Sun, sea, wind: even on vacation you need the right shampoo!

Sun, sea, wind: even on vacation you need the right shampoo!

Sun, sea, wind: even on vacation you need the right shampoo! 1

With summer, hair is certainly easier to manage. Lots of sun, no long drying, no styling. And therefore less stress . Still, you have to be very careful about the shampoo. The sand, the wind and the sea, in fact, not only dirty the foliage more easily, but also tend to ruin it.

What shampoo should you take with you on vacation? Let’s see what to pack together!

Natural reflections

If your hair is natural, shampoo should help prevent it from turning off and dull. The secret, therefore, is proper hydration. For this, the first solution is to massage the skin every time you shampoo. By stimulating the microcirculation , the skin is oxygenated, allowing the hair to shine. And if you want to enhance the color, bring to the sea a product with rich and vibrant pigments, possibly natural.

Coloured hair

Colored hair requires more maintenance. The color, with the sea and the sand, tends to discharge, is ruined, and sometimes acquires not quite pleasant nuances. That’s why the shampoo should be enriched with colored pigments . One trick is to rinse it with warm or cold water, so the color will not fade and will remain very bright.

Regulated hedgehogs

With the sea the curls easily resume their shape. If modeled, they tend to keep everything in order. The problem here is frizz . How to avoid it? Certainly bringing with you a conditioner product , which does little foam and keeps them in order. A trick? Wash your hair less and try cowashing , using only the conditioner to cleanse. In fact, the latter already contains washing active ingredients, much more delicate than those of shampoo.

Thin hair

More attention, on the other hand, always requires thin hair, especially in summer. If already in the winter season they break and are fragile, with the sun and the sea they risk to be stressed even more. And since they tend to stay flat at the root, in the suitcase we will have to put a nourishing shampoo yes, but delicate and light . The ideal is a transparent and not very dense product, able to penetrate the cuticles of the hair, but without weighing it down. Well, however, proceed with a good rinse to ensure lightness!

Fat hair

The heat increases the activity of the sebaceous glands and for those with greasy hair this can be a real problem. It is also true, however, that saltiness absorbs sebum, improving overall the condition of the foliage. Given this “swing”, for greasy hair it is good to choose a product that is not too aggressive, with not too frequent washings. It is necessary to avoid the rebound effect , typical of oily hair: the more sebum we try to take away, the more the skin produces to protect itself. For the shampoo, then, we choose a rebalancing and delicate , calming, but not excessively degreasing product.

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