5 tips to keep liver healthy

5 tips to keep Liver healthy

The liver is the largest gland in the body and is responsible for the well-being of our body. “It regulates our metabolism and takes care of getting rid of accumulated food ‘waste'” dietitians and experts,explains how to keep it healthy.

How many times have you happened to feel, especially after periods of holidays, having to cleanse your liver? In order for our body to function at its best, it is essential to preserve the health of the liver: the largest gland in the human body, responsible for most of the metabolic processes and a very important ally of our well-being.

The ideal diet to cleanse the liver

To take care of this organ, which we forget too often, it is not necessary to adopt particularly restrictive diets. ” Just eat every day foods rich in fiber, such as fruit and vegetables. A trick can be to prepare for breakfast or centrifuge snack . For example, based on cabbage, ginger and pears or with kiwi, celery and apples . But the combinations are endless “. In addition to increasing the intake of fruit and vegetables, there are also special foods that can improve the health of our liver. ” Artichokes , thistles , cauliflower , broccoli , beets , green leafy vegetables , green tea and berries : all these foods have the cleansing and antioxidant properties perfect for it. “And then there’s turmeric, which is gaining more and more space on our tables, thanks to its extraordinary characteristics: ” It is an anti-inflammatory, purifying and particularly beneficial spice for our liver”.

Artichoke, coffee and chocolate: liver allies

Artichoke, coffee and chocolate: liver allies

Anyone who decides to undertake an ad hoc diet for the liver will certainly find the artichoke among the recommended foods . ” Inside the artichokes there is cinarin, an active ingredient with purifying and also protective effects for the liver. In particular, the DOP variety of the Campidano of Cagliari and Sulcis is characterized by the high concentration of this active ingredient which gives that typical bitter taste to the vegetable “. Even coffee and chocolate may improve liver health. ” The coffee it contains a series of antioxidant compounds (such as chlorogenic acids) with anti-inflammatory properties that help the liver metabolism and in fact keep under control the increase in transaminases, enzymes that indicate liver function “. This obviously must not translate into an abuse of coffee ” Drink two or three cups of coffee a day may be good for the liver, but never forget the individual tolerance to caffeine whose excess, can cause insomnia, tachycardia and in people also prepared stomach upset.” and the chocolate can prove to be really valuable thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

What if we neglect liver health

Improper nutrition, stress and hectic or overly sedentary lifestyles can overload the liver work giving rise to various symptoms such as: headache, general tiredness, difficult digestion, bad breath, dull or more sensitive skin than usual, cramps and bloating in the stomach . Symptoms that, if underestimated over the years, can cause the onset of some pathologies ” There is a risk of experiencing some diseases such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD – Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) which includes a large group of liver diseases, from fatty liver (liver steatosis) to NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), up to liver fibrosis with evolution in cirrhosis “.

What to avoid at the table

Healthy liver: what to avoid at the table

To avoid overworking our liver there are some foods that should be avoided or consumed in some moderation. Junk food should be avoided rich in simple sugars, such as sugary drinks and packaged snacks. Foods like margarine, baked goods and butter, rich in saturated and trans fats should also be limited . and then we must also be careful not to overdo it with fried, smoked and grilled foods “. Alcohol is also absolutely banned : “To avoid v ino, beer, spirits such as liqueurs, schnapps and cocktails “.

5 tips to cleanse the liver

And if do-it-yourself diets, excesses at the table and a few too many toasts, can fatigue our body, here are five valuable tips from the dietitians to protect and keep the liver in shape.

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced nutrition and daily physical activity
  • No smoke
  • Weight control
  • Use of drugs only on medical advice
  • No alcohol.

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