Super food ranking top 20 you never dreamed

Super food ranking top 20 you never dreamed
Super food ranking top 20 you never dreamed 1
Living a healthy life is the ideal life we   dream of. For a healthy life, we always find something good. In this posting, twenty of the super foods are the foods that contain the vitamins, minerals and meaningful nutrients that we need every day. It has been cultivated for centuries and has been using it for a long time, but it is a superfood you have never heard of. Now it is possible to purchase products that are far away from overseas through purchase agents. When you find that a little concerned to find ” super food ranked the top 20 dream you could think,” I will introduce.
Jicama is a central American root vegetable that looks like potato or turnip, but has a slightly sweet juice. It contains only 49 calories per cup and the fiber is 6 grams. It also contains a lot of vitamin C content. How to eat: You can either slice it or boil it until it is tender.
02. Camouflage
It is a brand name with one kind of grain camomut and hori mountain wheat cultivated from ancient times. Natural cultivation methods and high nutrients are the boon of super grain camomile. Moreover, it is said that the nutrition remains intact because it is a whole grain which peeled off only the skin. Protein as well as dietary fiber, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids, contains amino acids including children’s essential amino acids.
03.  Boy tea
Bochcha, a Chinese fermented tea with a simple taste, can literally reduce the size of fat cells. Chinese researchers divided the experimental mice into five groups and checked their triglyceride levels while changing diets for two months. The group treated with Boi Tea extract had lower triglyceride levels and belly fat.
04. Amaranth
Like Quinoa, this nutrient packed seed is a stock of the Inca diet originating in the United States. Grain-like seeds are soft and fruit is tasty. It has more fiber and protein than wheat and brown rice. It also helps fill up the vitamins and helps lower LDL cholesterol. Amaranth can be cooked like rice, but it can be eaten even more. Chicken or steak bass or apples, almonds, goat cheese, along with important salad-baked vegetables are available.
05. Green Sunflower
This crunchy bean sprout occurs when sunflower seeds are planted and grown in soil for about a week. They are a lot of fat, fiber, plant proteins for heart health that are found in sunflower seeds. But calories are very low. Locate the greens in the local peasant market or in the production process of some high-end grocery stores. How to eat: After thoroughly washing vegetables, sprinkle with olive oil and simply sprinkle crunchy side dishes, salads, or sea salt on the roasted chicken. If you use it for sandwich, it will finish.
06. Horopa
Maybe a nightmare-like curry scent This herb is often used in delicious Indian cuisine. Several studies have shown that fenugreek can help control blood sugar. Scientists have slowed carbohydrate absorption and improved insulin sensitivity, delaying gastric emptying. So I think you can lower your blood glucose response after meals. The fenugreek that can be found in Indian shops is mostly a component of curry powder. When making Southeast Asian fried rice, you can add seeds to rice dishes and blend small amounts of fenugreek powder into beef stew.
07. Golden Berry
Fresh, well-preserved dark yellow berries are the South America of origin and manufacture. In the United States, it is more likely that you will be able to obtain fruit dried forms. This dried golden berry contains 4 g protein and 5 g fiber in one. It is also an excellent source of vitamin A and antioxidants. How to Eat: You can eat snacks like dried fruit alone, like raisins, or partly in salads and breakfast cereals. If you need extra energy and need weight loss, Golden Berry will be the best snack.
08. Aaronia Berry
It’s a praise of Native American people as a miracle fruit. This little tart berry (also known as chokeberry) has been repackaged in super food. Violet is more anthocyanin than any fruit, so you can get a strong antioxidant effect. Aronia has been shown to be effective in cardiovascular disease, mastoid inflammation. It is easy to make juice, eat it or mix it like a smoothie.
09. Sardines
Sardines are the best source of omega-3 fatty acids comparable to salmon. Also, they make the bone stronger. Studies show that omega-3 is effective in Alzheimer’s disease and can also improve cholesterol levels. 
10. Celery Evil
This vegetable that is not pretty but rugged can cover with taste. The health of this celery is due to Vitamin K, which strengthens the bones. It is a good source of vitamin C and potassium. How to eat: When you make soup and stew, it goes well with other root vegetables. It can be used instead of potatoes. You can reduce your carbohydrate intake.
11.  Holy Basil
The popular Indian herb known as TULSI is an ideal ingredient that brings freshness and flavor to almost every food. Animal studies have shown that Basil’s natural chemicals can help fight diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. You can cut fresh basil and sprinkle them on scrambled eggs or soups or roast them when cooking.
12. Kefir
Like yogurt, this fermented dairy drink ‘kefir’ is made by cultivating grains and fresh milk.
Kefir improves lactose digestion by lowering cholesterol by containing beneficial bacteria. It is also known to strengthen the immune system. Recently, scientists at the University of Washington have shown that kefir fruit juice is more effective in controlling hunger than other dairy products. Kefir can replace milk shakes with light breakfast, sweet snacks or desserts.

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