Mistakes to avoid if you want baby-like skin

Mistakes to avoid if you want baby-like skin

Mistakes to avoid if you want baby-like skin 1

There is a tendency to associate visible beauty and beauty with youthful looking skin and good body. It is said that health, vitality and lifestyle affect them. People want to feel young and want to live a happy life. We must avoid unexpected mistakes. Today’s posting theme is mistakes you must avoid if you want baby-like skin.

01. I do not sleep enough.

If you do not get enough sleep, you can see that this is reflected clearly on your face. Sleep stimulates the flow of oxygen to the skin. According to a study in the British medical journal, people with sleep are more attractive and healthier than people who do not have enough rest at night. The best time to sleep is 7 to 8 hours.

02. I have a lot of time to sit.

Exercising for 30 minutes rather than not exercising during the day helps with a healthy life. It is also good to take a walk every day. Recent studies suggest that people who exercise more than 10 to 13 years longer than people who do not exercise.

03. I get too much stress continuously.

Studies conducted at the University of California say that negative thoughts and too much stress have a negative impact on health. Take a deep breath and relax and do not get stressed by solving one problem at a time.

04. I sleep in makeup.

There are people sleeping with makeup left untouched. If you leave the makeup up, it may cause skin dryness and rash, and the eyelashes may come off. Wash your skin every night and use a moisturizing skin care product. This keeps healthy skin and slows down the aging process.

05. Only use sunscreen when going to the beach.

It is a mistake to use sunscreen only when going to the beach or swimming pool, especially during the summer season. I need to use sunscreen on cloudy days. When it is outdoors, it is exposed to ultraviolet rays regardless of the season. You should know that ultraviolet light promotes wrinkles and premature aging.

06. I do not care about face management.

Where is the first wrinkle on our face? To be precise is around the eyes. You should use proper skin care products to manage it.

07. I often eat soft drinks.

The high sugar and calorie content of soft drinks accelerate aging. One study conducted at the University of California showed that soda intake increases the rate of DNA senescence. If possible, please replace with water, natural juice, smoothie, etc.

08. I do not have healthy eating habits.

You need to modify your diet plan. Every fat has a bad influence on our skin. Also add lots of fruits and vegetables during the diet, but do not forget to include salmon, sardines, walnuts, sunflower seeds and extra virgin olive oil. Healthy eating habits can extend your lifespan in a healthy way.

09. I smoke a cigarette.

I know smoking is bad for many things. In addition to damage to the body and internal organs, it directly affects the skin. Tobacco stimulates the aging process, blocks pores, and destroys oxygen in the cells.

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