Sport or diet to regain form?

Sport or diet to regain form?

Sport or diet to regain form?
Sport or diet to regain form?
Sport or diet to regain form ? We will help you understand which path is best suited to your needs. Between sport and diet , what is the right program to regain form? It is the classic question that everyone asks when they decide that the time has come to lose weight .

Sports or diet: the program for you

We at Melarossa always recommend combining diet and sport because regular physical activity combined with a healthy diet is the key to having a beautiful and healthy body. But if you want to understand which of the two programs is best suited to your specific needs to devote more effort to it, here are our tips.

Lean mass

If to “lose weight” you mean “dry yourself” , then sport is certainly more effective. With physical activity you will develop your muscle mass , that is to say the lean mass, and you will lose fat mass. But know that you will not lose weight , indeed, do not be frightened if you see a few extra pounds appear on the scale : the muscle is heavier than fat !

Lose weight

If you decide to follow a weight loss diet you can lose weight, but it is impossible for you to be able to have a more important muscle mass, unless you combine a targeted training program with your diet. Sports or diet alone are not enough to achieve complete and meaningful results, it is important to know why  which program to focus on depends on your goal.
Lose weight
Sports or diet, however, it is very important to calculate your body mass index to determine if you have a suitable weight compared to your structure.
Also remember that if you stop doing sports , the results you have achieved so far will fly away: maybe not immediately, but over a period of time that depends on your story, your sporting past, the activity you have chosen to practice and the power you followed.
If instead you stop following the diet because you have achieved your goal, you will be able to maintain your results and not regain weight only  if you have learned to eat healthy.  Moreover, the primary purpose of a diet is precisely to educate about healthy eating , so that eating well becomes a constant throughout life.

When is sport recommended?

There are several benefits to developing your muscle mass. The silhouette is transformed and is more toned, you look leaner because the muscle is heavier than fat . You cannot lose weight without changing your diet, but you can change your appearance without losing weight on the scale , or even by taking a few pounds. It is possible in fact that with sport you lose a size (which is more or less equal to 4 kilos), without losing a gram on the scale so the effect on the silhouette is undeniable.
There is also a long-term effect. During sports, the body burns calories and the more muscular the body the more it burns calories even while sleeping. It is for this reason that, once the diet is over, it is advisable to start or continue to play sports, because physical activity helps nourish muscle mass, so it allows you to burn more calories.


Let us take 2 people of the same age, of the same sex and of the same stature: the first is more muscular, the other much less. The muscular person will need to eat more than the other, without gaining weight but only to maintain his balance of life, because sport increases the basic metabolism, therefore more health and less stress!
Sport or weight loss diet?

Sport or weight loss diet?

If your goal is to lose weight, it is essential that you follow a food plan that teaches you to eat healthy. If you want to combine your diet with some sporting activity – and we at Melarossa suggest doing so – for example, start with a walking program or a sport that helps you become aware of your body like gyrotonic or pilates .
The first step to getting better is radically changing the way you feed yourself. It is a path of food education to be pursued throughout life.
By eating better, you will reach your ideal weight and you will undoubtedly improve your health. Not only! You will feel less tired and with more energy . And if after a few months you will do blood tests, you will notice an improvement in cholesterol , triglycerides and blood sugar levels.
With sport, the goal you can achieve is more long-term: stronger bones and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease .

But is dieting depressing?

The diet should not be interpreted as a punishment or a sacrifice, rather it must be the beginning of a new lifestyle .
What to do? Try to change perspective and think about this path as an opportunity to feel good. And do not deprive yourself of a little gratification if you feel like it: better give yourself a dessert every now and lose weight more slowly rather than face the diet with the Mago.
You can also have the feeling of  eating more than before  because a food program teaches you to divide meals well throughout the day , to combine food in the right way, to measure out the condiments , so if you respect it you can lose weight even by eating more !
Diet or sport: what counts is constancy and motivation

Diet or sport: what counts is constancy and motivation

If you have many pounds to lose , it is important not to be discouraged if at some point the weight loss slows down . Unfortunately it is quite common that, after long periods of hypocaloric diet, there is stasis. Your body is “programmed” to maintain fat supplies. As you reach  your healthy weight it  is more difficult to lose weight.
However, it is essential to compare yourself with friends and family , which can be a valid support: you must be proud to start such an important path of change, so share it with your family, read testimonials . And go to Facebook groups to find people who have the same goal and, above all, have fun eating, cooking and rediscovering the taste of food.
In short, the answer is: no, it is not depressing to follow a food program, in fact, eating healthy can also help you find a smile! Some psychologists treat their patients with omega 3 because it has been shown to be as effective as antidepressants but without the side effects.

Sport or diet: at what pace?

Sport or diet : the essential is to establish achievable goals and a routine to integrate into your daily life without distorting it. If you set yourself a sporting rhythm of 4 times a week, you must maintain the constancy to get results.
In both cases, long-term constancy is to be recommended!
If you choose a sports program , the minimum is to dedicate at least half an hour a day: you can take a brisk walk or house cleaning , go up the stairs, etc. If you can add an hour of sports 3-4 times per week is even better! Of course, check your general health before starting the program.
For the diet, on the other hand, the Melarossa program assumes a drop of one kilo per week as the maximum goal, but a steady drop of even a pound is certainly a success. Slow and steady goes healthy and goes far!

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