What Happen If You Start Eating Three Eggs A Day 1

What Happen If You Start Eating Three Eggs A Day

What Happen If You Start Eating Three Eggs A Day

What Happen If You Start Eating Three Eggs A Day 2

People say the worst things about eggs. They talk about the fat content in it, the amount of cholesterol in the yolk, the hormones in the egg that are as a result of the unfertilized cycle of the female chicken. The truth is that eggs are good for you. They are needed by your body for you to stay healthy.So how healthy is an egg? Well, for one, a big hard-boiled egg contains Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Phosphorous, Selenium and a good amount of Vitamin D, E, K, B6, Zinc and Calcium. Eggs are also rich in protein and healthy fats that your body definitely needs. Here are some things that will happen to you if you eat three eggs a day.

1. They Raise The HDL ( Good) Cholesterol In Your Body

When people talk about eggs, they associate them with bad cholesterol. However, your body does need some cholesterol which is where the eggs come in. They contain good cholesterol in a decent amount so eating eggs on a regular basis will cause your HDL to go up. Your body needs that in order to carry the cholesterol in other parts of your body back to the liver. That way the bad cholesterol in your body can be eliminated.

2. Eggs Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

When you have a higher level of HDL which eggs definitely help you out with, your body will get rid of the bad cholesterol, which is also referred to as high-density lipoprotein. According to research, bad cholesterol is usually linked to a bad heart. It makes you susceptible to heart disease. Eggs contain the RDI for selenium which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. According to further studies, adding selenium in the diet decreases chances of death through cardiovascular diseases by up to fifty percent.

3. They’ll Also Help You Get Stronger Bones

In the past, eggs were thought to be bad for the development of your bones. However, studies in recent times have changed that. According to that, there exists a positive relationship between the amount of proteins you take in and your body mass or body density. The animal protein will actually assist you in retaining and absorbing calcium, therefore, it will lead to improvement of your bone density and strength.

4. Eggs Will Help With The Health Of Your Brain

It comes down to choline once again. Choline is helpful for the development of the brain especially in the fetal stage and all the way to one’s elderly years. Eating an egg everyday will help you get a sharper memory. Whether you have the eggs fried, baked, poached or even fried, you will still benefit. Therefore, ignore those people who’ll tell you to just eat an egg twice a week and enjoy one everyday for your neurological growth and health.

5. They’ll Help In Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Eggs are packed with lutein and zeaxanthin. These are antioxidants that will assist in keeping your eyes healthy especially during the aging process considering it’s almost impossible to avoid macular degeneration. The antioxidants accumulate in the retina of the eye. They help in the counteracting of some degenerative processes which affect the eyes. When you eat eggs regularly, your chances of getting cataracts is reduced. It also reduces macular degeneration.

6. It Helps You Eat Smaller Portions Of Food

You’ll find yourself wanting to eat a lot of food in the event that it is very tasty, except when you are too full. Eggs will assist you because they make you feel fuller for longer. That means you will observe a reduction in the number of times you feel like eating throughout the day. When you eat a boiled egg with some fruit and some oatmeal, you will feel no need to eat again at least until lunchtime.

7. You’ll Have More Time And Energy

We’re sure you’ve prepared eggs a good number of times. It takes very few minutes to get it ready, which is a good thing added to the fact that it is healthy. There are many different ways of preparing eggs but whichever way you choose, you will get a lot of time to do other important things. You will also be able to get a lot of energy from eating them after the preparation than from eating a bowl of cereal in the morning.

8. Your Food Will Be Tastier

Eggs taste great due to the fact that they are also creamy on their own. You can always add some spices to them or eat them with other foods for them to taste better. You could add tomatoes, zucchini, mushroom, cheese and others to make an omelet. You can prepare scrambled eggs and eat it with something else.

9. They Are A Great Source Of Choline

Choline is a macronutrient. It is essential for different physiological functions such as neurological development, muscle function, nerve function as well a metabolism. A lot of people do not know about choline and its importance to our bodies. The good thing is that eggs help you get this choline as they are the richest in it when it comes to diet. Women are advised to take about 425 to 500 mg in a day unless they are pregnant or nursing your baby. For men, you are advised to just take 550 mg in a day.

10. They Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Doctors advise that you make some healthy changes in diet in order to reduce your risk of getting cancer. We are advised to eat fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Well, to increase the effectiveness of these, you could add eggs to your diet regularly. Choline found in eggs helps in keeping breast cancer at bay.

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