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foods not to be kept in the fridge: find out what they are

Foods not to kept in the fridge : when it comes to the correct storage of food, there are myths that are hard to die : like keeping coffee in the refrigerator so that it does not lose its characteristic aroma.

Grandmother’s advice, urban legends, where they come from doesn’t count: the important thing is that many are wrong !

Not all foods, for example, benefit from storing at low temperatures and for this there are foods that should not be kept in the fridge , because they may lose some of their nutrients.

Sometimes to understand what is the best way to store food is enough to find out what they do in supermarkets: there will be a reason why onions and potatoes are never put inside the refrigerated counters, right?

But it is also true that in some cases you can be deceived : as in that of tomatoes , which many stores keep in refrigerators for reasons of space, while in reality it would not be the best practice to follow.

For this reason, we want to give you some simple and clear suggestions to help you keep your food at its best and we have made a list of the 10 foods that you should never and never keep in the refrigerator.

1-Foods not to be kept in the fridge: Tomatoes


The cold preserves them, but also interrupts their maturation , making them floury, causing them to lose their typical crunchy consistency and making them even less tasty.

This applies to any type of tomato, such as salad tomatoes, date tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, etc. etc.

Much better to keep them out of the fridge, maybe in the basket with fruit.

2 – Foods not to be kept in the fridge: basil


The cold air of the refrigerator does not benefit basil , but rather makes it wilt quickly.

In addition, this aromatic seedling in the cold loses its scent and tends to absorb the odors of other foods.

Store the basil as if it were a flower, placing it in a jar with fresh water.

And if you really don’t think you can consume it quickly, blanch it and then freeze it : this way you will always have it fresh and close at hand

3-Foods not to b kept in fridge:Potatoes


The best way to store potatoes is to keep them in a very dry and dark place , if possible wrapped in paper that can further absorb moisture.

The low temperatures of the refrigerator instead speed up the transformation of starches into sugars, making them too sweet and floury and also making them rot faster.

4-Garlic and Onions

garlic and onions

The cold accelerates the sprouting of garlic, making it become excessively soft and chewy.

Onions are also among the foods that should not be kept in the fridge, where they risk to rot quickly.

Garlic and onions are preserved like potatoes: but never all together , because the gases they release would make them mature too quickly.

5 – Avocado


Usually avocado still arrives unripe on the Italian market and putting it in the refrigerator would block its maturation, making it become only dark and soft.

Keep it out of the fridge and near an apple to make it ripen faster.

You can keep it in the cold only if you are sure that the fruit has already reached the right point of ripeness, perhaps leaving the seed, so it remains even longer.

6 – Bananas


If placed in the cold, bananas have the same fate as avocado : they become black and soft but do not ripen.

So if you want to enjoy soft, sweet and tasty bananas, always keep them out of the fridge in a basket with other fruit.

7 – Bread


Keeping bread in the refrigerator is a huge mistake , because the cold makes it dry faster.

The ideal is to keep it outside, in a cotton bag, if possible closed by a string: add also a celery stick, which will help integrate the dispersed moisture and you will see that your bread will retain its fragrance longer .

8 – Olive and seed oil

olive oil

Get all the oils out of the fridge! The cold alters the organoleptic properties of the oil and makes it become opaque.

The best way to maintain the taste and properties of your oil is to keep it in a dark bottle that protects it from light and in a cool place, so it will be protected from oxidation.

9 – Coffee


I don’t know if anyone still believes the story that coffee is best kept in the fridge. I hope not, because it’s actually one of the foods to keep out of the fridge!

In fact, at low temperatures and with humidity, coffee loses all its fantastic aroma, absorbing the smells of other foods and taking on a rather strange taste!

10 – Honey


Honey remains much better when stored at room temperature and in the dark than a pantry.

In fact, despite being a long-life food, it is altered by light, temperature and humidity .

So the cold of the refrigerator does not lengthen its conservation, but rather crystallizes it, accelerating its oxidation.

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