Ways to clean your skin damaged in the summer sun

 Ways to clean your skin damaged in the summer sun
Ways to clean your skin damaged in the summer sun 1
Do not you feel irritated by the tanning in the sea and swimming pool last summer when it is getting hot again and restored in the state of black skin? In autumn and winter you want to dress on transparent white skin. Damaged skin by intense sunlight. In autumn and winter, the amount of ultraviolet light is reduced, but it is not allowed to leave it without doing anything. In the summer, UV rays often become stained, spots and spots from autumn to winter. In the autumn when UV damage is reduced, whitening treatment can concentrate on whitening. Following are the ways to clean your skin damaged in the summer sun.
01. Sunscreen is a “choice for winter”
At the end of summer, sunbathing also becomes annoying. But it is a big deal if you mistake that ultraviolet rays are not pouring outside of the hot summer. UV rays are pouring throughout the year in autumn and winter. Use sunscreen throughout the year as it will damage the skin even when the amount of UV rays decreases.
02. Normally low SPF sunscreen OK
It is okay to have an SPF when you are at home or walking nearby. The default is SPF 20PA + is recommended. Frequently used in the summer, SPF high sun blockers in the fall and winter will put a strain on your skin. It is also a season when drying is anxious, so it is better if you have a moisturizing sunscreen.
03. Hot towel or baseline blood circulation up
As the temperature drops, the blood circulation gets worse. To treat whitening, it is important to improve circulation first. It is recommended to use a hot towel warmed by a microwave oven for one minute to wipe the towel and a hairdressing machine with warm steam.
04. Moisturizing your skin
The skin damaged by summer UV rays is considerably more severe than it is visible. The inside of the skin may be dry. Also, because skin can be a complex tendency to dry and irreversible, please give your skin moisturization top priority.
05. Used to warm sheet mask
If you do not have time, you can simply put a sheet mask with a good moisturizing power on your face to get steam, and you can spend time with a hot towel on it. After properly moisturizing, using whitening essence, lotion, cream, etc. will improve the whitening effect.
06. Vitamin intake
In order to make white skin, it is good to take food that has antioxidant activity as well as outer skin. Among them, take vitamin C with antioxidant activity. Because it is included in fruit such as strawberry, kiwi, and grapefruit, it is possible to improve skin whitening by eating together in a meal.
07. Review the whole life
You may think that everyday life has nothing to do with whitening. However, I frequently exercise, take a bath slowly, eat something warm, sleep plenty of time and have a deep relationship to whitening the whole life. If you spend your life like this, your metabolism becomes active and you can walk the shortcut of skin whitening without difficulty.
08. Drinking water from time to time
When the skin is dry, it is easy to grind to the ultraviolet ray, and it is easy for the skin to look dull because it is braked by metabolism. Be sure to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day. Especially, green tea contains vitamin C as well as antioxidant ingredients that make skin healthy. It is better to drink alternately with water. However, the person who has a body should not drink too much tea because there is a nature to cool the body.
09. Less than 3 cups of coffee a day
Caffeine in coffee can cause melanin to migrate and enlarge, causing pigmentation. In addition, excessive intake of the stomach is likely to be irritated, causing a blow to the skin and may adversely affect. So coffee is suitable for 2-3 cups a day.
10. The first button of the whitening is exfoliation
Not only does the keratin itself look dull, but it also interferes with the absorption of the correct whitening product. By regularly eliminating dead skin cells, the skin can become much clearer and brighter. Use a scour mask, pack, or wash brush to remove dead skin once or twice a week. If you select a product with whitening function, the effect will be doubled.
11. Subway rather than bus! Avoid the window
There are two types of ultraviolet rays reaching the surface, UVA and UVB. A double wavelength of light penetrates through the clouds and windows, penetrating the skin’s dermis. In other words, you can get an ultraviolet attack in the unconscious. It is safer to use subway than bus, and let’s avoid window.

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