but only uses the weight of the body.

How does a lesson take place?

The Zuu Fitness takes place in groups, with a music background that stimulates the exercise movements .

In fact, training is based on the primary and natural movements of the human body :

  • bend
  • to push
  • Pull
  • Crouch down
  • jump

All of these combined so you can get over 100 exercises. These movements take place in sequence, without pause or at most with very short recoveries.

In this way he manages to develop not only muscle tone but also cardiovascular capacity.

In addition, during training, there are both dynamic and isometric exercises . So not only jumps and twists, but also positions to be maintained for a variable number of seconds which will mainly serve to increase muscle volume.

The movements of Zuu Fitness simultaneously develop different parts of the body. In fact, with the various exercises, you work on different muscle areas and in this way you get harmonious growth of the whole body.

A workout that takes place almost entirely free-body. There is only one tool: the ankorr . A series of elastic bands that are used to make free body movements harder and more intense. In fact, the ankorr is anchored to a stable support or held by a partner while the other performs the exercise.

Exercises in Zuu Fitness

There are some exercises that are repeated during training and require concentrated effort at a time when all the muscular districts work in synergy and the breathing follows.The exercises all refer to animals and require correct execution and intention. For example, the bear’s walk starts from the basic quadrupedal position, but without the support of the knees.

In this position the abdominal center is greatly strengthened .Another exercise is what is called jumping the frog: it is nothing more than the squat and is performed from a starting apposition with open legs, shoulder width, elbows pointing inside as if you want to widen your knees, as if you want to press against the meniscus, simulating resistance.

On the other hand, inspired by one of the most therapeutic animals for humans is the ass kick , so you start from a resting position on your hands and concentrating the strength in the abdominals, kick back first with one leg then with the other and in followed, when the breath goes well and the technique is acquired, the kick is attempted with feet together. Yes, in summary a real kick of the donkey back.

In this execution it seems that all the weight is serious on the upper limbs; obviously the load is there, but in fact the abdomen holds the position in dynamics, and one must imagine to perform the movement starting from the strength of the central band of the body.

The spectrum of exercises is very wide and continues with techniques inspired by other animals, such as the kangaroo and the iguana.Many phases of the training, as already mentioned, recall techniques of very ancient tradition, think of the downward dog of yoga that is used to always work with the abdomen and let the breath flow in any position, or positions such as the cobra as abdominal distension and very large spraying of the internal organs, with the opening of the shoulders and throat.

The benefits of Zuu Fitness

The benefits of this type of training are truly remarkable.


  • intensity despite the short duration
  • physical activity suitable for everyone, having an almost zero impact on the joints;
  • develops both the aerobic and anaerobic components
  • burns many calories in a limited time
  • complete and harmonious muscle development
  • improves coordination, agility and balance
  • meet new people, as it takes place in a group
  • helps relieve stress.

External Link : Nathan Helberg – ZUU Global Education Creator – ZUU Global

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