2020 wellness trends

2020 wellness trends: all the news to improve mind and body

The greatest 2020 wellness trends are truly innovative. From the data of online research, of Google Trend, it emerged that people will require more and more help to technology and that they will want to live unique experiences, to improve physical and mental well-being. Here are the wellness news, which we can try next year.

1. The sound bath 

Meditation and awareness training have become increasingly popular among people who want to deal with anxiety and stress, and next year the tendency will be to achieve healthy healing through sound bathing. The latter is a relaxing session, during which crystal bowls or instruments tuned to specific frequencies emit sweet sounds that ease tensions.
These frequencies are said to trigger certain areas of the brain, which help to relax. The sound bath is often combined with meditation and yoga practices.
The sound bath, as experts report, turns on the alpha and theta brain waves. Alpha waves are known to increase creativity and suppress depression, while theta brain waves are primarily activated when we sleep and are the brain’s gateway to learning and memory.

2. Applications to practice breathing

Among the 2020 wellness trends there will also be applications to train breathing, which will be increasingly in demand. Studies have shown that practicing only 25 minutes of breathing techniques can calm the mind, improve cognitive function and increase energy levels, which is why it is so important in activities like yoga. In the form of an app, we can perform this exercise more easily, both on the way to work (if we travel by train for example) or just before going to bed.

3. Skin care with CBD

The demand for CBD-based skin care products has increased worldwide. The latter is a cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive cannabis or hemp strain – it therefore has a different origin from marijuana and does not contain THC (the psychotropic part) obtained from the plant.
CBD is used for its therapeutic properties ; available in drops and also in edible form, this principle is specifically used in skin care products, in case of inflammation.
For example, those who suffer from problems such as acne prefer to use CBD as it soothes the skin, reduces redness and promotes cell renewal. It is believed that CBD is also a good anti-aging ingredient because it is an antioxidant (before trying to use a CBD-based product, always ask your doctor or professional for advice, avoiding DIY in any case).

4. Retreats for wellness

The concept of leave will become more and more aimed at the recovery of one’s time , turning into conscious withdrawals, focused on physical and mental well-being. Here the favorite destinations next year will be distant, silent places, where you can practice disciplines from yoga to meditation, up to Ayurvedic practices. Destinations such as Morocco, India; but also calm places in Italy – from the mountains of Trentino to the nature of the Veneto – will become increasingly popular stays.

5. Virtual Wellness

The lack of time will no longer be a good excuse for not taking care of yourself in 2020. Virtual wellness will become more and more popular, allowing people to improve their well-being even remotely , doing relaxation sessions wherever we are. Virtual well-being opens the door to the possibility of constant wellbeing, even at home.
For this purpose, you can use the futuristic interactive wellness mirrors, which can show yoga or pilates exercises to do in the bedroom. Other options, which are already well established, include interactive wellness magazines or meditation apps – which will increasingly become an integral part of our lives.

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