How to use heart rate to lose weight

How to use heart rate to lose weight

How to use heart rate to | lose weight

How to use heart rate to lose weight

Can you use your heart rate to lose weight? Of course, it is enough to know how to use it and, above all, to have the right tools to monitor it. Like the heart rate monitors, for example.
Physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, is essential to get back in shape, but in itself it is not enough: it is essential to understand which activity is most suitable for you and, above all, to know how to use your heart rate to lose weight.
We have also posted on this blog the differences between running and walking to lose weight  and, in general, what benefits are obtained from a workout based on heart rate. Now let’s see, more specifically, how to use heart rate monitoring to lose weight.

Cardio zones and fat-burning heart rate

To lose weight it is important to  work in an aerobic regime , maintaining a heart rate of around 60-70% of the maximum heart rate, a limit beyond which your body starts consuming sugar instead of burning fat.
In terms of heart zones , it means that you will have to stay between zone 1 and zone 3 . To know that heart rate zone you are training, you will need a heart rate monitor equipped with wrist sensor  or a chest heart rate monitor . The important thing is to set your cardio zones correctly on monitor Connect before you start. Then your monitor will tell you if, indeed, you have worked in a cardiac area useful to your goal.
wrist sensor
Having said that, we cannot however overlook one consideration: if it is true that aerobic training (that of a run, a walk, a ride on a plain bike, a spinning lesson) helps you burn fat, it is also true that this happens mainly during the activity and the beneficial effect is exhausted in a short period of time .
To obtain greater results it is advisable to combine resistance with high intensity exercises (with heart rate in zone 4 or 5): training increasing the heart rate sends the hypothalamus the signal of a greater expenditure of energy and therefore causes our body to burn fat not only during the activity but also in the specific hours .

Lose weight with running: what are the workouts and what is the heart rate to maintain to burn fat?

If you have decided to start running to lose weight you have to take advantage of your heart rate. The training that will allow you to obtain the best results is the medium varied or the progressive race . The basic idea is to alternate fractions of slow running with moderate heart rate and stretching or rhythm changes that can increase the heart rate. You will pass from a cardio zone between 2 and 3 to one between 4 and 5, and in a single workout you will have combined low and high intensity jobs. The perfect mix of heart rate for weight loss by burning fat.
Lose weight with running
If you want weight loss to be continuous and constant, gradually increase your speed. As you train, you will notice less and less effort and greater resistance: that is when you need to raise the bar to allow your body to continue burning fat.

Heart rate for weight loss with gym training

If you don’t like to run but have decided to do physical activity to lose weight, then another type of training will be useful, the so-called HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training). Even in this case, however, it is essential to correctly dose the heart rate to lose weight.
The HIIT, as the name implies, is a high intensity interval training similar to the Tabata Training , which consists of alternating 30 seconds of exercises that increase the heart rate , such as shots or strength exercises, to 1 minute of aerobic activity that lowers it , like a walk or an exercise bike. Heart rate changes will allow you to burn fat more quickly than with aerobic activity alone.
weight loss with gym training
Before starting, take about ten minutes to warm up, to gradually increase your heart rate and not subject your heart to sudden, intense or prolonged stress. Start from an exercise with heart rate between 50% and 65% of the maximum heart rate, and keep this level of intensity for 2-3 minutes, after which you follow a high intensity exercise until you reach about 80% of FCmax.
Alternate the two exercises for a total time of about 20 minutes .
You will see: with a heart rate monitor on your wrist and the analysis of heart rate monitor Connect data you will only need a little time to notice the first results.

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