Packaged fruit juices: do they replace fresh fruit?

Packaged fruit juices: do they replace fresh fruit?

Packaged fruit juices: do they replace fresh fruit? 1
The packaged fruit juices are a practical and quick alternative : excellent to put in the bag and consume if necessary.
But can packaged fruit juices replace fresh fruit ? We asked a nutritionist doctor.
“It often happens – explains  nutritionist- of wanting to replace a fruit-based snack with a ready-made fruit-based preparation.
Although this is not a problem if it happens every once in a while, it is good to know that it is not the same thing.
Fresh fruit contains  vitamins , polyphenols, flavonoids certainly in greater quantities , than that found in fruit juices.
As a result,  the antioxidant effect in fresh fruit is greater. In addition,  sugar is often added to fruit juices , which is not present in the fruit that naturally contains  fructose and sucrose , but is free of added sugar ”.

Fruit at the base of the food pyramid

The Mediterranean diet on which the nutritionists diet is based includes 5 portions of fruit and vegetables.
Fruit consumption guarantees:
the supply of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
dietary fiber.
In addition to these two important properties, fruit has a satiating effect, so it helps you feel less hungry, especially if you eat it as a snack between meals.
It is a good habit to distribute the fruit portions throughout the day , starting from breakfast and taking advantage of the snacks to consume it.
But if you want to drink some fruit juice from time to time, let’s see in detail how to choose a quality one.

Fruit juice? Yes, but of quality

Every now and then, to reconcile your lifestyle with healthy eating, you can replace fruit with packaged juice , but be careful to choose a quality product.
The fruit juice you can consume from time to time should have these characteristics:
be free of added sugar. Attention, do not trust the wording “without added sugar” on the package, but look carefully at the ingredients label. Many times the added sugar is masked in “apple juice”, “glucose syrup” and other “smart” words  that hide the ingredients contained in the product.
it must contain 100% fruit, according to European legislation, ie it must consist of the product of the pressing of the fruit, without the addition of aromas, sweeteners and preservatives.
If you choose a fruit juice with these characteristics , you can be sure of benefiting from all the nutritional properties of the fruit.
Although the concentrations of these nutrients will certainly be lower , especially the fiber that the squeezed fruit loses almost completely. For this reason,  fresh fruit is always to be preferred, in any case.

Smoothies and smoothies, the homemade choice

The choice of homemade products , compared to those on the market, is always to be preferred.
A smoothie or a juice  are quick recipes to prepare only with fruit and water when you want to consume them.
If you have a snack or a snack at home, they can be a valid alternative to fruit or industrial fruit juice.
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