How to lose weight:balance between sport and nutrition

How to lose weight: find your balance between sport and nutrition

How to lose weight
Lose weught tips
Many of us will have experienced how difficult it is to reduce body fat and achieve maximum fitness at the same time. So how to lose weight? 
To lose excess fat, you must definitely introduce fewer calories and practice physical activity constantly and, above all, the right one for you. 

What you must not do 

First of all, absolutely avoid sudden and impromptu diets. Losing weight fast only hurts, calories are too drastically reduced and nutrient intake may not be enough to support our body. 
Do not cut calories too quickly  it can also negatively affect hormones and metabolism. 
Furthermore, losing too fast causes the loss of lean mass, especially muscle tissue. 
In fact, when you do not take enough calories to meet the needs that each of us needs, the body gets them on its own, destroying muscle tissue to produce glucose.
The latter serves for the functioning of various organs, such as the brain. 
If you lose muscle mass then it becomes difficult to recover it, even if you exercise regularly.

The choice of the right sport 

choice of right sport
In addition to following an adequate diet, in order to lose weight we also need physical activity suitable for our weight loss. 
You should know that there are some differences between a cardio type workout and a weight training. 
In general, more calories can be burned during a cardio-type workout than weight training for the same physical effort. 
Although weight training does not burn so many calories, the latter has other important benefits – for example, it is more effective in muscle development. 
If you don’t know which activity to start practicing, here is the top ten of fat burning sports .  

How to really lose weight: balance sport and diet 

It is not possible to obtain a body in excellent shape with just training or diet alone , because our body is governed by numerous biochemical and physiological processes. 
Therefore, it is essential to create a balance between these two things, in order to provide the right stimuli to our metabolism.
The goal should not be weight loss, understood as the mere reduction of weight on the scale, but rather to increase muscle mass and decrease excess fat (fat mass). 
The latter is that extra layer of fat, compared to the percentage of lipids our body needs. 
So, to get good results, you should combine a food program that is appropriate for your current physical form and practice a workout that is within your reach.

How to improve our weight loss program 

How to improve weight loss program
To improve the results of your program, it is recommended to do physical activity away from meals, to ensure that the body takes the necessary energy from fat reserves. 
To achieve maximum results, in terms of improving physical fitness, it is suggested to practice a combination of different sports if possible
From those of resistance (running, cycling, swimming) to activities that develop coordination (dance, volleyball, basketball, tennis). You can also add weight activities. 
The important thing is to contact an experienced personal trainer, who will be able to help you create your fitness program, without forgetting, that you can also work out at home. 
Furthermore, it is important to play the sport regularly, to keep the metabolism active and fast. 
Finally, follow an appropriate diet without too many sugars and fats, with a good protein intake from animal and vegetable sources, and drink plenty of water.
The important thing is not to make the most common mistake or to exaggerate. 
You can not carry out diets too privative to lose weight or excessive to increase muscle mass.
Training that is too intense, which can cause long-term damage, should also be avoided.

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