How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast

How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast

How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast
How to get firm breast
Firming breasts is possible with exercises for firm breasts: your breast deserves the best to regain its firmness and we help you restore tone and elasticity. As one of the fitness expert explains, “toning the breast is a sore point as it is not a muscle , it is essentially made up of fat but it is supported by the pectoral muscles which you can instead tone by lifting the breast naturally. By training the pectoral muscles, in fact, it is done so that these gently support the breast, improving the elasticity and tonicity of the skin and tissues “.
Taking care of your breast is very important : small or large, it is a fundamental part of the body for you as a woman. To tone this part of the body, symbol of your femininity, surgery is not necessary, just the right exercises are enough.
Tips before starting the circuit

Pay attention to the choice of bra , whatever your size. Even  small breasts can give in, so you still need good support.

A tall and tonic breast  is also conquered at night, so take advantage of it, since you spend at least a third of your life sleeping. When you are in bed, some positions can abuse your breast: for example, know that sleeping on your side is  not good for the health and beauty of your décolleté, much better to sleep on your back, but if the one lying on its side is your position favorite use ” pillow technique “, ie place the pillow in front of you against your breast.

The importance of posture

At home, at work, in the car … stay straight ! Posture is essential for the breast to look taller: staying with curved shoulders does not help you highlight your breasts and in the long run promotes tissue breakdown. 
Perform our pilates exercises every day to stretch and correct your posture.
Whether you are standing or sitting, always avoid bending your shoulders because not only does your back hurt but it is not good for your breast either, so when you walk, look in front of you and bring your shoulders back!
Pamper your breasts
“The skin of the breast – explains dermatologist – is thin and delicate, because subject to gravity, weight and volumetric variations ( cycle , pregnancies , etc. ..) then the elastic fibers of the dermis and the skin are already very stressed. ” So yes to massages , cold and hot shower , which are good for the skin but also for blood circulation . Because alternating the water temperature is ideal for firming your breasts while massaging it is an effective strategy to tone it and improve circulation as the breast is compressed by the bra throughout the day .
Firm the breast: the circuit for a perfect breast

We suggest a series of exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles and have a high and toned breast . Before starting, spend at least 5 minutes warming up to avoid getting hurt. For each exercise, there are 12 repetitions and the circuit must be repeated 3 times .

If you do not have the weights ( average cost of 11 euros ), you can use 0.5 liter water bottles.

If you do not have a fitness ball, the proposed exercises can be done on the ground.
Always remember to keep your belly in , your shoulders back and the smile on your face during the exercises!
This circuit can be combined with the sport you practice, the important thing is to make it at least 3 times a week to get results !

1 – Firming the breast: sequence for the pectorals

How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast 1
Hold a small weight in each hand and sit on the fitness ball.
Moving with your legs, it slides forward until you find yourself resting on your shoulders.
Slightly open your legs to maintain balance and bend your knees at 90 degrees being careful that your hips and knees are aligned.
In this position, open your arms sideways by bending your elbows at 90 degrees with your palms facing outward ( illustration 1 ). 
Bring open and stretched arms high ( illustration 2 ).
Then, keeping your arms outstretched, close your arms until the weights touch and turn your wrists inwards ( illustration 3 ).
Open your arms slightly by rotating your wrists again ( illustration 4 ).
Repetitions : 12

2 – Firming the breasts with the small weights

How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast 2

Start standing, arms along the body with the weights in both hands, the wrists facing outwards.
Legs open to the width of the pelvis and open and extended shoulders, belly inside and legs slightly bent. Inhale and exhale, raise your arms sideways by slightly bending your elbows.
Continue the movement by bringing your arms up and back to the initial position.
Repetitions : 12

3 – Firming the breast: plank with lateral movements

How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast 3

Get on your knees with your elbows on the ground, bring your legs back straight, resting your feet on your toes and lift your pelvis, being careful to keep your back straight and parallel to the floor.
Bring your belly in and contract your buttocks.
Move sideways, raising your left hand and then your left foot.
Perform 2 lateral shifts to the left and return to the center performing 2 lateral shifts with the leg and the right arm.
Repetitions : 12.

4 – Tighten the breast: triceps dip chair

How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast 4

Starting standing with your back to the chair and the palms of your hands on the edge, legs stretched out, heels well resting on the ground.

Lower the shoulders supporting the weight of the body, bend the arms bringing the buttocks down and return to the starting position.

Repetitions : 12

5 – Firming the breast: the pull over exercise

How to firm up the breast: the circuit for a toned breast 5

Sitting on the fitness ball with a single weight in your hands, moved with your legs sliding forward to place the upper part of your back on the ball, bend your legs at 90 degrees while maintaining an opening to the width of the pelvis to avoid balance problems , hips and knees well aligned.

Inhale and exhale, bring your arms folded into the extension of the body. Breathing in, bring your arms back up.

Repetitions : 12

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