CrossFit a perfect workout for speedy metabolism

CrossFit a perfect workout to speed up your metabolism
CrossFit a perfect workout for speedy metabolism 1
” CrossFit is a muscle training and conditioning program that uses several high-intensity functional movements.Many fitness expert describes this training that has become very popular all over the world. “Cross is an English term that means crossing, mixing, and this is the essence of CrossFit – It is a mix of different sports . Gymnastics, running, boxing, weight lifting, kettlebell exercises , body movements. In CrossFit there are many types of training used ”.
Lose weight with CrossFit
The CrossFit allows you to get great results from the point of view of weight loss . “The main feature is the high intensity , on which every session is based – our fitness expert continues – In this way CrossFit greatly accelerates your metabolism , helping you to lose weight . In fact, in the central phase of the lesson you have to perform a series of exercises without ever stopping, in a set time ”. Not only weight loss but also a great help to tone the body : “Being a very intense work, it puts under pressure the muscles that become more voluminous and toned”.
How does a CrossFit session develop?
Before diving into the world of CrossFit, a doctor’s check is mandatory , allowing you to practice this sport. It is strongly recommended to contact qualified facilities that can help and correct you during the execution. For this it is not recommended to do CrossFit at home. A session, as Giovanna Lecis explains, is divided into 4 phases: heating, technique, WOD, cool down.
Heating and Technique
Heating is very important. In this phase all the joints are heated, then involved in the training. As Giovanna Lecis makes clear: “In the weight room work very often there is a muscle that is trained individually. In CrossFit this is not the case, since the whole body is involved at the same time “. For this reason heating becomes essential to better face training and avoid injuries . Immediately afterwards, the phase dedicated to the technique begins, which is extremely important for performing the exercises correctly. In this part, in fact, the instructor teaches how to perform the movements in a fluid and clean manner . An improvement in the execution technique is essential forbetter face the actual training .
The crucial moment of the CrossFit session: the  WOD (Workout Of the Day). The instructor prepares a series of exercises to be performed continuously, following the rule of high intensity . In a set time, which can vary from 5 ′ to 30 ′, these exercises must be repeated as many times as possible, giving the maximum and always maintaining a high rhythm. There are many possible exercises to perform during WOD. You can use the kettlebell for the classic swing,which consists of holding the kettlebell with both hands in the middle of the legs, slightly bent, and the back straight. We need to push the pelvis forward, contract the buttocks and let the momentum push the kettlebell to shoulder height, then return to the starting position. Or the push-ups, that is the classic pushups on the arms, from many called pushups. Or the squats , the jumps with the rope, the race. In short, during WOD the possible combinations of exercises are practically infinite, as shown in the table below.
After the real training, you can finally rest. Once the WOD has been completed, the parameters must be brought back to the initial level and the muscles must be stretched, considerably stressed, with stretching.
To whom is it not advised?
CrossFit is a workout designed for men and women who want to see their body more toned and defined. There are, however, subjects to which it is not recommended. The CrossFit lessons are not very long (ranging from 15 to 60 minutes), but they are carried out at high intensity, therefore, explains Giovanna Lecis, “CrossFit is not recommended for people with severe heart disease.  The training done at such high rates is not suitable for those people who have heart disease “. Furthermore, CrossFit is not indicated for those suffering from osteoarthritis, those who are heavily overweight or those who have skeletal or articular pathologies.

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