The Advent fitness calendar to get in shape for Christmas 1

The Advent fitness calendar to get in shape for Christmas

The Advent fitness calendar to get in shape for Christmas
Fitness for Christmas

Advent fitness calendar:
 a surprise a day to make you the most beautiful gift: take care of yourself! Discover or amaze your friend with the Melarossa Advent fitness calendar that will accompany you throughout the month of December to get you in shape for Christmas , because you don’t need to wait for the New Year’s good intentions to regain your form. An Advent calendar made of sporting challenges to do alone or with your family: every day, watch it and discover an original gift: 2 exercises to get back in shape!

At the mere thought of the December dinners, do you already feel your waistline widening? Christmas should be a time of sharing and joy, so start immediately to get the best out of this period. Remember that the holidays should be celebrated, therefore, relax and enjoy them in absolute tranquility. You must learn to allow yourself a moment of sgarro (avoiding making it a habit) with a smile on your lips. The solution? one of  the nutritionist gives it to you in advance: the Advent fitness calendar to dispose of stress and calories !

    A December in shape with the Advent calendar

    December is definitely not the right month to start an intense physical activity but this does not mean that it is not the right time to continue to practice a regular activity and get in shape in January . In fact, doing sport in December helps not only to limit the damage of the holidays but also to tone up and feel better in your body. If you get up early, cut out some time before breakfast to do some exercise. Melarossa has created a fitness circuit for you to perform from December 1st to December 24th to give your body shape and health.
    You can also practice it in the family and it will help you clear your mind and remove stress, which is often the cause that leads you to eat more. 

    Fitness Advent Calendar

    We have selected 4 cardio exercises and 4 toning exercises that, combined together, make the whole body work. 
    Every day, in the corresponding box of the Advent calendar, you will find a mini-circuit of 2 exercises, which must be repeated:

    3 times the first week (up to 7/12) 
    4 times the second (from 8/12 to 14/12) 
    5 times the third week (from 15/12 to 24/12).

    The times and methods of execution are explained below.

    Cardio Exercises

    These exercises are a great workout for your cardiorespiratory system and improve your resilience and effort resistance.
    The cardio exercises are:

    running on the spot (2 minutes) 
    step (2 minutes) 
    jumping jack (1 minute) 
    mountain climber (1 minute).

    Toning exercises

    The 4 toning exercises are:

    plank : it is an excellent exercise to redesign the buttocks, tone the back and arms and reshape the belly. (20 seconds)
    dips on the chair or on a bench : it is an exercise that stimulates the muscles of the back of the arms, giving them a more compact and tonic look (10 repetitions)
    squat : improves coordination, balance and endurance in general. Not only that, it increases bone density by removing the risk of osteoporosis. In a single exercise, you can tone legs, buttocks and calves. (10 exercises)
    lunges : they are one of the most effective exercises to train the legs and tone the buttocks. ( 10 repetitions per leg)

    You can choose to perform the lunges 10 times with the same leg and 10 times with the other, or, if you prefer, you can alternate right and left legs. Do you feel well trained? The difficulty is increased by holding bottles of water or by weighing with both hands.

    Tips to train well

    • Never start cold training but spend at least 5 minutes warming up;
    • concentrate on breathing to oxygenate the muscles;
    • to optimize work, it is essential to breathe well and never hold your breath. Inhale when you return to the initial position and exhale during the effort, bringing the belly inward;
    • this mini-circuit does not pretend to help you regain your form, but to maintain it during the holidays;
    • you can easily combine it with your physical activity;
    • if you feel anxious after the cardio sequence, take a few minutes to rest before starting the toning exercises;
    • before running the program, it is important to assess your physical condition so as not to subject your body to efforts that could put your health at risk. If you suffer from joint problems, or heart or are pregnant, this circuit is not recommended.
    Tips for a fit December 
    • Take advantage of every opportunity to keep yourself moving! 
    • Forget the elevator and go up the stairs: in this way you will also tone the buttocks muscles. 
    • Park the car a block away from your workplace so you can take a walk both on the way there and back (especially if you do a sedentary job). 
    • Devote 10 minutes a day to the two exercises of our Advent calendar and you will see that you will be able to stop the damages of the Christmas holidays. 

    Exercises to perform correctly

    1 – Mountain climber

    Put yourself in the push up position with your hands at shoulder width, place your palms and toes on the ground.

    Bend the right leg and bring the right knee to the chest by stretching the left leg backwards. Then, stretch your right leg backward by bending your left leg and bringing your left knee to your chest. Each time you have to make a small jump to reverse the position.

    Repetitions : 10.

    2 – Jumping jack

    It is a simple exercise: starting in feet, legs and arms together. Jump by opening your legs and raising your arms. Return to the starting position. Beware of contracting your abdominals to avoid hurting your back.

    Execution : 1 minute.

    3 – Running on the spot

    Run on the spot alternating the arm with the opposite leg. The thrust must be performed only with the forefoot and the exercise must be neither too fast nor too slow. 

    The second week, you can increase your intensity by running with your knees high. 

    Execution : 2 minutes.

    4 – Step

    Climb up and down from the step with the shoulders extended and the back straight, the buttocks contracted, the knees not stiff. Keep the body protracted forward and the eyes in front of you. 

    Execution : 2 minutes.

    5 – Plank

    Kneeling with his elbows on the ground, he brings back his stretched legs resting his feet on his toes and raises his pelvis, being careful to keep his back straight and parallel to the floor, his belly inward and his buttocks contracted. Very important: never let your belly come out! The cervicals must be in a neutral position, ie in the extension of the body.  

    Execution : hold the position for 20 seconds.

    6 – Dips in the chair

    Starting standing with his back to the chair, he rests his palms on the edge, flexing his knees at a right angle and, resting his heels well on the ground, lowers his shoulders supporting the weight of his body. Bend your arms, bringing your buttocks down and return to the starting position. 

    Repetitions : 10.

    7 – Lunges

    Start standing up, take a step forward with your right foot, hands on your hips, then bend your left leg to form a right angle, your knees at 90 degrees, keeping your back straight and your abdominals contracted. Return to the starting position. 

    Repetitions : 10 for each leg.

    8 – Squat

    Starting standing, legs spread shoulder-width apart, toes turned slightly outwards and body weight perfectly in the center. Bend your knees as if you were sitting on a chair. Bring your buttocks back feeling the weight of your body on your heels and keep your upper body straight, your abdomen active and your arms forward to facilitate balance during the descent. 

    Repetitions : 10.

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