Tips and exercises for a thin waist

Streamline the waistline: tips, circuit and exercises for a thin waist

Tips and exercises for a thin waist 1
If you want to slim your waistline, you need to eat healthy, do a cardio job such as running, jumping rope or treadmill and specific exercises at least 3 times a week. Do you dream of a wasp waist? You are right!
Love handles, bacon, stagnation of liquids: these are the main defects that afflict our waistline and that unite women and men, united in the battle against this very difficult to remove.
The causes of a weighted waistline
The cause is an excess of fat that is concentrated in this part of the body, for various reasons:
wrong supply
Unfortunately the diet alone is not enough: it is important to sculpt the right muscles and make you an “inner sheath” (says Bernadette De Gasquet), strengthening the transversus muscle.
How to slim your waistline
Cardio activity to burn fat
To slim down a weighted waist, it is not enough to do exercises aimed at toning the abdomen: abdominal exercises must be integrated with aerobic activities (running, cycling, swimming, interval training, etc.).
The result that you can achieve with cardio activity is to change your body composition: through sport, the fat mass is transformed into a lean mass which, paradoxically, weighs more.
The winning move is to practice an aerobic activity (the one you like best) at least 2/3 times a week because it has been shown that the increase in lean mass associated with movement is an excellent metabolic stimulus: the more muscles you have, the more calories you they burn within the same day.
Therefore, the ideal to obtain a thin life is to do a mixed activity in which you associate good aerobic activity with intense muscular work, such as toning through the use of free weights or body weight.
Remember that before starting any sporting activity it is good to consult your doctor to evaluate your clinical situation with him: this will protect you from risks to your health.
Streamline the waist: tone the obliques for a thin waist

There is often confusion: doing the traditional abdominal exercises, one is convinced to tone the belly and reduce the waistline. Mistaken! Those abdominal exercises strengthen the transversus muscle, which is the main muscle of the belly, that is, the one that, once sculpted, can make you have a tortoise abdominals.
To have a thin waist, on the other hand, it is necessary to urge the oblique muscles, which are on the two sides of the transversus muscle and which, together with the transversus and the rectus abdomen, make up the abdominal wall.
The oblique muscles are two, namely the small internal oblique or oblique and the large oblique, also called external oblique.
Toning the obliques helps to have a good rotation of the torso, an excellent hold of the spine and a good hold of the lower back.
Streamline the waistline: the importance of posture

Another fundamental tip to streamline the waist: work on the posture. Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet it’s like magic: if you keep yourself upright, shoulders and belly in, you’ll be able to grow a few centimeters!
A habit to adopt urgently: when you are standing, in the office, at home or in the car, contract your belly and straighten up as if you were feeling a thread starting from the center of the head and pulling you upwards. You’ll see yourself taller by a few centimeters and your stomach and life will seem more toned to you.
However, whether you are standing or sitting, always keep your back straight without arching, contract your buttocks and bring your belly in, breathing very naturally.
You’ll see that, in a short time, holding this position will become automatic and, day after day, you will be able to show off a life-envy point!
Toning circuit and yoga exercises to stimulate the obliques

To get good results with the proposed exercises, try to follow these basic rules:
to optimize work, it is essential to breathe well and never hold your breath. Inhale when you return to the initial position and exhale during the effort, bringing the belly inward.
When you exhale, try to crush your navel against the spine.
Important tip: if you have no knowledge of what your abdominals are and you don’t even hear them, I recommend a few sessions with a good coach who will make you aware of your muscles.
It is also important to never start cold training but to spend at least 5 minutes warming up.
2 yoga exercises to slim your waistline
The obliques are very stressed in pilates and yoga because they both work on belly breathing. Therefore, the coach Melarossa offers you 2 exercises inspired by these disciplines to shape your waistline. You can also perform them during your warm-up or at any time of the day.
1 – Yoga: the diamond exercise
Sitting on a stool, he holds his arms outstretched over his head, intertwining his fingers with his palms facing down, his chin retracted and his belly inward. Be careful not to arch your back.
Breathing in 4 times, stretch as long as you can. Then exhale for 5 seconds by turning the torso to the right.
Wait 4 seconds before inhaling to return to the starting position.
Perform the same movement with a twist to the left.
Repetitions: 20 times to the right and 20 to the left.
2 – Yoga: the exercise of the triangle
Stand up, buttocks contracted and belly inward, lift the arms and portal parallel to the floor. Keep your shoulders low and your palms facing the ground.
Inhale for 5 seconds trying to stretch as much as possible.
Hold the breath for 4 seconds. Exhaling, tilt your torso to the right.
Wait 4 seconds before inhaling and exhale back to the starting position.
Do the same exercise by tilting to the left.
Repetitions: 20 times to the right and 20 to the left.
Streamline the waistline: circuit to tone the obliques
Getting a thinner waistline working on the oblique muscles is a feasible goal in the medium / long term, just make a plan and keep it over time.
This circuit is suitable for both men and women and can be done at home or in the gym, after your cardio activity or alone.
The essential thing is to program 3 oblique toning sessions and 3 cardio sessions within the week.
The circuit consists of 7 exercises, each to be carried out for 30 seconds.
Between one exercise and another, take a 30-second break between one series and the other a minute’s break.
1 – Standing side crunches
Starting standing, legs open over the width of the pelvis and hands behind the neck. Inspire and, exhaling, bring the right knee towards the elbow by tilting the torso sideways. Return to the starting position and repeat the side crunch for 15 seconds to the right and for 15 seconds to the left.
Recommendations: be careful to keep the leg open laterally, do not lift the knee in front of you. During movement, keep your belly in, your head straight and look forward, without contracting the neck.
2 – Oblique with handlebar
Material: 1 handlebar of 5 kilos. You can also use 1 bottle to fill with sand or coins.
Starting standing, legs open to the width of the pelvis and slightly bent.
Grab one 5-pound handlebar with your right hand.
Inspire and, exhaling, perform a simple lateral bending to the right, stretching the left side.
Return to the starting position and repeat the right lateral flexion for 15 seconds.
Then, hold the handlebar with your left hand and make the left side flexion, repeating it for 15 seconds.
Recommendations: when the handlebar is in the right hand, it is the opposite side that works. Always keep your knees in line with your pelvis. Do not rotate either the pelvis or the shoulders, which must remain straight and extended.
3 – Alternating oblique crunches
Material: a mat.
Departure on the ground on the back.
Bring your right leg to your left knee, your right arm stretched laterally and your left hand behind your neck.
Inhale and exhale, detach the left shoulder from the ground, bringing the elbow to the right knee.
Return to the starting position and repeat for 15 seconds. Change leg and knee and repeat the oblique crunch for another 15 seconds.
Recommendations: do not force the neck with your hand, which should only accompany the movement. During the climb, remember to breathe out by throwing out the air and bringing your stomach inward.
4 – Oblique crunches on one side
Material: a mat.
Start lying on the right side, bring the left leg forward and place the right hand on the thigh.
Bend your knees slightly. Bring your left hand behind your neck.
Inhale and exhale, detach the left shoulder from the ground, pushing with the right hand on the left leg so that it remains on the ground.
Return to the starting position and repeat for 15 seconds. Turn to your left side and repeat the exercise for another 15 seconds.
Recommendations: do not force the neck with your hand, which should only accompany the movement. While exhaling, keep your stomach inward.

5 – Spiderman plank

Material : a mat.

Departure in plank position with the elbows resting on the ground. Inhale and, exhaling, bring the right knee to the right elbow. Return to the plank position and repeat the side slides for 15 seconds.

Always in plank position, perform the side slides with the left leg for another 15 seconds.

Recommendations : the body must always remain on the axis, it is important never to lift the buttocks. When you bring the knee towards the elbow, be careful not to rotate the pelvis, the knee must remain parallel to the floor. Do not allow the stomach to spill out during exercise but keep the abdominals contracted inward.

6 – Dynamic side plank

Lie on your left side, legs stretched out, and, by pressing down on your left arm and feet, slightly raise your pelvis from the ground.

Inhale and, exhaling, push your side upwards to align your legs and back, going to the side plank position .

You can hold your right arm along your body or place it behind your neck.

Go down and climb with the hip for 15 seconds, then turn to the other side and repeat the exercise for 15 seconds.

Recommendations : the belly must be in and the abdominals contracted. The body must be aligned.

7 – Oblique with the ball

Start on the ground on the right side, right arm and legs extended, body aligned.

Bring your left hand in front of you by placing it on the ground. Place the ball between your legs at the ankle.

Inhale and exhale off your legs from the ground by applying pressure to the ball.

Run small springs upwards for 15 seconds, then turn the other way, (on the left side) and repeat the exercise for 15 seconds.

Recommendations : help with the hand on the ground to perform the movement well and keep the body in axis. During exhalation, bring the belly inward.

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