why you cant lose your belly

You can’t lose your belly 8 reasons

It is not difficult to lose your belly as you might think. But if the belly just doesn’t want to leave , the reasons can be different.

If in fact in some cases it is enough for you to be motivated and determined, there are other events that are difficult to counter.

Let’s find out which only the 8 reasons that keep you from losing your belly

You can’t lose your belly: 8 reasons

1 – Too much anxiety to lose the belly

Too much anxiety to lose belly

Children, work, stress and many other responsibilities that weigh on your shoulders .

A life that involves a high level of stress and anxiety can, without a doubt, be considered one of the reasons that prevent you from losing your belly .

Doing yoga could allow you to relax and be a valuable ally.

2 – The advancing age

The advancing age

Unfortunately, this is difficult to remedy, both for men and for women.

In fact, over the years it is natural that your body changes , also due to the arrival of menopause and andropause which, by changing hormones, can cause weight gain.

3 – Eat badly

junk food make your belly rise

Often eating too much junk food . By this term, we mean those foods rich in fat and calories, which make your belly rise: it is also known as junk food.

Trying to follow a healthy and balanced diet is essential not only to lose weight but also to avoid taking it back once the diet is finished .

4 – Your sport is missing something

do spor to lose belly

Exercising certainly helps, but not all activities are complete .

Cardio training like aerobics is certainly good, but that’s not all.

To lose your belly it would be useful to combine cardio with an activity aimed at increasing your muscle mass .

The muscles, in fact, help to burn calories and lose the belly.

5 – You don’t get enough sleep

enough sleep to lose belly

For an adult, the ideal would be to sleep 7 or 8 hours each night .

If you sleep a lot less, you’ve discovered a reason why you can’t get that ugly belly off.

6 – Morphology


This is another reason that cannot be resisted .

You may have thin legs, but your belly just doesn’t seem to go away. Obviously you can fight it a little with an intense training program and working on your abs.

But in this case, having a completely flat stomach can be complicated because you are genetically predisposed.

7 – You can’t lose your belly because you don’t do much sport

eithout sports you can't lose belly

Playing sports every now and then is not enough , it must be repeated several times during the week.

The constancy to lose weight and eliminate the belly is in fact fundamental.

Two sessions may already be fine , but it is with three weekly workouts that you can truly achieve the goals you have set yourself.

8 – Wake up

sitting on sofa won't help you lose your belly

Sitting in the office or on the sofa at home won’t help you lose your belly.

Switching from the chair to the sofa is not one of the ways to get back in shape and above all it is bad for your health .

So get up and start moving to reach your goal .

The belly does not go away on its own, but if you are determined you can say goodbye once and for all.

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