Sports for Children how to choose best one

Sports for Children tips to choose best one
Sports for Children

Sports for children : necessary, indispensable. Nothing more than sport helps children stay active. Teach them to be in a group and prepare them to face life’s challenges in the right way . This is why physical activity is an excellent ally to discharge and regenerate , especially in the moments that are most challenging for them or full of changes and novelties.
It is important, therefore, to encourage the child to choose a sport that helps him to distract himself, to carve out moments for himself and to make new friends, also teaching him to dose study and leisure time .
Not all sports are suitable for everyone!  To choose the right one, many factors must be taken into account : age, build, character and, of course, the child’s personal preferences.
If your child loves tennis , chances are he won’t get passionate if you force him to do a swimming lesson week! Likewise, if your child is a bit lazy, nothing will distance him more from the sport than to enroll him in a course he doesn’t like!
Consider your passions and you will make him happy. 

Sports for children for the spirit

Sport is not just movements, but also offers mental training.  A physical exercise, individual or group, helps your child to compare himself with others and teach him to persevere , to overcome himself … According to his personality and the chosen activity.
Sport teaches self-control to unrestrained children , confidence in the timid , courage and determination to the fearful , team spirit to individualists .

The choice must be made according to the character of the child, with the aim of helping him to overcome his difficulties.
Collective sports , or contact sports , are suitable for fearful children who do not trust themselves.

Individual sports are recommended for children who are never still .

Technical sports (tennis …) allow introverted children to express themselves .
Here is a small table of the most popular sports that will help you to orient yourself better in your choice. 

Benefits of sports for children

It is now known that sport is good for the child . The positive aspects are numerous. On the physical level it helps muscular and cardiac development while   on the psychological level it develops control, confidence and autonomy but also sociability and team spirit . There are very few contraindications and even asthmatic or diabetic children can practice regular sports .

Sports for children: how to choose

Whether practiced as a hobby or in competition , sport must remain a pleasure for children. It is therefore essential to choose an activity that the child likes and that suits his personality and abilities . If your child is shy, a sport like judo or karate can help him have more confidence in himself.
If you have a very independent child , you can propose an activity such as gymnastics,fencing , swimming or horse riding. Is he hyperactive?  choose activities like cycling , judo or athletics. A team sport, on the other hand, will teach him the respect of his companions and his opponents .

In any case it is very important to let your child choose the sport he wants to practice.

Sports for children: at what age to start

Although there are courses like baby swimming , the practice of sport starts at 6 years old .

Sports for children between 6 and 8 years : children can start an individual activity such as gymnastics, swimming, skiing or dancing. 
Sports for children ages 8 and up : at this age children can play team sports (football, basketball, handball, rugby ..) and disciplines that require coordination, such as tennis or judo.
But it is between 8 and 13 years that children have the greatest capacity to learn. Not only can they develop elasticity and a sense of balance , but also resistance .

What precautions

Even if sport is important for the child, it is good to avoid over-training and favor controlled activities, for example those practiced in sports clubs.
It is advisable to limit the duration of the activity between 4 and 6 hours a week for children aged 8 and between 6 and 8 hours for children 12 and older . In order not to tire them out, it can be useful to alternate individual sports and team sports.

We need to impose sports activities on our children

Parents should never impose a sport on their child. If they force it, there is a risk that it will start to hate sport.

How to help him choose the activity

Between 5 and 10 years , children are very versatile, so you have to let them try according to their desire. For example, after the world cup , all the boys dream of becoming footballers and it is good to go along with them. The important thing is that, once the child has chosen his sport, he is ready to commit himself to learn it, step by step. We are not born champions , but with constancy, proceeding step by step, we can become it!

Which criterion is the most important

The child must be able to savor success in sport because he has only one idea in mind: win! Whether against his parents or against his friends, he is ready to do anything to win, even to cheat! Keep this rule in mind when addressing it to one or the other sport.
If your child is overweight and practices soccer or athletics he will always be the last one, he will be badly seen by his companions or he will live badly the time he dedicates to sport. If you swim, it could be the fastest! Help him choose a sport in which he can feel winning !
If your child is shy , he prefers a team sport. It is easier to digest a defeat together with the whole team than alone.
In short, guide your child towards the most appropriate sport for him, the one most in line with his tastes and temperament and able to make the most of his potential!

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