Plank challenge

Plank the challenge for a flat stomach!

30 days challenge plank “, which is depopulating on social media. now a days The goal of this challenge? Take the challenge together and motivate each other for 30 days to have a flat and toned belly and reshape your silhouette.

Plank: position and correct execution

To correctly perform this position, get on your knees with your elbows on the ground, bring your legs straight back resting your feet on the big toes and raise your pelvis being careful to keep your back straight and parallel to the floor.

Bring your belly in and contract your buttocks. Very important : never let your belly come out! Keep the cervical in a neutral position i.e. in the extension of the body. It is very important not to arch your back or lift your buttocks too much otherwise the exercise will become ineffective.

In isometric exercises, breathing is essential to focus on breathing to oxygenate your muscles well and improve your endurance

Plank position and correct execution

Plank correct position

The muscles involved

  • buttocks
  • back muscles
  • legs
  • transverse
  • internal and external obliques
  • shoulders
  • chest

Plank challenge: how does it work?

The program is perfect for redesigning your buttocks , toning your back and arms and reshaping your belly . It is a complete exercise that works the whole body.

The challenge is to perform the table exercise for 30 days respecting the times of the table with 4 days of rest distributed throughout the month. If you follow the workout, at the end of the program you should be able to hold the plank position for 300 seconds , or 5 minutes! Does it seem so much to you?

Do not be discouraged , the goal of this method is to tone up, so if you practice it scrupulously every day your body will be gradually more toned and more resistant and you will struggle less and less. On the first day , while holding the position, try to become aware of all the muscles and be careful to always keep the belly in while you exhale

Challenge plank: benefits

This program has created a buzz on the Internet and an incredible traffic on all social networks ( #plankchallenge ) because it is very effective.

This challenge is ideal for men and women who don’t have time to go to the gym and who can’t take their flabby belly anymore .

Are you afraid of getting bored doing the same exercise every day? Download our playlist to give you the charge! It is a very easy program, which only requires rigor and will for just 5 minutes a day … what do you say, is it worth starting this challenge all together?

Remember that to perform the planck like other exercises at home it is good practice to always wear sports clothing ; especially good sneakers to ensure good adhesion to the floor.

Contraindications: to whom 30 days challenge plank is not recommended

There are no big contraindications in isometric exercise and therefore in trying this challenge. If you haven’t been training for a long time, the advice is to consult with your doctor to evaluate your clinical picture with him. This protects you from risks to your health.

However, the challenge plank is not recommended if:

  • you’re pregnant
  • if you suffer from hypertension or heart problems because if you hold your breath in an isometric exercise, the pressure can go up
  • if you have a spine or have cervical problems.

Tips for staying motivated and not giving up

If at first you find it difficult to hold your position for 20 seconds, don’t be discouraged from being able to hold your plank for 5 minutes!

Motivation and perseverance are 2 rules for achieving success.

You will see that slowly your body will acquire greater strength and endurance.

Here are some tips not to give up:

warm up : before any physical activity, it is important to warm up. Take at least 10 minutes to warm up to prepare your body for the effort

timing : choose the time of day where you are relaxed and have at least half an hour in front of you

stretching : once you finish your program, do stretching exercises to reduce muscle soreness and not compromise the daily challenge.

Vary the exercise : there are variations of the classic plank, such as the side plank. Try alternating between the various types of plank in your routine.

30 days plank, yes but later?

After finishing the 30 day plank challenge, you have two options:

continue with 5 minutes of plank every other day
insert the plank in your daily workout, however adding variations. Alternate the various types of plank in your routine.
Here are some variations of plank in isometry

1 – Plank with outstretched arms

 Plank with outstretched arms

Variant to enhance more deltoids and triceps.

2 – Side plank

Side plank

Start on the ground on the right side, legs stretched. Rest on your right forearm, with your elbow on the same line as your shoulder. By contracting the abs and glutes, he detaches the side from the ground keeping legs and back well aligned. Hold your position.

3 – Plank with raised leg

 3 - Plank with raised leg

During isometry, lift one foot at a time with your leg stretched 10 times, it is an excellent exercise to operate the buttock and abdomen.

4 – Plank with arms elevation

Or raise one arm at a time by spreading it forward 10 times. So you will use the paravertebral muscles (muscles that wrap around the spine) and the abdomen will stabilize the position.

5 – Plank with lifting of the arms and leg

Plank with lifting of the arms and leg

Even more difficult : try lifting the right arm and left foot simultaneously and then the left arm and right foot 10 times. It will be difficult to keep the position of balance and it will be even more challenging for the abdominal muscles that must be well active to keep you balanced on two supports.

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