The risks of fast weight loss diets for your health

The risks of fast weight loss diets for your health

The risks of fast weight loss diets for your health
Taking a diet requires willingness and patience. And rather than following a diet that involves slow weight loss over time, we often prefer fast weight loss diets , do-it-yourself diets , ignoring almost, or almost all, the dangers our body and our health in general run.
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But what are the risks that lie behind DIY diets?

First of all, eating too little or too much . In fact, many choose the way of fasting and allow themselves a few blanched and plain vegetables , some instead simply skip lunch , but then at dinner they also devour the table.
risks that lie behind DIY diets?
These behaviors can cause very serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies , both due to insufficient intake and to alterations of normal intestinal transit.
Many even go as far as depriving themselves of the pleasure of going out with friends for an aperitif or a pizza , such is the fear of striking. Nothing could be more wrong!

No to fast and punitive slimming diets

An overly punitive diet can also be the cause of mental illnesses , such as depression.
Another defect of DIY diets is that most of the time they are unbalanced, monotonous and above all poor in those nutrients that are essential for our body

The yo-yo effect is around the corner

Among the classic risks of a wrong diet , there is fast weight loss during the restrictive period but then the lost pounds are quickly recovered: it’s called the yo-yo effect .
An overly drastic regime, in fact, is impossible to follow for a long time and, as soon as you get tired and go back to eating more, here is the accordion effect.
Immediately recover all the pounds lost with so much effort, often with the addition of interest!

Fast weight loss diets: also enemies of your beauty

But the problems do not end there.
Among the possible risks that a DIY diet can involve, there is also the loss of vigor and radiance of skin and hair , which become dry and dull.
And also the risk of making proper eating habits incorrect : we learn nothing from a diet that claims to make us achieve results in a few days, depriving us of an endless series of foods and giving us a lot of stress .

Healthy and balanced diet importance

In fact, a diet , which is based on the model of the Mediterranean diet , the ‘ nutrition education is the foundation of our health and our mental and physical wellbeing and is a principle from which you just can not ignore.
It is important to make complete, regular, healthy and balanced meals , eating a little of everything in the right amounts and proportions, set yourself achievable goals and avoid getting caught in a hurry, thus resorting to flash diets that risk depriving us of essential nutrients our health.
In addition to DIY diets , there are other diets, some of which are very well known, which are passed off as miraculous and above all healthy, but which have little miracle and health.

6 fast but not very healthy weight loss diets

1 – Scarsdale diets

Scarsdale diets
This diet was proposed by Dr. Scarsdale , American cardiologist, who during the Vietnam War observed that prisoners subjected to a restrictive diet were better at the cardiovascular level than well-fed soldiers.
Dr. Scarsdale then came to the conclusion that hyponutrition promotes health and makes him lose weight .
His diet allows you to lose a pound a day and up to 10 pounds in two weeks , always and when you follow the diet properly, although it is important not to follow it for more than two weeks.

How does it work?

It is based on the principle that, by taking more protein, less sugar and less fat, the body has to use its reserves and this will make you lose weight.

Scarsdale Diet: weekly menu

It is forbidden to drink alcohol , the only drinks allowed are water, coffee and tea (without milk or sugar). You can drink as much as you want.
Only one celery or carrot is allowed between meals. Banned oil, butter and any other type of fat-based dressing, only lemon and vinegar are allowed.
The meat must be very lean and prepared without fat or oil.

Defects of the Scardale diet

It limits the consumption of carbohydrates , so it is inadequate for people who practice a lot of sports.
Furthermore, it provides only between 800 and 1200 calories a day and this can create different health problems, such as decompensation in people with diabetes.
The low caloric intake translates into a weight reduction based on the loss of muscle mass and water, instead of body fat.

2 – Blood group diet

Blood group diet
Diet created by American doctor, states that the 4 blood groups (0, A, B and AB) were formed during the evolution of the species and that, consequently, each of them reflects food attitudes of human beings.

Blood group diet menu

For people with blood type 0 , it is recommended to consume food of animal origin, such as meat. Instead , it is good to reduce dairy products , legumes and cereals such as wheat and wheat. Furthermore, it is advised to carry out regular physical activity, even heavy.
People with blood group A , which appeared when man invented agriculture , must favor vegetable proteins by limiting the consumption of meat and dairy products . A light and relaxing physical activity is recommended, such as yoga .
The blood type B are nomads, so people who have this blood type easily adapt to any kind of power, and their power is recommended ranges (meat, fish, vegetables, grains). However, foods rich in sugars and preservatives are not recommended. Since the nomads have a lot of time available during their trips, this diet includes physical activities with a reasonable mental effort, such as tennis.
The AB blood group is understood as the enigmatic, located on the highest step of the evolutionary ladder. From a nutritional point of view, it is positioned halfway between group A and group B: those who have this group must therefore follow a balanced and varied diet without exaggerating with dairy products.

Defects in the blood group diet

The scientific assumptions of the blood group ‘s diet are highly questionable (not to mention absent), so rather than a diet it seems like a kind of food horoscope, from the series: if you are a fish you would do well to eat fish.

3 – Timelessness diet

Timelessness diet
For who? For those who want to redesign their silhouette by slimming in a targeted way

Crononutrizione: how it works

It’s about adapting the power supply to your biological clock , to guarantee the body what it needs just when it needs it.
It is a diet that does not prohibit any type of food.
Fats are reserved for breakfast
lunch will be full of energy
the afternoon snack will be sweet, to respond to the requests of the brain
dinner will be light.

Diet menu Crononutrizione

Breakfast: a slice of cereal bread + butter + a piece of cheese + a sugar-free tea or coffee.
Lunch: chicken fillet + brown rice + a seasonal fruit.
Afternoon snack: a handful of dried fruit or a square of dark chocolate.
Dinner: a baked fish + steamed vegetables + fruit salad (dessert is optional).

Diet defects

It is a diet with very few calories, therefore not suitable for sports people.

4 – Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

How does it work

The Dukan diet is a hyper-protein regime that is divided into 4 phases.
cruise: hyper-protein meals alternate with a food balance, to reach the ideal weight a little at a time.
consolidation: return to normality with the introduction of small ‘pleasures’ and ‘special’ meals.
stabilization: to avoid taking back the lost pounds, one day a week is devoted to pure proteins.

Dukan diet: example of a menu

Attack phase:
Breakfast: 1 or 2 low-fat yoghurts + one oat cake
snack: a homemade pudding
lunch: Surimi + lean meat + low-fat yogurt
dinner: tuna + curry mussels + a slice of cheesecake

Defects in the Dukan diet

Since this diet is based on the almost exclusive consumption of proteins, the risk of having vitamin and mineral deficiencies is very high, in fact in many cases it is recommended to take food supplements.
In addition, eggs and meat consumed in large quantities can increase blood cholesterol levels. There is also the risk of:
have digestive problems (especially in the first phase)
a certain sense of fatigue caused by rapid weight loss.

5 – Zone diet

Zone diet

Zone Diet: what it is

A diet low in calories and carbohydrates is expected , with structured meals (500 k / cal per meal, 100 Kcal for breakfast) and regular (every 3 – 5 hours).
The portions of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids are calculated based on each other.

Example of Zone Diet menu

Breakfast: 30 g of yogurt + 2 egg whites and vegetables + 1 fruit salad
snack: 1 low-fat yogurt + almonds
lunch: 1 slice of wholemeal bread + a tuna salad + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + a bunch of grapes
dinner: 1 grilled pork fillet + steamed green beans
snack: 1 serving of low-fat cheese + an orange.

Zone diet defects

It is an unbalanced diet , better not to follow it for long!

6 – Fiber diet, or star diet

Star diet: how it works

The fiber diet favors, as its name indicates, the consumption of fiber (30 – 35 grams per day) in spite of sugars and fats.
Why so many fibers? In addition to not being caloric, the fibers have the power to accelerate the feeling of satiety, slow the passage of sugar in the blood and reduce the rate of “bad” fats in the stomach, facilitating their elimination.

Example of a star diet menu

Breakfast : a cup of whole grains and skim milk + a tea without sugar
Lunch : steamed vegetables + chicken fillet + low-fat yogurt + seasonal fruit
Afternoon snack : 1 handful of almonds or 3 dried apricots
Dinner: endive salad, walnuts and vinaigrette + cod fillet + low-fat cheese + 200 g of strawberries.


It is contraindicated in case of intestinal disorders .

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