Eight best ways to make perfect abs for 14 days

Eight best ways to make perfect abs for 14 days

Eight best ways to make perfect abs for 14 days 1

It is the winter which is a fortunate season for the management of body. This is because it is not strange that you can clothe yourself with your clothes on your body as an excuse for the cold. However, when I feel relieved and feel the increasingly fat belly, I absolutely need exercise. Also, if you go on a trip abroad in the tropical climate, the tempered body is enough to inspire confidence. Among them, the fat belly has to give effort to give satisfactory results. If you want a perfect abs, I think today’s posting will help.

01. frog leg abdominal exercise

I lay my knees in a lying position and let my feet face each other. Support both hands behind the head and lift the torso a little back and forth while keeping your back straight. Keep it fixed for a few seconds before reaching the floor. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

02.  Shooting motion

Lay your hands on the floor and bend your knees. Make a slight crunch with your neck, move forward with your left hand in the direction of your left heel, and move in the direction of your right heel with your right hand. Hold your head and neck and keep your waist touching the floor. Repeat left and right 15 times, respectively.

03. Flank

Flank is a static exercise, you do not have to move while you’re exercising, but you have to fix your body in the right position. To make it right, rely on your elbows, forearms, and forelimbs following the example shown in the picture. It is important to keep your back perfectly straight without lowering your waist or bending your back. If there is no difficulty in sustaining your body with your elbow through Flank, something is wrong. While taking flank action, you will use your muscles throughout your abs, arm muscles, back and thigh muscles. Repeat 10 times, 5 times each.

04. Toe touch

I put my leg straight up and lie down on my back. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your torso from the floor to reach out to your ankle. Keep your back straight. Repeat 15 times each and run 2 sets.

05. Reinforced abdominal ride on bicycle

Raise your shoulders while lying on the floor. Put your hands behind your head and keep your back straight. Put your right elbow towards your left knee and then your right elbow against your right knee in the opposite direction. I’m going to complete this one time. Run 15 sets of 2 sets.

06. Above knee

For this exercise, you need to hold two backrest chairs in both hands. Bend your elbows slightly, lower your shoulders and relax your neck. Slowly lift your knee up to the ceiling. I do three sets of 10 times.

07. Leg swing (whole body twist)

I stretch my hands on both sides and straighten my legs and lie on my back. Push your waist toward the floor and turn your legs to the right. Return to the first position and turn to the other side. Keep the direction and make three sets of 15 times in total.

08. Ball exercises

Keep the posture as shown below. Place your hands on the floor, stand your back straight, and lift your right foot slowly. Support the right leg again and lift your left foot slowly. Perform two sets of 15 times each.

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