Coconut water,how to use it? Properties and benefits of beauty

What it is

Coconut water, how to use it? Properties and benefits
Coconut water Properties and benefits

Coconut water is a completely natural drink , obtained by extracting the liquid present in coconuts younger, still green. The best coconut water is of biological origin and does not contain any kind of dyes or preservatives. It can be purchased online and in natural food stores. It has a very low content of sugar, fat and calories.

Rich in vitamins and minerals . Contains vitamin C and B vitamins, as well as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. It can be an excellent drink to be taken to refresh and rehydrate or as a natural supplement, due to its numerous health benefits. We present the main ones.

Coconut water Health benefits

Coconut water Health benefits

High blood pressure and cholesterol

Coconut water is rich in potassium and, according to some scientific studies, it is the low levels of this mineral salt in the body that cause the pressure to rise. For this reason the experts suggest to counterbalance the intake of salt by feeding with foods rich in potassium. Coconut water also helps raise HDL cholesterol levels , which helps protect cardiovascular health.

Immune system

Coconut water contains lauric acid. It is a substance with antibacterial , antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Drinking coconut water on a regular basis helps to strengthen our immune system and to protect ourselves from the attacks of germs and bacteria that cause numerous diseases.


Those who want to keep their weight under control could find valuable help in coconut water . Coconut water, in fact, if drunk regularly, can positively affect the metabolism . It has a very low caloric intake and a minimum fat content of around 1%. A more active metabolism can promote the loss of excess pounds. It is also useful for combating abdominal bloating.


Coconut water can be considered as a real natural supplement . It contains mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. The mineral salts act in synergy to keep the body hydrated during physical activity. Coconut water can therefore be considered as a natural alternative to sports drinks and energy drinks rich in dyes and preservatives. It is useful for those who practice sports because it prevents muscle cramps.


This coconut-based drink contains numerous bioactive enzymes that our body uses to digest food. Drinking coconut water is a useful natural remedy for those who suffer from digestive problems and abdominal pain caused by poor digestion. Coconut water should be taken regularly to achieve the desired effects.


Good circulation also depends on the diet. Coconut water is a valuable aid in improving blood circulation and regulating heart rate due to its fiber, protein and vitamin C content.


Coconut water can be a valid natural aid for the resolution of some health problems that may occur during pregnancy. Women, during the nine months of waiting, may experience acidity and heartburn or constipation , which thanks to coconut water can be alleviated. It also helps to improve the levels of the amniotic fluid , which plays a fundamental role in the well-being of the child. Its intake is therefore particularly recommended during pregnancy. Drinking coconut water has no side effects.


Drinking coconut water allows you to take care of your skin’s health . This drink in fact contributes to hydration and, at the same time, it allows to regulate the excessive production of sebum. It makes the skin softer and brighter both from the inside and from the outside. It can be applied directly to the skin as if it were a natural tonic and is useful for treating acne and blemishes.


Coconut water intake can improve the health of convalescents suffering from tiredness, fatigue and lack of appetite. It is considered as a real panacea if taken in the quantity of 40-50 milliliters per day. In general, it helps to improve energy levels, stimulating the production of hormones by the thyroid and stimulating the metabolism.

Urinary system

Drinking coconut water can be useful for those suffering from kidney problems , due to the diuretic nature of this drink. It is beneficial for the urinary tract as it is able to purify the bladder and toxin elimination channels. The coconut water prevents urinary tract infections and relieves the problems of kidney stones .

Works as a natural antioxidant 

 for the uninitiated, free radicals are reactive molecules that cause oxidative stress and can cause significant damage to lipids, proteins and even DNA, as well as being a risk factor for many diseases. The antioxidant properties of coconut water have been tested mainly in the studies.

It is an optimal source of manganese 

A  single cup of coconut water gives you 17% of manganese CDR; 2 cups already give you 34%. Manganese is a very important mineral for the body and participates in numerous processes such as blood coagulation or the formation of connective tissue.

Regulates tension 

Magnesium contributes to the prevention of hypertension by stimulating dilation of blood vessels and is effective in reducing both diastolic and systolic pressure. Potassium, in turn, can regulate tension both in hypertensive patients and in people with normal levels of tension and tends to reduce the need to take antihypertensive drugs.

Delays aging

Coconut water is becoming popular for all its health benefits and its anti-aging effect is a major cause of this growing reputation.

Improve the symptoms of diabetes

Several animal studies have shown that regular consumption of coconut water can make significant improvements to the symptoms of diabetes. Apparently, drinking coconut water helps keep blood glucose levels at bay and reduces glycosylated hemoglobin levels.

Fights infections and cancer

It increases the body’s defenses and prevents infections caused by microbes or bacteria. It reduces the risk of different types of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and tumors. It also protects against cardiovascular diseases.

Coconut water Beauty benefits

Coconut water for the hair

Coconut water for the hair

Just as the ‘ coconut oil , also coconut water on the hair is a blessing. Not everyone knows, in fact, that coconut water is one of the most effective natural remedies against dandruff and, of course, completely free of contraindications. Just rinse your hair with coconut water after the usual shampoo – to be made with natural products and with good Inci – to achieve satisfactory results in a very short time. Very good for treating greasy hair, coconut water can also be used to strengthen hair , thanks to its strong moisturizing and restorative properties.

Coconut water for the face

Coconut water for the face

The coconut water on the face is portentous if there are problems with stains or impurities. We recommend applying it over the entire face as a tonic after cleansing, morning and evening, to achieve a radiant and cleaner skin in a few days. This natural ingredient is an excellent toning and firming, revealing itself therefore particularly indicated also for the treatment of mature skin. Coconut water is good for the skin , especially if it is oily: it is no coincidence that it is considered one of the most valid natural pimples remedies . 

Coconut water for body skin

Coconut water for body skin

Coconut water on the skin of the body works wonders , especially if it is very dry and dehydrated. This “green” ingredient is not too heavy on the skin and can make it brighter and less opaque to the eye, as well as softer to the touch. Coconut water, in fact, helps to balance the pH of the skin and firm up the tissues, confirming itself as one of the natural remedies to attenuate the most functional stretch marks .

Coconut water for cellulite

Coconut water for cellulite

Incredible but true. Coconut water against cellulite is very effective , thanks to its draining and microcirculation stimulating virtues. We recommend drinking only coconut water for a shock detox action – obviously for a period of a few days – and exercising real anti-cellulite massages on the areas affected by blemish. A solution can be represented by rubbing coconut water energetically on the thighs and hips, but alternatively it is possible to pour coconut water in a container and place it in the freezer, then using an ice cube obtained for exercising. a circular massage on the most critical areas. The swelling will shortly shorten and the skin will immediately appear more compact and smooth.Here, other natural remedies against cellulite .

How much coconut water can we drink per day

The recommended daily dose (RDA) for Potassium varies from 2000 to 3500 mg per day, therefore from 1 to 2 liters per day.An excess of potassium is normally eliminated from our body through urine and sweat.

Disadvantages and Side Effects of coconut water

In fact, coconut water is one of the most natural sports drinks to draw from. On the other hand, you will be shocked to know that, in addition to various benefits, coconut water also has a dark side. It is important to understand the disadvantages before the advantages so that you can plan well in the daily diet based on these facts.

Disadvantages and Side Effects of coconut water

The following list has some of the main disadvantages of coconut water that you should know. Check them for more information:

1. Not an option for athletes:

A lot of people live in this stereotype that coconut water is a sports drink that is perfect for athletes. However, due to its natural content, nutrient and electrolyte balance can vary and is limited. It cannot be compared to the strong sports drinks that athletes require. To increase energy and good performance, athletes cannot use coconut water that is quite low in carbohydrates.

2. It needs to be eaten fresh:

Coconut water needs to be consumed immediately after opening the coconut, otherwise the flushing comes out. Once it loses all essential nutrients, it is no longer a healthy drink and is useless for the body.

3. Increases blood sugar levels:

Coconut water contains carbohydrates even in small quantities along with calories. This does not make it an ideal drink for those with diabetes. They should plan to skip the coconut water in between and not take it regularly, otherwise they will raise blood sugar levels. It is one of the disadvantages that you should definitely remember.

4. No help to lose weight:

High calorie and carbohydrates make it a no-no drink for people who are overweight and have obesity problems. There could be some minerals in the drink, but in minimal quantities. It must be understood that drinking coconut water does not help to lose weight as believed by many people. An additional disadvantage is that it does not prevent cancer.

5. Bad choice for allergies:

A lot of people have complained about allergic reactions to coconut water. It is true for those people who are sensitive to tree nuts. It is not the ideal choice to make when it comes to such allergies. This is more of a disadvantage to most of them.

6. Increase blood pressure:

High levels of sodium in coconut water do not make it a good choice for people who have high blood pressure levels. It is also a bad option for people with heart disease. According to professionals, those with high blood pressure should have low sodium levels in the diet. This is a disadvantage that you should try to know. It will help you restore good health by avoiding coconut water.

7. Low nutrient levels:

Important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are present in minimal amounts in this liquid or do not exist at all. This lack of nutrients in the liquid does not make it a good food alternative in the daily diet. It will only add up to calories and carbohydrates.

8. Too much potassium:

Potassium is definitely good for the health that can be satisfied through various other healthy foods in the daily diet instead of just sticking to coconut water for the same. It is best not to add too much potassium to the diet with the addition of coconut water. You don’t need so much!

9. Price:

The price of coconut water is quite high compared to the nutritional benefits that can be achieved with any other food product and much cheaper. The high price is a disadvantage of coconut water.

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