Anti-stress foods to restore good spirits at the table

Anti-stress foods to restore good spirits at the table

Anti-stress foods to restore good spirits at the table 1
There are many anti-stress foods that can help you regain your good mood.

Having  tried so many relaxation techniques,  yoga , massage and sport , do you think you have no alternative solutions?

To find the lost balance and enjoy the everyday, in fact, you have to start from the table.

Here are the best anti-stress foods , the best ones to help you fight the bad mood.

Anti-stress foods: what they are

You can fight stress at the table. Such as?

Try the ” food mood “. It is a series of foods that have known therapeutic virtues and that can help you regain a good mood : foods that reduce anxiety and raise  morale – such as chocolate and salmon –  as they contain stress-regulating substances .
So you can fight anxiety at the table and find serenity again : you will see that it will be easier to get back the tranquility lost, to improve the psycho-physical balance and to be happy.
Here are the anti-stress foods and all the nutrients that help you keep anxiety at bay and trigger the mood hormone : yes , you fill it up, life will smile at you!

Anti-stress foods to combat stress at the table

1 – Anti-stress foods: foods rich in selenium and calcium

Selenium acts on the body as a powerful antioxidant .
Antioxidants help you fight against oxidative stress, responsible for seasonal depression .
A daily dose of 55 micrograms of selenium is recommended to be in a good mood.

Selenium: where to find it

Where is it? It is contained in beans and all legumes , lean meats (chicken, rabbit, turkey and beef as long as they are lean or degreased), milk and dairy products, seeds, nuts and seafood, all fantastic anti-stress foods
A good dose of selenium is also contained in rice, in particular in whole wheat.

Football: where to find it

The milk is a food  that should never miss in your diet , less intolerant, because calcium rich .
In fact, calcium also has a beneficial effect on stress : its lack would play an important role in episodes of depression.

2 – Dark chocolate: an ally of good humor

Anti-stress foods to restore good spirits at the table 2

Thanks to the antidepressant and tonic action performed by some of its components:

1. theobromine
2. caffeine
3. Phenylethylamine.

The chocolate is able to quickly make a burst of euphoria , gratification and satisfaction.

Furthermore, the high content of tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin, known as the wellness hormone, makes it a true natural regulator of mood.

Recommendation : better to eat dark chocolate (85%) : 575 calories per 100 grams. Be careful not to exceed the recommended dose, 10 grams  of dark chocolate are allowed  once a week.

Try almond biscuits and dark chocolate.

3 – Vitamin D: anti-stress

When you are in the sun we are in good spirits and less stressed: this is because the sun helps us to regularize and synthesize vitamin D . Recent studies have shown the link between mood disorders and the amount of vitamin D.
Learn more about the vitamin D .

There are few foods rich in vitamin D but  you can still find vitamin D in the following anti-stress foods:

1. fatty fish
2. beef liver
3. egg yolk
4. cheese.

Recommendation : eat an egg yolk once a week (an egg yolk provides 62 calories).

3 – Eat fruit and vegetables at will
Anti-stress foods to restore good spirits at the table 3

If you include at least 3 servings of fruit and vegetables a day in your diet, they will help you stay healthy and reduce stress. 
Tomatoes are very important , due to their content in lycopene and grapes in resveretralo, both very effective antioxidants.
Recommendation: bananas, excellent foods to combat stress, because they contain:

1. dopamine (pleasure hormone)
2. vitamin B6
3. magnesium
4. potassium .

It is wrong to think of eliminating diet bananas because they are too high in calories: in reality, an average banana has 135 calories , not much more than an apple.

It also consumes citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, etc.) every day, because vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system but also to make you smile.

Try orange and lentil salad with fennel and avocado. 

4 – Consume fish every week: source of omega 3

Anti-stress foods to restore good spirits at the table 4

There is scientific evidence that depression is somehow linked to low circulating levels of omega 3 and greater than omega 6.

The intake of omega 3 also appears to improve mood in patients with severe mood disorders.

It would therefore be very useful to increase the intake of fish, favoring salmon and sardines .

But also trout, mackerel and tuna are excellent allies of good humor!

5 – Fill up on vitamin B12

The vitamin B12 is considered the energy vitamin .

Where do you find it?

1. chicken
2. salmon
3. broccoli
4. beans
5. Beef.

Also the liver is very rich in vitamin B12 it helps to prevent mood and central nervous system disorders .

Recommendation:  the lentils , which are considered a powerful anti depressant.

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