Pineapple, lime and pineapple detox water

Pineapple, lime and pineapple detox water
Pineapple, lime and pineapple detox water 1
Pineapple and lime aqua detox is a good drink, refreshing and purifying. A drink with a  simple and quick preparation:  to make it just cut the fruit into small pieces and put them in water for a  minimum infusion of 4 hours , better overnight.
In this way you will quench your thirst by  taking advantage of all the properties of the fruit and replenishing nutrients and mineral salts lost during the hottest days. In particular, this recipe is an anti-cellulite water detox , because it contains valuable ingredients to combat  water retention .
With the detox waters you can also “play”, combining fruit and vegetables in the way you prefer or discovering new combinations that you would never have experienced before.
Pineapple, lime and pineapple detox water: Beneficial properties
Pineapple and lime  have many nutritional properties, both of which promote diuresis and help you to eliminate toxins :
the pineapple has a very low calorie intake (40kcal per 100gr), so it is absolutely recommended if you are following a weight loss diet .
It is the anti-cellulite fruit  par excellence , because it contains  bromelain, a substance that has anti-inflammatory properties , prevents the formation of edema and reduces existing ones.
It is also rich in organic acids , which perform an effective diuretic action , purifying the body and favoring the drainage of liquids.
The pineapple also contains a high level of vitamin C  that promotes the activity of the immune system and plays an antioxidant action  . Together with vitamin A , it helps you counteract free radicals and protects your skin from aging.
The lime helps digestion because it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices . It also contains mineral salts such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, selenium, copper and manganese. It is rich in vitamins , especially C, but also the B vitamins, vitamin E, J and K . Finally, the lime contains a good supply of flavonoids , powerful antioxidants help the proper functioning of the liver, the immune system and are useful for capillary health.
How to prepare pineapple,lime and pineapple water detox
 1 pineapple slice  about 50 grams 
 1  lime
 pineapple sage a tuft
Cut the pineapple and lime into small pieces. Put them in a jug, add the sage to the pineapple and finally fill with water.
Stir quickly with a long spoon and close with the stopper or cling film.
Cover with a cloth and leave to steep for a whole night (about 12 hours). In the morning, put it in the fridge.
Remember to put it in the fridge immediately after maceration, otherwise the fruit will start to ferment and it will no longer be good.
If you prefer to prepare everything during the day, especially on a very hot day, reduce the time of maceration to a third.

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