Green clay mask

Natural Green clay mask 7 benefits and recipe

Green clay is a precious mineral for beauty care because it has numerous benefits for both skin and hair . Which ones are they? How to make it at home ? Follow the advice of experts.

Green clay,white clay and pink clay: what is the difference?

green clay,white clay and pink clay

Green clay is a volcanic rock, naturally rich in minerals and trace elements . There are several types, such as green clay or illite clay or even ventilated green clay, which are the most used in the cosmetic field.

  • Green clay has more minerals than white clay , has a greater anti toxic and re balancing action and also has a higher absorption power. It is recommended for oily skin , with acne and enlarged pores.
  • White clay (or kaolin), on the other hand, is less aggressive and is recommended for those with sensitive skin , it helps to eliminate toxins and dead skin cells, preventing aging.
  • Finally pink clay, which comes from a mixture of green and white clay and inherits its properties, owes its pink color to the presence of iron. In addition to its purifying and detox properties, the clay is particularly suitable in cases of delicate skin prone to coupe rose and redness. In fact, it improves the complexion of the skin and has a calming and revitalizing action.

All the benefits of green clay for the skin

Purifying , remineralizing, regenerating , detoxifying , green clay has many benefits for impure skin! It naturally eliminates all impurities and for this reason it is a fabulous cure for those with mixed, oily and acne- prone skin .

Here is a summary of the benefits of a green clay mask :

  • regulates sebum secretion
  • helps fight acne
  • eliminates blackheads
  • performs an anti-shine action that reduces the shiny skin effect
  • narrows the pores
  • helps healing

How to apply the clay mask

Contrary to popular belief, the mask should not be held in place for too long , even if you have oily skin, because it may irritate it. Moisten your face and apply the clay mask in thick layers so that the paste stays moist longer. As soon as it hardens, you must rinse it : do not let it dry completely.

The extra idea ? Add a little honey to the dough to keep the mask moist longer.

Remember to finish the treatment by applying a moisturizer to help reform the skin’s hydrophobic film .

Green clay mask, what benefits for hair?

Green clay has excellent results and benefits also on the hair . Purifies and balances the scalp , so it is excellent for those with oily hair. Calms the itching caused by dermatitis or dry dandruff and leaves a feeling of freshness on the whole skin.

Here is a summary of the benefits of a green clay hair mask :

  • fights dandruff
  • cleanses the scalp
  • regulates sebum secretion .

How to apply the mask ? You can apply it both on dry and wet hair. Apply the dough first on the scalp by massaging it and finally on the lengths, so as to make a light scrub. Use the mask as a shampoo , rinse well and complete the treatment with the conditioner or with a very moisturizing mask.

Making a green clay mask at home?

green clay recipe

Nothing could be simpler ! Just mix in a bowl of green clay powder with warm water until a homogeneous mixture is obtained . To enhance the benefits of the mask, you can add amla powder or nettle powder .

Amla ( Indian plant that you can find in herbal medicine ) is a powerful regenerator recognized for its virtues on the skin and hair. Brighten the complexion and cleanse your skin. Not only that, it gives light to the hair, fights dandruff and prevents hair loss . Nettle powder is ideal for fortifying hair . Mix 2/3 of green clay and 1/3 of amla or nettle powder.

How often to apply it? Once a week, both for the face and hair.

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