Reasons why you must put onions when you cook

Reasons why you must put onions when you cook

Reasons why you must put onions when you cook 1

Onions are the main ingredient in a variety of cuisines from around the world. This provides amazing health benefits that most people do not know about. Onions can be applied to a variety of dishes, so you can fit into your weekly diet. If you eat two or three onions a week, you can see a big difference in health. Onions contain a compound called ‘quercetin’ and are able to fight against potent anti-bacterial and harmful toxins. It’s a powerful antihistamine, an anti-inflammatory and can lower cholesterol levels. A study of nutritional value has found that health benefits are high and have the following effects: ① Reduced sensitivity to colon cancer ② Reduced sensitivity to prostate cancer ③ Reduced sensitivity to stomach cancer ④ Helping sleep patterns and improving mood ⑤ Provide strength and structure to skin and hair Onions that offer such amazing health benefits, Is  Reasons why you must put onions when cooking” is.

01. Good for wound healing.

Onions are effective in treating skin wounds. If you have a skin injury, please immediately apply a piece of onion stab. Onions prevent infection and clean wounds. Then put a piece of onion skin on top of the wound and seal it. Bleeding stops quickly and the wound is clean.

02. Effect of lowering fever

It may sound strange, but putting an onion in your sock is a surprising way to lower your body temperature when you are suffering from high fever. 

Cut some potatoes and cut the onions in half. Place half of the onion in one sock and half in the other sock. Put the pieces of potatoes in each sock. Then put your socks on your feet. Make sure the mixture is pressed against your soles. You will notice a decrease in temperature in a relatively short time.

03.  Treatment of earache and removal of ear wax

The onion’s anti-inflammatory ingredients have a strong defense against earache and soften the earwax to remove the earwax easily. If you suffer from ear pain, cut the onion and bring the inner part (the solid part in the center of the onion) into your ear. You can get the best results if you run it just before you fall asleep.

04. It is effective for cold.

One of the longest recognized uses for onions is that they are effective against colds. If you have a cold, eating onion is most effective if you eat it. Eat a piece and eat. You can also boil the onion and make ginger and honey together to help prevent the cold.

05. Heal the burn.

Onion has a great effect in calming small burns. The method is not simple. If you are burned, apply a finely chopped onion to the wound directly. Fix it for a few minutes to relieve pain quickly. To get a sense of more stability, please cover the wound by mixing two or three egg whites in a bowl. Fixing the mixture in place using a bandage promotes recovery.

06. Cough can be reduced.

Centuries ago, one of the cheapest and most effective ways to treat cough was to use onions. First, peel off the red or white onion and cut the pieces. Slice it into a sealable jar and add brown sugar on top. Close the jar lid and wait a moment. (About 6 hours is optimal). Cough syrup is forming in the jar. Brown sugar makes syrup more delicious. If you want an alternative to brown sugar, put honey on a thinly sliced   onion.

07. Stimulation of the eye

The ability of the onion to remove eye irritation is the best known feature. Unwanted dust, pesky flies or other small irritants make the onion a great tool if your eyes are completely reddish and troubling. You should cut off the onion and avoid touching your eyes. If you touch your eyes, the pain will follow. Wash your hands thoroughly before doing so.

08. Insect Allergy Relief

The antihistamine properties of onions help to alleviate pain when sprayed directly on the skin with onions crushed on the skin when shot by bees or wasps. Onion antihistamines prevent allergic reactions and onion anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the associated edema. Use a ventilated bandage that needs to be replaced regularly, and fix the onions until the pain subsides.

09. Good for oral health.

You may not like the smell, but you should know that onions are very helpful for our oral health. They have very strong antibacterial properties that remove bacteria from the mouth and prevent tooth decay and various types of gum disease.

Tips for use: Chew small onions daily. Chew for 2 to 3 minutes.

10. Prevention of heart disease

Eating regularly onions can prevent many heart diseases such as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and other heart diseases. The onion quercetin component has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps lower the risk of various heart problems. Tips for use: If you do not eat onions, start eating. Add to the salad or chew the onion regularly. It can also be used with snacks, pizza toppings, pickles and soups.

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