Blood circulation: tips and exercises to improve it

Blood circulation: tips and exercises to improve it

Blood circulation: tips and exercises to improve it 1

Blood circulation problems affect many women – 4 out of 10 complain of venous circulation disorders – but they also affect many men. Melarossa gives you the tips and the exercises to improve the circulation of legs and ankles.

The causes of poor circulation

hot in summer
excessive heat of overheated houses in winter
wearing too tight clothes and / or boots
air travel
excessive consumption of salt

But it can also be a problem related to  cholesterol that increases the viscosity of the blood or to  sit all day with crossed legs.

Symptoms of poor circulation

Poor blood circulation occurs mainly at the extremities of the body , with cold hands and feet, swollen, heavy  and painful legs . 

Sometimes the tingling in the legs makes it difficult to stand.

Blood circulation problems can also cause symptoms such as: 

chronic fatigue
sense of fainting

How to encourage the flow of blood

Drink herbal teas made from ginko biloba : it is a natural remedy recommended to improve circulation.

The ginko the ability to dilate blood vessels and give elasticity to the venous walls.

   Drink a lot ! Water, herbal tea, green tea and smoothie are good .

   Perform hand, foot and leg massages to stimulate blood flow.

Keep your legs raised as often as possible  , especially if you are sitting. At night, you can place cushions under the mattress before sleeping and / or raise your legs vertically against the wall when you return from work.

Don’t get depressed, bad circulation is not a fatality against which there is no solution, there are simple remedies that you can apply in everyday life to improve it.

Blood circulation: exercises and sports

The watchword is MOVE !

In fact, this disorder can be solved with stretching  exercises to be performed every day for 15 to 20 minutes.

It is an excellent workout for all blood vessels because it helps their dilation and contraction.

Very useful are also swimming, the hike and bike outside or inside the house.

In addition it is advisable  not to remain seated in the same position for too long : get up, walk and rotate your ankles as soon as you feel pain in your joints.

Experts recommend physical activity to significantly improve your circulation as well as having a more toned and healthy body! Here are some exercises that will benefit you.

Exercises to improve blood circulation

1 – Stretching as soon as it wakes up

As soon as you wake up, do simple stretches to put the circulation in motion because stretching the muscles increases the flow of oxygen.

Go to our program to gently wake your muscles with 5 exercises to do in the morning in bed .

2 – Downturns

Perform 2 sets of 10 push-ups every morning : this will give you strength all day long! If you can’t do the classic pushups, you can perform those on your knees.

3 – Improve the blood circulation of the feet

This exercise, which consists in alternately raising the heels and then the toes, is excellent for pumping blood towards the feet when you feel numbness , tingling or pain in the legs.

Sit in a chair, back straight and legs slightly open at a right angle.

Lift your toes by keeping your heels on the ground, then lower them.

Raise your heels by resting on your toes. You can alternate legs or exercise with 2 legs together.

To be performed for at least 5 minutes . The  blood circulation improves, especially if you suffer from water retention or you have ankles that tend to swell .

4 – Improve the blood circulation of the hands

Press the left palm with the right thumb with small rotations (clockwise). Then make bigger and bigger circles.

Go up along each finger with your forefinger and thumb. When you reach the ends, pinch. Finish off the massage by rubbing your hands with energy until you feel the heat.

Change hands. Perform wrist rotations. Repeat the exercise for a few minutes .

Walking is the exercise par excellence to improve your blood circulation because walking causes blood to be pumped throughout the body.

Start with short walks 2 or 3 times a week : you will feel so many benefits that you will want to start training

Our advice is however to lengthen the distances more and more to oxygenate your body .

Forget the elevator and go up the stairs , it’s a great exercise to improve circulation and also have  firm buttocks .

6 – Swimming

Swimming is a low impact sport on the joints so it is a perfect activity if you are heavily overweight and have problems with poor circulation as swimming causes your legs to deflate.

It is also a complete sport and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and lungs.

It can be practiced all year round.

7 – Yoga

The breathing exercises in yoga are great for stress management because, focusing on your breathing.

You can improve the quality through the development of the rib cage but they are also very useful to improve blood circulation and digestive functions and to fight constipation .

8 – Exercise bikes

Pedaling is excellent for improving blood circulation in the lower part of the body.

Furthermore, the weight of the body is supported by the saddle so it is an activity recommended for those who are heavily overweight because the joints (also, knees, ankles) do not suffer stress and the risk of injury is minimal.

9 – Dance

Dancing is a fun way to fight sedentariness but also poor circulation.

Turn on the music, dance and feel the circulation activate all over your body!

The more you unleash, burn more calories , free your mind from stress and keep yourself young!

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