How to get a Flat Stomach

How to have a flat belly foods and tips for eliminating abdominal fat

How to get a Flat belly
How to get a Flat Stomach

Do you want to have a flat stomach but don’t know how to do it? Most of the times it is enough to follow a correct diet: here are what are recommended foods and those to avoid to combat swelling and abdominal fat.
It is useless to deny it, having a flat stomach and a screaming body is everyone’s dream, but to say goodbye to those too many too many and to the unsightly handles of love, thus transforming desire into reality, it is necessary to make some small sacrifices at the table . The ideal remedy to eliminate abdominal fat is to consume a lot of fiber and the reason is very simple, it is a nutrient that helps fight bloating and constipation. Here are the foods to eat and those to avoid to lose weight at the hips and stomach.
Having a flat stomach is the dream of many and many. In the bad season however it is easy to abandon oneself more often to the sins of gluttony, thus losing the flat stomach painfully conquered just before the summer. And what to do when you want to find the shape in a short time, maybe to be able to wear that beautiful dress again that we like so much?

Flat belly in a week 

Below you will find some tips for a flat stomach in just one week.

First of all a warning: as it is easy to understand, in a week it is possible to remedy only situations of moderate overweight or abdominal bloating, so do not expect miracles: if your problem is a little more than a modest overweight, a week is not enough not even remotely. In that case, hoping to get rid of many pounds in seven days is a real utopia, as well as a potentially harmful for the physical and for the metabolism. Consequently, you must always rely on the expert opinion of a dietician and a specialist.

The approach to be followed has to be as integrated as possible: first of all it will be necessary to check the feeding to find out which foods tend to swell the abdomen, simply because they are capable of producing a lot of air at the intestinal level; after which it will be good to face a good aerobic and abdominal training.

Feeding for a flat stomach

Who has never suffered from abdominal bloating? Behind the swollen belly you can hide slow digestion or intestinal problems but most of the time it is only the result of a bad diet. If you want to say goodbye to the unsightly abdominal fat , it is necessary to follow a series of very precise measures capable of fighting constipation, improving digestion and awakening the intestine. It is advisable to start the day with a nutritious, fiber-rich breakfast , the perfect nutrients to promote intestinal transit, therefore based on products such as kiwi, apples, persimmons, low-fat yogurt and green tea. At lunch it  would be preferable to eat brown rice with boiled fennel, salad and vegetables, while adinner, you could bet on a soup of pumpkin and peas with toasted wholemeal bread. You should not then give up snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon, perhaps indulging in fruit, herbal tea, fennel, a centrifuge, walnuts, and lastly you need to drink a lot, to be precise, at least two liters of water a day, so as to limit the formation of fat in the abdominal area. The 5 daily meals are essential to keep the metabolism always active and not to get too hungry for the main ones. If even by eating healthily the problem is not solved, it would be good to evaluate possible food intolerances or contact a doctor.

Foods to eliminate abdominal fat

In spite of what one might think, eating in a healthy way to have a flat stomach does not mean living with starvation, so many foods are allowed. In the diet to combat abdominal fat you can give the green light to proteins, therefore to white meats , eggs and lean fish but also to cheeses , as long as they are very seasoned like the grana cheese and the 36 month Parmesan, the seasoning is like if the lactose contained in them disappears. Potatoes and tapioca are very suitable , as long as they are not exaggerated because they contain many starches, while as regards the fruitBananas, melon, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, berries, passion fruit and citrus fruits are recommended. When it comes to vegetables , you can eat zucchini, carrots, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, green leafy vegetables, turnip, radishes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes, while for spices it would be better to use turmeric, black pepper, red pepper, cinnamon and ginger. How to sweeten dishes without using white sugar? Using stevia and maple syrup.

Flat Stomach: foods to avoid

The most difficult part of fighting abdominal fat is eliminating certain foods from your daily routine. After excluding possible intolerances, it is necessary, for example, to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates, therefore of pasta , white bread , pizzas and foods with high glycemic index since they favor intestinal fermentation and the formation of gas. The ideal is to replace these products with something complete and unrefined. Carbohydrates are also present in legumes but eliminating the skin that covers them will prevent the formation of gas in the stomach. To avoid, the precooked and industrial production foods, the sausagesand cured meats, except for bresaola once a week, chewing gum, candies, white sugar , sweeteners and fried foods , which must be eaten at most twice a month as long as they are cooked with extra virgin olive oil. Even carbonated drinks , fruit juices, beer and spirits are to be banned, you can enjoy a glass of red wine a day during meals. The consumption of salt must be limited, perhaps it can be substituted with spices and aromatic herbs, as well as that of cereals wheat, barley, spelled, khorasan, rye, triticale, spelled, contain the gluten that inflames the intestine.

Exercises to have a flat stomach in a week

Exercises to have a flat stomach in a week

There are specific exercises to strengthen the abdominal wall and hips, the sore point of many women. These too will have to be performed at least three or four times during our flat-belly week.

They will be good for, for example: the bicycle crunch or the side crunch. Exercises to have a flat stomach in a week.

Bicycle Crunch: on your stomach, put your hands behind your head, with your elbows out. Performing the normal abdominal bending, the legs are also raised reproducing a fake pedaling in mid-air.

Lateral crunch: very suitable for women, as it works directly on the hips and ensures good results in a short time. Start by lying down right on your hips, with your legs slightly bent. Then lift your torso very slowly, tilting it to one side. Hands should be kept behind the head, so five repetitions per side are performed at least three times a week.

Some tips to get rid of the stomach

All those who want to have an impeccable body can follow a series of tips to have a flat stomach . It is enough to put in place a series of small tricks in everyday life to achieve incredible results in a short time. Here’s what you need to do:
Practicing physical activity – Eating healthily is not the only thing to do when you want to have a flat stomach, you must also give yourself physical activity with some regularity. The ideal would be to focus on high intensity workouts like crossfit but also cycling and running are great.
Combat stress – Although it seems to be absolutely unrelated, stress can promote abdominal bloating as it stimulates cortisol production, increasing appetite. Only by fighting, trying to relax, you can say goodbye to nervous hunger attacks.
Take protein  – Proteins repair muscles from minor traumas caused by training, prevent hunger and are digested more slowly than carbohydrates. Taking them in large quantities helps to keep the sense of satiety under control.
Abound with fiber – Anyone who wants to say goodbye to bacon and abdominal fat would do well to abound with fiber-rich foods. These are nutrients that, by requiring greater chewing, slow down digestion, thus increasing the sense of satiety. As if that were not enough, they also favor the correct functioning of the intestine.
Take a walk every day – Physical activity should not be practiced only when you go to the gym but also on the remaining days of the week, especially when you want to eliminate visceral fat. The ideal remedy is therefore to take a daily walk of 45-60 minutes to activate the metabolism and release stress.
Focus on high-intensity workouts – Visceral fat can be eliminated through high-intensity aerobic exercise, which is any type of training that increases heart rate. Whether it’s running, cycling, swimming or crossfit, it doesn’t matter, it’s an effective remedy for losing weight in the abdominal area.
Weight training – When it comes to training, you can also focus on weight lifting, a useful activity to increase your metabolism and build muscle. This is a resistance workout that allows you to burn calories even after you have finished doing sports. What’s more, it is ideal for sculpting the body when weight is lost.
Give preference to polyunsaturated fats – It is now known that there are “good” and “bad” fats and those who want to dispose of visceral fat should bet everything on polyunsaturated fats to follow a healthy and slimming diet. Of course, they must be consumed with a certain moderation, but every now and then you can allow yourself a small sin of gluttony.

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