How to lose a pound a week without struggling

How to lose a pound a week without struggling

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In a healthy diet, you should not be in a hurry to lose weight: the ideal goal should be to lose a pound a week .

In fact, losing weight means changing the ratio between fat mass and lean mass and this cannot happen without limits or too quickly.

Thus, for example, a diet that promises miraculous weight loss , of many pounds per week, must immediately make us suspicious. It is not possible, but above all it is not healthy.

Slimming a pound a week is the maximum (and possible) goal we can set ourselves and that the diet can help you achieve.

To eliminate 1 kg of fat mass in a week , in fact, it is necessary to “burn” about 7,000 kcal and the healthiest way to do it is to lower our requirement by around 1,000 kcal per day.

At the end of the week, all the extra negative items eventually marked by the scale, will probably be due to the loss of water , which then ends up recovering within a few days, due to normal drainage.

Losing a pound a week is nevertheless a perfect goal because it allows you not to be demotivated in front of unattainable goals and to have tangible results in a relatively short time, an important aspect because in every diet the motivation is critical.

Lose a pound a week: the 9 rules

A dietary regime should be modulated according to the specific individual needs , but there are always valid fundamental rules.

1 – Exercise

It is not essential to follow an elaborate course in the gym, just half an hour of aerobic activity (even just walking briskly) a day and a little foresight in taking advantage of every moment to be active.

For example, it is a good habit to go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator and walking around the house instead of standing still.

2 – Eat better

To lose a pound a week, you have to  eat less, but above all better!

It is good to vary as much as possible the foods, to limit the fat substances to the maximum, to eliminate fried, condiments and sauces.

3 – Via the scale

How to lose a pound a week without struggling 1

Better not to weigh yourself every day,  because the weight can be influenced by the water balance that changes daily.

You will notice the progress of a healthy and balanced diet by feeling fitter, using the tape measure and noticing that your jeans are more comfortable.

4 – Water as an ally

It is essential to drink a lot, at least 1.5 liters of water a day , which is not only healthy, but also helps you feel less hungry.

5 – Know the nutritional values

It is important to have knowledge of the caloric intake and nutrients of each food.

It allows you to make informed choices at the table (and therefore to eat a high-calorie and fatty food only if you really want it and not so much for) and not put at risk the goal of losing a pound a week.

6 – Watch out for drinks

Carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages must be reduced to a minimum .

7 – Yes to snacks

It is good practice to make small and light snacks during the day, so as not to get to the three main meals too hungry.

However, it is best to carefully avoid pre-packaged high-calorie snacks, preferring instead a fruit, a vegetable, a yogurt or one of the Melarossa cereal bars.

8 – Don’t be in a hurry

It is useful to eat slowly and  chew well to digest better and give the brain time to feel full.

9 – Rest has its weight

Always try to sleep seven to eight hours a night , which allows you to burn calories better the next day.

Follow these simple rules and you will be able to find the shape again!

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