Diet for Perfect Skin: 8 ideal foods

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Diet for Perfect Skin: 8 foods to bring to the table

Diet for Perfect Skin: 8 ideal foods

Eating well is essential for your health, but also to be more beautiful! To have glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails , it is important to feed yourself in a healthy way, drink a lot and play sports. Hi, they are foods, especially fruit and vegetables with their load of Vitamins,able to illuminate your complexion , to make your skin more elastic, in short, to preserve your beauty as well as your health!

8 anti-aging foods to include in your diet to have perfect skin

1- The egg yolk to strengthen the nails

The egg yolk to strengthen the nails

The secret to beautiful hands? Neat nails ! If you have brittle nails, fill up on the  vitamain B6 that you will find in the egg yolk. Make yourself a nice omelette or a salad by adding an egg yolk
Egg recipes are so many ! The yolk contains, in addition to proteins, also fats and vitamins, in particular the A and D that help to strengthen weak nails.
Tip: why not try quail eggs that are lighter, less caloric and do not contain LDL (bad) cholesterol ? The quail egg yolk has much more phosphorus , more iron, more vitamins B1 and B12 and more zinc: a small egg with great benefits.
You can cook them with the pan and add them to your salad.  They are excellent and have very few calories: an egg weighs more or less 20 grams and contains only 30 calories !

2- The avocado gives you a more elastic skin

avocado give elastic skin

Avocado is one of the best anti-aging foods : it ensures a luminous and hydrated skin because it contains unsaturated fatty acids and above all it is rich in  vitamin E , which helps your skin to be more elastic.
So yes to the avocado  to  eat 1 or 2 times a week , but no more because it is true that it is good for the skin but it is quite caloric ( 160 calories / 100 g)  .
You can indulge in preparing exotic salads or you can eat it  instead of meat  twice a week.

3- Walnuts for healthy and radiant skin

Walnuts for healthy and radiant skin

Stock up on fatty acids, essential nutrients for beautiful skin, because they protect you from the harmful effects of the sun and pollution and improve tissue elasticity. 
Eating 4 nuts a day  is a great solution because they are rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and  omega 3  and 6. Be careful  not to abuse it,  because  100g of nuts contain 582 calories .

4- Dandelion against water retention

Dandelion against water retention

Rich in  diuretic and detoxifying propertiesdandelion   is the necessary ingredient for the natural elimination of excess water mass.

This helps prevent skin blemishes, such as  cellulite  and prevents swelling of the legs.
Calories?  Only 36 cal / 100g .

5- Blueberries for a young skin!

Blueberries for a young skin!

Eat blueberries  and you will have “young” skin forever! It is not a legend, because it is known that the consumption of blueberries tones the blood vessels,  improves microcirculation  and brings oxygen to the tissues, favoring their regeneration.
This  is why  blueberry is a fruit recommended for those who have problems with circulation in their legs.
You can have fun eating it with a low-fat yogurt or fruit salad. It is a very convenient fruit to take with you and to eat as a snack … one by one!
It contains only 45 calories per 100 g .

6- Tomatoes protect you from sunlight

Tomatoes protect you from sunlight

The tomato is very rich in lycopene, an  antioxidant  that protects the cells from the action of free radicals and therefore puts your skin away from ultraviolet rays.

This is why tomatoes are  the ideal ally against wrinkles  and skin blemishes.
They are ideal skin foods that you should never give up!
In addition to being low in calories (20 calories per 100 grams of cherry tomatoes), they are refreshing and there are many ways to eat them.  Raw in salads or as a condiment  for pasta dishes,  cold  or  hot.
Tomatoes are the richest source of lycopene: a powerful antioxidant that helps  protect against the action of free radicals
This antioxidant is not lost during the cooking of the tomato, on the contrary it is also present in the sauce, therefore even when cooked the tomato maintains all its beneficial effects unchanged.

7- The leeks for a flat stomach

The leeks for a flat stomach

Do you dream of a flat stomach and healthy, glowing skin? What are you waiting to put leeks on the table  ?
In Italy, the leek is not very successful, yet it is a vegetable with a thousand virtues, perfect for those on a  diet.
The high fiber content   makes it one of the most suitable foods to promote intestinal transit.
Thanks to its laxative and diuretic properties it helps eliminate abdominal swelling and give us a  flat stomach .
You can add it to soups, soups, rice, or you can eat it raw in salads or baked.
Calories? Very few! About 30 per 100 g. The leek is also  rich in vitamin A  and has a moderate content of vitamin C and B and silica, which helps to give elasticity to bones and skin.

8- Green tea strengthens the hair

Green tea strengthens the hair

The benefits of green tea for your body’s health are numerous.
On the beauty front, thanks to its  vitamin and antioxidant propertiesgreen tea  is a valid ally for the health of your hair, because it strengthens them and  prevents them from falling .
It is generally  recommended to take 2 cups a day  to feel the positive effects.

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