5 meals a day to lose weight!

5 meals a day to lose weight!
weight loss diet
Eating 5 meals a day is the best way to lose weight!
The rhythms of life and work often lead you to neglect your diet: skip breakfast, consume a frugal lunch and at dinner you binge.
A routine that is not good for your health and does not help you lose weight .
How to eat healthy and to consume in a balanced way 5 meals to be divided up during your day (breakfast, lunch and dinner + 2 snacks).
According to most of the nutritionists – unfortunately, breakfast is often missed .
5 meals a day to lose weight in health
It is important to break down your nutrition into 5 small meals in a balanced way .
The breakfast
Begins with a breakfast that must be rich in both complex and simple carbohydrates to a certain extent. 
A healthy breakfast represents about 20% of the total caloric intake . Then in the middle of the morning, don’t overlook the 10% snack .
Luca Piretta suggests some healthy breakfast suggestions to start the day with grit!
A cup of milk without sugar stained with coffee, three biscuits with a veil of honey or jam, an orange or juice.
A plain yogurt with fiber cereal, two kiwis
Milk with biscuits.
The lunch
Even if you eat in the office , lunch is a fundamental meal that must bring about 3 % of the energy intake total intake of the day and that must give you energy until the evening.
Eating only fruit or even completely skipping lunch not only does not help you lose weight but risks making you eat more at snack time and at dinner (to which you come with an excess of exhaustion) and thus accumulating more calories than you should .
Instead, the afternoon snack represents 10% while dinner 30% .
The importance of 5 meals a day
The division of the diet reduces the load on the stomach and intestines and promotes digestion .
A correct distribution can make optimal absorption and use of the nutrients you ingest.
5 meals a day helps increase your metabolism and burn more calories.
It may seem absurd, but skipping meals or reducing the calories of the diet can block the metabolism , so be careful not to take wrong initiatives, it would be counterproductive! 
Furthermore, eating often helps to move the metabolism .
Remember that having a healthy lifestyle, in addition to 5 meals a day, it is important to perform a sporting activity regularly .
Take advantage of every moment to move (take the stairs on foot, walk at least 30/40 minutes a day at a fast pace, etc.).
Lose weight with 5 meals a day
You should eat healthily in varied and balanced way because only by doing so, you can reach your goal and maintain it over time.
The distribution of meals does not affect weight loss, but it is important to divide foods at different times of the day to never face moments of “weakness” in moments of “binge”.
If you can’t make the snack it’s not serious , you can move the fruit after lunch or after dinner, the important thing is not to get to the main meal too hungry , because you risk eating more than necessary.
In a balanced diet, you should never go hungry , even on a weight loss diet .
Eventually you can supplement the snacks with fresh and plain vegetables at will, which are a good source of vitamins and mineral salts and have a good satiating power thanks to the fibers .
Remember to drink water, herbal tea, green tea and juices, all without sugar.

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