Running in winter: rules to follow when it's very cold! 1

Running in winter: rules to follow when it’s very cold!

Running in winter: rules to follow when it's very cold!
Running in Winter

Running in winter: do you remember Rocky Balboa running in the snow ? Does it seem impossible to do outdoor sports when it’s so cold?
Know that a group of researchers at the US Army has determined that the ideal temperature for a marathon is 5 degrees , then stop telling you excuses to just stand indoors at home all winter and go for a heart rere! Especially because doing aerobic exercises 4 times a week helps fight the symptoms of “winter blues” and, therefore in winter, it’s time to move.
To dispose of the accumulated pounds, do not fear the cold, you can jog or start a walking program – associated with a balanced diet like that of Melarossa. It can be an excellent way to get back in shape! Moreover the cold invigorates and is also a great anti-stress, so you just have to find the right motivation to run in winter!

    Running in winter: testimonials

    It is not pleasant for everyone to play sports in cold weather.For some people, running in the winter is a real ordeal.
    It happens to people, who interrupts jogging from December to March because they are chilly. They bought the treadmill to train at home, even if they acknowledges that running in the middle of nature is something else.
    For this reason, many people bravely continue to run,in spite of the rigors of winter when the thermometer drops below zero is an experience that enriches and increases self-esteem or they prefer running in the winter because they can’t stand the heat and sweat .
    Of course, to train at such low temperatures you need some extra tricks to avoid risking our body. If you are also thinking of starting to run now to find yourself fit in spring, read expert advice to make this moment pleasant and relaxing.
    You can start by alternating gym training with jogging sessions at the park at least once a week and gradually increase the number of sessions up to 2 or 3 times a week.

    Running in winter: the rules to follow when it's cold

    Running in winter: the rules to follow when it’s cold

    Basic rule: choose the right clothing

    Running in the winter is great but don’t think about going out with the usual suit or running towards … bronchopneumonia. The basic rule is to dress properly , that is neither too much nor too little, and opt for materials and technical fabrics , which ensure you a comfortable and 100% pleasant ride.
    No cotton : cotton clothes absorb perspiration and moisture, so if you wear them you risk running wet, suffering from cold for the whole workout and catching a cold.

    Choose the right fabrics , that is those that combine an insulating component with a breathable component: in this way the heat is conserved, the sweat, instead, comes out.

    Avoid the classic K-way that will make you sweat too much without, for this reason, make you lose more weight!

    Whether you are a man or a woman , wear a pantyhose to run and feel lighter! There are models that favor venous return and reduce muscle fatigue, allowing also to reduce soreness thanks to the reduction of muscle vibrations.

    If it is very cold you can add a layer between the sweater and the sweatshirt: try the pile, which has an insulating component for a run away from the cold.

    Change immediately after the race and never stay in wet clothes!

    Rule no. 2: always use the accessories

    When running in the cold, the areas to be protected first are the head, neck, hands and feet . With temperatures at minimum, the heat loss through these sensitive areas can reach up to 70%, so yes to gloves, arm covers, running belt or hat to avoid sinusitis too!

    Rule no. 3: do not forget heating and breathing

    To run in the winter, when it is cold, warming up is essential to avoid muscle trauma : tendons, muscles and ligaments need more time to warm up. So before starting the race, always spend at least 20 minutes warming up, stretching and walking. Pay attention to breathing too. The onset of exertion must be moderate because cold air can irritate the bronchi and lungs if ventilation is important.
    Correct breathing ? Inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth to prevent the pulmonary system from cooling.

    Rule no. 4: keep yourself hydrated

    Even if it’s very cold, running makes you sweat and lose liquid , cold air tends to dry out a lot and increase the risk of dehydration so always drink , before, during and after training. Always remember to drink. If you can, bring a thermos with a warm herbal tea , much more pleasant than cold water when it is very cold.

    Rule no. 5: before starting to train, talk to your doctor

    The ‘cold air can cause chest pain or asthma attacks . Before starting to run in the winter, ask your doctor for advice, which will assess your physical condition and will tell you if this sport is right for you.

    Rule no. 6: listen to your body!

    Stop immediately if you have a persistent headache , feel sick or have difficulty breathing! Running when it’s cold must be a pleasure, not a pain!
    Running for 35/45 minutes stimulates the brain and the secretion of endorphins, substances that improve your mood and make you happier.
    For this reason, if you follow our tips well, there is no reason to stop running in the winter! And after the effort?
    Give yourself a break with a hot shower and relax in the warm water with a nice herbal tea . Good run!

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