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5 best Shoulder exercises the training program

Training your shoulders is not a simple thing, this does not mean that there are no shoulder exercises to be performed directly at your home. You just need to buy a pair of 4 kg dumbbells and have a little good will to be able to perform shoulder exercises and improve them.

In fact, excessive weight dumbbells are not necessary , since the shoulder is a movement joint that trains with low weights and exercises to be performed slowly and without jerking.

Now that you have your dumbbells available, there are three shoulder exercises that you can safely do at home and that will allow you to train your muscle better.

Warning: training your shoulders there is a risk of going through various injuries. For this you must always remember the warm-up before starting and making slow and controlled movements.

Shoulder exercises: training program

Training your shoulders every day does not allow you to recover properly and it is counterproductive.

Just spend two days a week on training to get good results. You can also introduce these exercises within a full body circuit proposed by one of the fitness expert .

Shoulder training program

Perform 2 sets of 10 reps of dumbbell thrusts, interspersing them with 60 seconds of recovery.

Then move on to the side risers , perform 2 sets of 10 repeated, remembering the 60 seconds recovery between sets.

Finally, conclude with the front risers , 2 sets of 10 reps, interspersed with 60 seconds of recovery.

If you experience excessive effort during training , just decrease the weight of the dumbbells or the number of repetitions in each series.

Warning : there is no point in excessively increasing the weight of the dumbbells. Shoulder exercises require precise and slow movements .

This is why it is better to train with lighter dumbbells that allow you to perform the exercise correctly.

The best shoulder exercises

1 – Dumbbell thrusts

Dumbbell thrusts

Sit in a chair, with your legs firmly on the ground and the dumbbells in your hands. The starting position sees you with the dumbbells at shoulder height and the palms of your hands facing forward.

From this position, push the dumbbells towards each other, almost extending your arm completely.

Finally return to the starting position, paying great attention to make the movement slowly.

2 – Side raises

Side raises

This exercise should be done standing, with the legs slightly apart shoulder width apart.

Grab the dumbbells and stretch your arms to the sides of your body. Lift them by slightly bending your elbow and holding this slight crease throughout the movement.

Stop when you arrive with your arms at shoulder height and then slowly return to the starting position.

But you have to pay attention to one detail : during the lifting of the arms you have to perform an extra rotation of the humerus, turning not only the hand but the whole arm.

3 – Shoulder exercises: front raises

front raises

This exercise allows you to improve the front of the deltoid . As with the previous shoulder exercise, you need to stand upright with the dumbbells in your hands.

Extend your arms to the sides of your body and lift in front of you with your palms facing the ground.

The movement ends when you arrive with your arms in front of your eyes, and then slowly return to the starting position.

4 – Military Press

5 best Shoulder exercises the training program 1

This exercise represents the bread & butter of shoulder training in that it stimulates the deltoid in its frontal and medial sections in a magnificent way , so much so that it is difficult to find training programs for the shoulders that do not recognize its fundamental exercise quality. .

It can be performed standing or sitting on a bench set at 90 degrees, the difference lies in the fact that the execution in standing can be more difficult since it requires a considerable postural effort (on the other hand, the isometric activation of the core muscles, necessary for maintain the upright position during the exercise, it is excellent for keeping the whole body under constant effort and increasing the intensity of training, especially of the abdominal rectum and spinal erectors ).

Keeping the back in a strong position (without exasperating its natural curves) and the knees slightly flexed in the event of standing execution, hold two dumbbells or a barbell and bring them to the height of the upper part of the sternum, keeping the elbows flexed and straight wrists. Now extend your elbows by bringing the dumbbells or barbell over your head . Do not extend your knees and do not arch your back either during the concentric phase (push), or during the eccentric phase (re-entry). This exercise allows you to stress, albeit to a lesser extent, also the coracobrachial muscle .

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