The most effective weight loss methods

The most effective weight loss methods scientists admit (plus  three things to remember)

When you search for “best diet for weight loss” in Google, you get 11,200,000 results. There is a different claim about which diets are best for weight loss. Some say that a low-fat diet is good, and some say that carbohydrates, sugar, and gluten are fattening. Calorie counting is always a popular approach. What is popular these days is not eating certain ingredients, sometimes fasting.

The most effective weight loss methods 1

Each approach has obvious health advantages and disadvantages. However, according to experts and research results, it is “oblivious to the details of these things” that they can not see the forest when looking at the trees. Because the best diet for weight loss is a ‘sustainable diet’. Not for a week or a month, but forever.

 A team of researchers at the University of Toronto concluded that a long-term diet is the best diet .

 American Medical Association has shown that people who used a different diet for one year (Atkins Diet, Onishi Diet, Weight Wachers, and John Diet) all lost weight to a similar degree. However, one diet consistently gives more weight to any diet. Perhaps the ability to maintain a diet rather than a certain diet may have a greater impact on weight loss success.

“People have an incredibly strong belief in fat or carbohydrates. The bestseller for weight loss comes endlessly, but there is not a single high-nutrient problem. “

ACAP Health Consulting is the chief medical officer and a team of obesity researchers who are professor of preventive medicine at the Penn State Center for Life Science Research, Louisiana State University.

If you remove all superstitions, you will lose weight if you eat less calories than you use. So it ‘s good to have a diet that can be carried out.

“It would not have been 10kg overnight. The same is true when we lose 10kg. A steady, long-term lifestyle change brings health and weight loss success. “

Albert Mattini, a registered dietitian and certified fitness manager, says.

According to the UCLA study, one-third to two-thirds of those who have lost weight and have had a diet again say they lose more weight than they initially lost. Weight gain is a serious problem for people who underestimate diet. After passing the so-called “finish line”, if you stop your diet, your weight will increase again.

“If you can not last a lifetime, the diet is a waste of effort. Find a diet that will be your new standard, a new lifestyle. The goal is to find a way to lose weight. Such a program works. “

It is a word of treatment.

What diets can you keep? Is not this the most important question? And as you might guess, it is different for every person. However, a sustainable diet must meet the following three conditions:

1. Eat something good for your body

It sounds like a natural word, but you can avoid eating certain food groups or eating only packaged diet foods for possible reasons. The best approach is to think not only about weight loss, but also about health. What does weight loss mean when you lose your health?

2. Make smaller changes than big changes

“It’s better to make small changes in many areas than to make extreme changes in one area,” Mattni says. For example, it is a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to eating vegetables, reducing sugar intake, and not being too hungry between meals and meals for every meal.

3. Technically

A good diet does not tell me what to eat or what not to eat. It is a good diet to tell you how to cope with food, how to like healthy food, how to cope with emotional overeating, and how to recognize real hunger. This technique is essential to maintaining a diet.

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