Just tweaking your body is enough!

Just tweaking your body is enough! Five side effects diet diet
Just tweaking your body is enough! 1
In summer, there is an increased chance to wear thin clothes or swimwear in the pool and in the ocean. Season line is worried about the body line. “I have recently lost my flanks!” Is there anyone who feels that? The side is a part where it is hard to lose weight even in the boat. The information below is a side-by-side diet that is easy to do.
1. Roadway movement
The roadway is best known for catching the flank of the flank. There are a variety of muscles around the abdomen, such as the pelvic lateral and flexor muscles, the rectus abdominis muscle, the vertebral standing muscles, and the long stomach muscles, but it is quite difficult to train them. However, the Rhode Island is able to train these muscles efficiently. It is also possible to drop the fat in the side of the base metabolic rate.
1) Straighten your back and hit your chest. 
2) The belly is inflated like a chest breath in the dented state, and breathes slowly a lot. 
3) Thin and long breaths, while still pushing the belly. (Try to force your buttocks to tighten the anus.) 
4) Keep the boat in a shallow and long breath while keeping it for 15 seconds.
Once you get used to it, let’s gradually increase the holding time to 30 seconds, 40 seconds. This diet is attractive and can be anywhere, regardless of position, such as sitting in a chair and the state of the line. Try to fit your lifestyle.
2. Abdominal exercise
Abdominal muscles are essential if you are training your belly. However, in the case of a side-to-side diet, abs is not much effect. Let’s say you add the keyword “twist” of the abdominal diet. It is enough to pinch your body from side to side when waking your abs. By simply tweaking your body, you can train your belly muscles. Also, when I have my abs, I tend to get my legs up. The effect may be reduced. When that happens, try using the wall.
«How to use the wall abs»
1) Stick your legs and hips on the wall and roll them from the top. 
2) It is doing abdominally as it is, but the angle which causes the body is less than 10 degrees is enough. 
3) Twist when it happens.
It is important to note that you should exercise using your belly rather than trying to raise it with your strength on your chest. In this way, there is neither a leg rising nor a back pain. It can also relieve swelling of the legs.
3. Crawl
Swimming is recommended as a diet because it is one of aerobic exercise. Walking in the water or taking a light exercise will consume a significant amount of calories than doing a regular exercise. Crawling is also recommended for the flank diet. It is because the arms are twisted, the abdominal oblique muscles are tweaked, and at the same time, the twisted body is twisted.
«Crawl points»
1) Be aware of the muscles of your side and swim
2) Swim without putting excessive force on your legs
4. Dumbbell Gymnastics
We introduce diet using dumbbells and other equipment. Dumbbells are not good for heavy. It is recommended that you put it in your hand several times. Of course, replacing the bottle with water is enough.
«Dumbbell exercise method»
1) We put 0.5 ~ 1kg of dumbbell on both hands.
2) The leg opens on the shoulder and stretches both hands. Please remove the strength of your shoulders. 
3) Sit on the chair and bend your knees and take a stomping position. Be careful because your knees will be too heavy on your knees to come forward from your toes. Think of it as pulling your belly to your waist so your hips do not protrude backwards.
4) I extend both arms to the right back. Let’s not move the lower body as much as possible. 
5) Slowly go back to the front and this time stretch both arms to the left.
Repeat movements 3 to 4 30 times. At this time, do not use recoil, right breath 1, breathing front 1, left 1 breath, each point is to move slowly and accurately. Lowering the knee and lowering the center will stabilize the lower body and make it easier to twist. In addition to the abdominal oblique muscle, as well as to become uncomfortable posture, around the waist of the hip and thigh inside the adductor muscles, you can also expect the effect of eliminating unnecessary fat.
5. Stretching
Diet is also important to soften the muscles. When the muscles become softer and the flow of blood and lymph fluid increases, the metabolism increases. Please feel free to stretch simply while rolling around.
«Stretching method»
1) Get down. 
2) Using your arms to raise your upper body slightly, stop and hold for 5 seconds in the mood and feeling. 
3) Keep your body right for 5 seconds 
4) Keep your body left for 5 seconds
5) Slowly return your body.
It is enough to do this five sets a day. Repeat deep breathing without stopping breathing while stretching
In a little extra time without exercising in earnest, it will be effective just to turn the body to the side by putting power on the boat. Also, if you have a side-to-side diet, blood circulation is promoted where the blood clogged up to now, and it leads to improvement of chills. Because metabolism is also good, it helps relieve constipation. Side-by-side diet is an attractive diet for women, so be sure to challenge.

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