Step Training at home to tone up 1

Step Training at home to tone up

Step Training at home to tone up
Step Training

Step Training
 is very effective for losing weight and toning  the entire body . The step simulates a step and is used above all to do cardiovascular work. Moreover,  the height of the step is adjustable , so as to be able to manage the intensity of the physical effort during the exercises. Training with the step consists of aerobic gymnastic exercises , following the rhythm marked by musical pieces. To do a step training, you should buy step-by-step CDs , or music CDs created with the right BPMs that scan the speed of each step, that is 120/130 beats per minute, usually these CDs are easily found on the market. The steps you can take during a step training are many . In fact it can also be used effectively for muscle strengthening.

Step Training benefits

Train yourself with this simple tool has many benefits for your health. First allows you to greatly strengthen the cardiovascular system. Heart and lungs benefit from these exercisesand are also very effective in burning fat . In fact, prolonged exertion allows you to burn lots of calories and consequently helps you lose weight. All this is made even more effective if you follow a healthy and balanced dietThe step can be used as a basis for different muscle strengthening exercises, thus combining a toning work with the cardiovascular one. Moreover, like all physical workouts, it allows you to relax and release the accumulated stress .

StepTraining : the importance of the position

It is important to learn the correct execution of all the exercises avoiding making very common mistakes and thus avoiding the risk of tendon and joint inflammation . Your goal will be to initially achieve a correct posture that is fundamental for the success of your step session.
Here are some tips to work well with the step:
  • Relaxed shoulders and well-aligned bust with the rest of the body.
  • Place your entire foot on the step in the climb and the heel on the ground in the descent.
  • Avoid rotating movements.
  • Do not work on one limb for more than one minute at a time.
  • The knee must never exceed the tip of the foot during the lunges.
  • You never jump off the step.
  • If you use it to do abs , your back is on the step but your legs are high, so not with your feet on the ground, otherwise you won’t work with your abdomen .
Warning: before starting any physical activity, it is advisable to have a sports doctor visit . In this way you can be calm and ready to face your training with the step.

Training program with the step to burn and tone up

The training proposed by Melarossa is aimed at strengthening your muscles , including yourheart and toning your body with this circuit composed of 4 exercises . Perform this workout with the step without pause between one exercise and another. Take 1 minute break between one series and another .
For a complete workout , repeat the circuit three times.

1 – Step Training : basic exercise

Step Training-basic exercise

The exercise:  go up and down from the step for at least 15 minutes to the rhythm of music .

Ideal position : keep your shoulders extended and your back straight, your buttocks tight, your knees not stiff, your body protracted forward and your gaze fixed in front of you.

An important recommendation : while climbing up and down, do not keep your legs straight but make sure they are always slightly bent so as not to stress the knees too much.
When you step down from the step, first place the tip of the foot and then the heel.
The thousand ways to use the step : who said that you just have to go down and up ? Be creative and use the step on all sides, try to change the rhythm according to the music. Do you want to vary the steps and have fun? Watch this video to switch steps 

2 – Step Training : the lunges

Step Training : the lunges

Right foot on the step and left foot back with raised heel. Bend both legs to make a lunge , making sure that the right knee does not exceed the tip of the foot, but falls perpendicularly to the heel. Inhale and exhale , push with your right foot on the step and go up bringing your left knee upwards keeping your balance on your right leg. Then return the left foot to the ground, backwards, with the heel up to repeat the sequence.

Repetitions : The exercise should be repeated 10 times per leg .

Muscles involved : legs, buttocks and core.

3 – Pushes with dumbbells

 Pushes with dumbbells

Use the step like a bench . Lie down on the step, head and back well attached to the tool. In your hand two dumbbells of 2 or 5 kilos . Inhale and exhale, bend your arms at 90 degrees, bringing your elbows to the floor (feel your chest muscles stretch) then spread your arms upwards. The movements are precise and slow.

Muscles involved : pectoral muscles .

Repetitions : 20

4 – Bending for the triceps

Bending for the triceps

Sit on the step and place your hands near the buttocks on the edge, with the fingers facing the buttocks. Detach the buttocks from the step and bend the arms keeping the elbows parallel and the buttocks close to the edge of the step . Stretch legs and heels on the ground. Extend the arms by exhaling and keeping the buttocks detached (distribute the weight of the body between the feet and hands). The movements are precise and slow.

Muscles involved : arms, triceps.

Repetitions : 20 folds.

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