Fight the cold at the table with 10 foods 1

Fight the cold at the table with 10 foods

It is possible to fight the cold at the table with the right foods. When the temperature is low, in addition to covering you well and keeping the environment warm, you can choose the ideal dish to feel less cold. A balanced diet is actually particularly useful in winter, both for freshness and to deal with the negative effects of frost.

Some foods help to warm the body and deal with stress. . Genuine anti-cold foods that help you stay warm and also strengthen the immune system to prevent seasonal diseases.

But what foods should not disappear on the winter table? What are the best recipes to fight cold? Nutritionists explain this to us, providing concrete examples of the best combinations.

Nutritionists opinion

The diet should always be varied and balanced, but there are 3 groups of foods in particular that are essential for heating and nutrition: soups, vegetables and dried fruits. Other foods should be optional while maintaining the centrality of these, which are very useful for the body.

Soups are queues of winter foods, as they are easy-to-prepare, nutritious and diet-friendly single dishes. And they fight the cold like some other dishes.

Then there are fruits and vegetables, which are rich in minerals and vitamins which are essential for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. It is essential that immunity is strengthened and aided in the prevention of seasonal diseases ranging from respiratory diseases to the flu.

It is good to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A (eg pumpkin, radish and carrots) and vitamin C (eg That kiwi and citrus fruits). The ideal is to combine them with fish and meat main courses, which is essential in a balanced diet. We should not forget fish: Tuna and other types of blue fish are anti-inflammatory and therefore help prevent the flu. “

An important place on the winter table is also reserved for dried fruits. To be combined with vegetables, it has a delicious taste and a great treasure of minerals that protect the immune system.

Just be careful not to overdose: it is true that with cold the body requires more energy to produce heat, but “walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts can make you gain weight”

By alternating these foods in our daily diet, we will be able to warm up, nourish ourselves with taste and increase our immunity.

Find 10 foods to fight the cold at the table

1 – legumes

legumes helps fight the cold

Legumes, lentils, peas and chickpeas are hot, refreshing and rich in iron. And stocking on it is especially important in winter because iron deficiency causes more cold.

2 – Grains

grains help fight the cold

Grains provide energy to fight cold on the table and are of special importance. In the integral version, grains are also rich in B vitamins, which increase resistance to cold. You can use them for staple food, preferably with a classic pasta and beans or pasta and chickpeas for chickpeas. You will stay warm and satisfied for a long time.

3 – Dried Fruit

dried fruit helps fight the cold

Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios contain vitamin E (a friend of the antioxidant and immune system) and mineral salts. Zinc, in particular, is found mainly in nuts, helps to strengthen the immune system and protects the skin from being proven cold.

4 – Meat, Fish and Eggs

meat fisah nad eggs helps fight the cold

All protein sources are important in cold weather. In fact the consumption of protein activates thermogenesis, therefore heat is produced. White meat and blue fish should be preferred, especially if you are on a diet, as they nourish without weight and balance the digestion time required for cereals and legumes soup. To combat the cold, prepare them in the oven with a side dish of mixed vegetables, and serve hot.

5 – Fresh Fruit helps fight cold at the table

fresh fruits help fight cold at the table

Among fruits, when the cold is bitter, it favors kiwi and citrus fruits. Both are actually rich in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system tested by temperature changes. Orange juice at the beginning of the day in the middle of the morning is ideal for keeping the cold away.

6 – Eating seasonal vegetables helps fight cold at the table

Eat seasonal vegetables to fight cold

Vegetables have something more useful for fighting cold on the table, because you can eat them hot and because they are full of beneficial properties for the body. Spinach, for example: high in iron, which is the opposite of cold. Broccoli, Pumpkin, Radish and Carrots: All these vegetables are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that support the immune system. Carotene in carrots, stimulates the production of white blood cells.

7 – Parmesan

9 - Fight the cold on the table with parmesan

It contains proteins with high biological value that have the ability to strengthen antibodies. Without exceeding the quantity, since it has a high share of fat in addition to nutrients, you can also combine it with soups and mixed salads.

8 – Dairy Products

Fight the cold on the table with dairy products

A cup of hot milk symbolizes warmth and nutrition. Better during the day than in the evening, so as not to reduce digestion. On the other hand, yogurt strengthens the immune system and also helps the skin from a cosmetic point of view.

9 – Fight the cold on the table with hot drinks

Fight the cold on the table with hot drinks

Tea and tea are warm-up, relax, cleansing, and often antioxidant (such as green tea). In the afternoon or before going to bed, not to warm up and chew.

10 – Fight the cold on the table: garlic and onion

Fight the cold on the table: garlic and onion

Garlic and Onions are antibacterial, important allies against the flu, especially if eaten raw. Garlic infusion is particularly effective for sore throat, naturally for those who can drink it because it has a special taste.

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