Waist training: Kim Kardashian’s secret revealed to have her so tight

Waist training: Kim Kardashian’s secret revealed to have her so tight

Waist training: Kim Kardashian's secret revealed
Having a slim and well defined life point is the dream of many women; it is the part of the body that defines our femininity and gives movement to the whole figure. And the silhouette of Kim Kardashian is an example and not by chance envy her in many. But how does the star get such a slim waistline? Here is the secret of his workout for the waistline that is becoming a new trend.

How to train the waist

There are different types of exercises that serve to thin the waist, but clearly the shape of the latter also depends on one’s physical conformation. Kim Kardashian has managed to tighten her waistline so much, because she uses a special accessory that allows her to go beyond her limits.
The star regularly performs a workout, wearing a very tight corset – as shown in a video posted on  her Instagram profile .And this fitness secret has already become a new trend among those who want to get a Kardashian style hourglass body shape.

How the corset works to tighten the waist

As personal trainer Dalton Wong explains – in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar – the goal of training for the waist is to reduce the area between the hips and the chest , working the front of the abdomen and the lower abdominals and obliques. The idea is to strengthen these muscles to create a flatter belly and a more defined life.

There are two types of corsets: a model is used to give strength to the muscles and it is what is used after a pregnancy or by people who have back problems. Another type of corset is used during waist training to increase body temperature. The accessory increases sweating and allows you to burn extra fat.

The corset used by Kim Kardashian is a mix of these two accessories: it helps her training and improves heart stability by providing extra support (Kim Kardashian’s corset is now also on sale under her shapewear line, Skims, at the cost of $ 68).

What kind of shape it gives to the body

As Dalton Wong explains, training in life, in general, serves to produce the classic hourglass shape . Obviously you can’t change the size of your hips but, with proper training, you can remove love handles and extra layers of fat around your waist, resulting in a sinuous shape.
However, to have a thin waistline you also need abdominal exercises, which help to thin, and a healthy weight loss diet, to lose body fat. Waist training should always be combined with high intensity exercises, to burn fat and slim the whole body in general.

Advice on how to train your waistline

how to train your waistline

The first step should always be to improve the diet , eating foods rich in necessary nutrients and balanced according to one’s physical characteristics and degree of training. If you are overweight, you should take high-intensity cardio lessons before working out the waist. 

Instead, if you train in the gym regularly, but you still can’t see results at the waist, it could mean you have to take a break. As the personal trainer explains, when the body is subjected to a state of excessive stress, there is an excessive production of cortisone which in turn causes fat to accumulate around the waist. In these cases, following a yoga class or massaging the area allows the body to rest and restore its chemical balance.

The exercises you can do to slim down your life 

To make life thinner, we can perform many exercises that you can do at home. All the muscles of the abdomen can be trained, with very simple movements taken from the various disciplines, such as yoga or gentle exercise.
Here are the sequences you can perform to train the waist recommended by coaches. Always remember that before starting any sporting activity it is advisable to consult your doctor to evaluate your clinical situation with him, to avoid any risks to your health

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